More On “Bipartisanship” And “Reaching Out” To Republicans

January 19, 2008

A friend of mine mentioned to me that she thought that it would be a really good idea for whoever is Democratic presidential candidate to “reach out to moderate Republicans”, thereby hopefully winning the election by much more than the razor-thin margins that she considers the reason for “excessive partisanship” in the US. Those familiar with this blog can probably guess that PhysioProf wasn’t buying that brand of horseshit. Exactly what I told her is below the fold.

If you take a look at various opinion polls, you’ll find that many of them suggest that the overwhelming majority (>60%) of the voting-age citizens of the United States support what is essentially the platform of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party–withdraw almost all troops from Iraq immediately; drastically roll-back the unconscionable tax cuts that the very-rich, ultra-rich, and corporations have accumulated over the last couple decades; provide single-payer universal health care to every person in the United States; restore the proper balance of powers between the Executive branch and the other two (particularly the Legislative); stop torturing, illegally surveilling, and otherwise violating our Constitution and treaties.

If a true progressive Democratic presidential candidate (Edwards is close, but lacking in a few respects) had the opportunity to promulgate his or her progressive platform to the people of the United States without the grotesque and despicable distorting effect of the corporate oligarchy controlled mainstream media, this candidate would win election by a landslide, without even attempting to specifically appeal to “moderate Republicans” .

Other than the 30% or so of truly batshit-insane neo-confederate wackadoodles (listen to the people that call in on the Republican phone line on C-SPAN’s morning show, Washington Journal if you want to know what I’m talking about), rational Republicans know that their party is in the grip of a core of truly evil and insane people. Enough of them know in their hearts what is best for their own pocketbooks and social freedom, as well as for the nation, that they will vote for a progressive Democrat without specific attempts to pander to “batshit-crazy-lite” Republicans.

6 Responses to “More On “Bipartisanship” And “Reaching Out” To Republicans”

  1. The only time you reach out to a neocon conservative is when they are lulled in to a sense of superiority and get close enough to lean over and WHACK ‘EM real good with a 2X4 of enlightenment.

  2. Myrtle June Says:

    Yes, it’s an excellent plan to reach out to these fuckers. I’m sure they just wouldn’t dare rip your damn arms off and beat you with both of them …. again….. I’m sure that’s just all behind us now. Feh.

  3. Blue Gal Says:

    yup. Making peace with the guy who shot your dog is out, too. Thanks for a good post. xo

  4. Mauigirl Says:

    I agree in principle. But if McCain wins the nomination we may have to try to get some of those moderate Republicans – which is not the same thing at all as reaching across to the neocon Republicans. There are plenty of disgusted moderate Republicans right now.

  5. PhysioProf Says:

    We “get” moderate Republicans by appealing to their financial and social interests–which are consistent with those of progressives–not by appealing to any latent “batshit-crazy-lite” impulses they might harbor.

  6. NMRon Says:

    “2X4 of enlightenment” Ooooo, I like the imagery. But, personally, I prefer the leather-covered ‘slapjack.’ The comfy fit in the hand allows one to bring forth the full persuasive force of one’s argument.

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