Three-Card Monte

January 24, 2008

Some raging dipshit forwarded PhysioProf a Youtube of a Canadian dude moaning and groaning about how he almost died because of evil socialized Canadian medicine. Kool-Aid besotten poor deluded bastards like this fuckwit forwarder will believe anything peddled by the right-wing propaganda wurlitzer, so long as it allows them to maintain the fiction that they haven’t been completely hoodwinked for the last 30+ years into voting and advocating completely against the economic and social interests of themselves, their families, and their friends.

“Look! Over here! It’s homos wanna turn your cheeldren GAY! It’s illegal aliens takin’ your job! Abortionists killin’ babeez! Secular humanists burnin your bibles! Brown people pimpin and shootin and giving your cheeldren drugz! Islamofascists gonna blow up your cheeldren in a MUSHROOM CLOUD!!!!!!!! Communist socialist fasceests takin away your gunz!!!!!”

And while these sad pathetic fucks are diverted by the “social conservatism” shill in the right-wing three-card monte game that has been the explicit program of the Republican Party for 30+ years, the corporate oligarchs are busy robbing them (and, unfortunately innocent bystanders like you and me) totally fucking blind and recreating a feudal state where they are lords, and the rest of us, including the stupid deluded shits (the Republican “base”) that fell for their scheme into serfs.

And just like in a real game of three-card monte in Times Square (well, in the real Times Square before Rudy I’m Fucking Nuts Giuliani turned it into Disney’s “Times Square Land”), the egos of the rubes who get hoodwinked out of hundreds of dollars simply will not allow them to believe that they never had a chance to win because the game was rigged from the beginning and they were completely fucking conned by thieving liars.


3 Responses to “Three-Card Monte”

  1. NMRon Says:

    You make a good point. Even when shown that the fucks are spendin’ it on child hookers, or crank and gold faucets, the reply is, “better them than anyone else.’ I guess the neocons learned from the televangelists that you can milk conservatives for everything they’ve got and use them as mindless robots to rob everyone else, long as you tell them what they want to hear.

  2. […] three-card monte game played by the neo-feudal right-wing oligarchy for the last four decades is starting to lose […]

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