John Edwards–The Invisible Man

January 14, 2008

OK. I am really getting majorly pissed off about the way that the mainstream media are disappearing John Edwards. This asshole commentator on a major-market news radio station is talking about the Republican and Democratic candidates. He mentions McCain, Romney, and Giuliani as being important candidates on the Republican side. Then, he says, “Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate for the Democrats, followed by Barack Obama”, without even mentioning Edwards.

That shit is totally fucked up on a number of levels. Let’s review the results in Iowa and New Hampshire:

In Iowa, Obama won with ~38% of the vote, and Clinton and Edwards each got ~30%; Huckabee won with ~34%, Romney got ~25%, McCain got ~13%, and Rudy “I’m Fucking Nuts” Giuliani got a lousy ~4fucking%.

In New Hampshire, Clinton won with ~39%, Obama got ~36%, and Edwards got ~17%; McCain won with ~37%, Romney got ~31%, Huckabee got ~11%, and Rudy “I’m Fucking Nuts” Giuliani got a lousy ~9fucking%.

As a rough-and-ready method for combining these two electoral results, we can just add the percentages for each candidate, and then rank them: Obama 74, Clinton 69, Romney 56, McCain 50, Edwards 47, Huckabee 45, Rudy “I’m Fucking Nuts” Giuliani 13.

The craven dipshit commentator mentioned Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain, and Rudy “I’m Fucking Nuts” Giuliani. What the fuck happened to Edwards and Huckabee? Where’d they go? They each received over three times the votes as Rudy “I’m Fucking Nuts” Giuliani. But he’s an “important candidate”, and Edwards and Huckabee don’t even exist?

And don’t try to tell me that the results of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries are not the best predictor of the importance of any of these candidates going forward. I’m not going to listen to that shit. You know why? Because if they aren’t the best predictor, then why was every motherfucking political journamalist in the country slavering over the Iowa and New Hampshire results like they were Philly fucking cheese steaks (Whiz with) from Pat’s?

Hey! Asshole journamalists! I’m talking to you! You can’t have it both ways! You can’t act like the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries are the Most Important Electoral Events Evah while they are happening, and then ignore the results when making assertions about the importance of particular candidates after they are over by claiming that they are Not Good Predictors Going Forward.

So why is it that Edwards and Huckabee are being disappeared? As I see it, there are at least two reasons. One reason is that the corporate masters of the mainstream media do not like Edwards’s and Huckabee’s populist anti-corporate message. They perceive a likelihood that Edwards or Huckabee as president would not be nearly as corporation-friendly as Clinton, Obama, McCain, Romney, or Giuliani. This is an issue of corporate self-interest which, while less than salutory, is at least understandable.

But there is another reason, one that makes my fucking skin crawl. It reflects a slimy slippery dank nasty skanky smarmy feature of the mainstream media and, in particular, its individual journamalists. Today’s mainstream journamalists–with few exceptions–are friends (or wish they were) with many of the political figures whose actions they are supposedly investigating and analyzing. They run around in the same social circles, go to the same parties, went to the same schools, and are from the same socioeconomic class, and have a common interest in maintaining the Beltway (and its New York City outpost) social status quo.

This is why Edwards and Huckabee are personae non gratis. If Hillary, Obama, Romney, McCain, or Giuliani become president, there will not be any major interruptions or disruptions in the cocktail party circuit. They are all part of the Beltway/NYC insiders crowd, and what their election will do to that social milieu is both predictable and mild. But if Edwards or Huckabee get elected, who knows what will happen, what kind of unsavory characters will be at the parties (weird poor people?, religious nuts? weird poor religious nuts?), will we even get invited!?

Now I don’t know about you, but it sure galls the fuck out of me that cosmos, chardonnay, crab cakes, and fucking cocktail weinies are playing an important, possibly decisive, role in the selection of the next president.


9 Responses to “John Edwards–The Invisible Man”

  1. drugmonkey Says:

    Where were you when they took down Dean over that silly shit? They’d been swinging at his melon for months before they finally got him. all that “Internet” shit in his funding strategy really got the MSM panties bunched…

  2. The part that makes my skin crawl is my supposed fellow Americans lap that shit up like gospel.
    It’s like every fourth person has a working brain and can see through the media’s chicanery.
    The rest?
    What was it some woman said, “I’m voting for Hillary, she’s a known brand’.Makes me want to say,
    Nope, gimme that voter card, yer too fucking stupid to vote.
    But there it is, in one declarative statement.
    The media doesn’t even have to breathe hard anymore,it’s political death by omission.

  3. Myrtle June Says:

    Excellent points there! What really got me was the Iowa night speeches by hillary, obama and ….. huck….. all three were saying exactly what Edwards has been saying all along and what his speech earlier that night said. Now I feel like they’re standing up there out-Edwards-ing Edwards. This started before the first vote was cast with the Hillaryists in the media and elsewhere. Just freaking amazing.

    Also, Edwards won’t engage in this gender/race slap fightery going on. He stay ON message, on topic, on point. There’s no eyeballs to be got with thaaaaaat. The media is forwarding their agenda just as they have done for all the years since that drudge report broke the bill clinton’s dick story.

    I’m real interested in how that NH recount goes. Not that it will be reported much in msm.

    Its shameful. We’re going to end up with more of the same, only worser. blech. :-(……

  4. bsci Says:

    The issue with Edwards is that he put all is funding into the Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina primaries and he didn’t win any of them. He just doesn’t have any where near the professional ground support in other states as Clinton and Obama. Edwards stated plan was to win some of the first 3 and use that momentum to push him forward in states where he didn’t yet have the support. By losing NH and Iowa, his chances of winning is approximately zero. As a presidential contender, he is no longer news.

    Guliani didn’t expect to win the first 2 primaries and has put all his focus on Florida and then the Feb 5th election (hoping that states where people haven’t been paying as much attention are more likely to vote for him) Assuming things don’t improve for him, his name should disappear after Feb 5.

    That said, there’s a real news story that the 3rd place finisher in the Democratic primaries is getting a larger raw number of people (not percent) voting for him than most of the Republican candidates. This should be getting significantly more coverage.

  5. dosido Says:

    Gee Physio, how do you really feel? 😉

    I just commented over at FDL that I for one believe the cold shoulder from the corporate-owned press is a kind of reverse endorsement that Edwards really means what he says.

    I mean, I do hope others are at least scratching their heads wondering why talking heads can mentions the myriad goopers who are running their vanity campaigns but they can’t spare a breath for Edwards. Says volumes if one is paying attention.

    Also helps that the MSM got major league pwnd by the NH primary. People are turning out in droves to hear candidates for themselves without the funhouse filter of MSM.

  6. bikemonkey Says:

    “the myriad goopers who are running their vanity campaigns”

    hey now! vanity? lay off poor Duncan Hunter already. He had to invent this stupid Presidential bid so he could raise a big warchest in anticipation of Duke Cunningham style legal problems to come.

  7. MeDaVinci Says:

    So nice to see you in your own Blog Castle, PhysioProf!!! I want you to know that I anxiously scanned ALL 42 Billion comments at FDL — or was it 7 comments at Driftglass? — well, I scanned all the comments after you gave your official policy on Bipartisanship. Cuz I wanted permission to re-use it, with attribution, ‘course.

    And you granted the Digital Galactic reprint rights … in violation of the Venusian and Alpha Centauri DMCA regs.

    I did wonder why I did not see “PhysioProf” as frequently over at the Lake. Re: Temperatures in The Lake — (a) Phoenix Woman did a most excellent overview of CNN/Rasmussen results that mentioned this Invisible Edwards Man phenomena. The national, head-to-head, match-up trend polls clearly show our progresive and electoral geese are COOKED if Hillary or Obama are selected by the dumb Dems. (Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as Michael Moore put it.) AND

    (b) I got real tired of hearing the Edwards-Is-Shrill and Edwards-Is-Moribund memes emanating from the top of the Dog House. When I mentioned my weariness with the antiEdwards meme, I got whacked with a rolled newspaper. NOT by the head of the dog household; but by one of the kids. Still trying to figure that out.

    Glad to see you in your own digs.

  8. PhysioProf Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Between keeping my own new blog afloat–I’m aiming at averaging one post per day–co-blogging at DrugMonkey (see blogroll for link), and excelling at my job that pays the fucking bills, the time I have to hang at FDL has become very limited.

    If you like what I have to say, linky love at FDL would be much appreciated. I really like the folks who hang out there, and think at least some of them would like my blog.

  9. Laurel Tondreau Says:

    I just finished reading all the statements regarding the pathetic state of our country and the corruption that is going to keep it that way. I sit here with my fist held high in the same way the Statue of Liberty holds the torch. Power to the people, right on! We must take back our country. We have to mobilize into one strong voice. We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. America is no longer “we the people, for the people, and by the people”. We have been trampled by the industrial complex,corrupt government officials and the media.

    This primary is the worst that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I have been fighting for justice on the streets for years now. They haven’t buried me yet and until that day comes I will never give up the fight. The criminal actions began early on…in Iowa. Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich were the first candidates black balled. Why? Could it be that Mike Gravel spoke up against Hillary Clinton when she was bragging about the Clinton admininstration balancing the budget? What did he throw out there? The Clinton administration balanced the budget with OUR social security fund! Did anyone happen to see the look on her face? The look of shock and anger is not appealing for her. The make up artists could not cover that one up.

    The next candidate pushed behind the curtain so his voice was not heard was Dennis Kucinich. They shut him up before he could even get started. What did he say that pissed them off? End the war now! Single payer health care so every American can be cared for when they are sick. IMPEACH Bush and Cheney now. Just think how much more damage this regime can do if we just let them ride out the wave until 2009. Dennis Kucinich stood TALL when he stated he voted “NO” for the war from the start and each bill to continue funding it. They asked why he was the only one who voted “NO” for the Patriot Act. His answer was short but sent an enormous message. He answered “because I read it”. Did anyone happen to see Hillary Clinton’s face? Did anyone see the slight smile on John Edward’s?

    Kucinich from that day forward was slowly pushed off the stage. By the end of the Iowa debates he was not allowed to even participate. This was an outrage! Is this America? Is this the land of equal opportunity? They have violated his civil rights!

    There were two down and one to go. Guess who? John Edwards. John Edwards took second. Immediately after the results what did the corporate media do? Pound over and over and over and over Obama and Clinton. Excuse me…..John Edwards was number TWO. I seen what was coming and it made me want to puke! This political sabotage now has come out in full force. We have to stand in solidarity and come back fighting with our sleeves rolled up. WE HAVE TO STOP THE CORRUPT POLITICAL AND CORPORATE MACHINES IN THIS COUNTRY.

    May I end with a couple of quotes that real Americans should never forget:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed individuals can change the world….indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

    “An injury to one IS an injury to all!”

    Michigan just had its primary on January 15. Our ballot had difficulties because not all the candidates were listed. Our citizens who received an absentee ballot, voted and sent them in found out afterwards that their vote would not count. They did a write in for John Edwards because his name was not on the ballot. THEN the head of the Democratic Committee publically

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