The Kids Of America

January 28, 2008

This is a quote from the About page of a relatively new political blog called YOUTHinkLeft that is run by progressive teenagers: (YOUTH THINK LEFT) deals with political issues through original content delivered in an online newsmagazine style blog. The YOUTHinkLeft articles are written by preteens, teenagers, or young adults. Our ages range from 13-years-old to a college graduate. The majority of YOUTHinkLeft writers are high school students. Geographically, we extend from North Carolina to New Mexico and from Texas to Wisconsin.

We are progressives, liberals, democrats and greens. We are today’s youth, and tomorrow’s leaders.

These kids deserve some goddamn encouragement, so please check them out. They published a great well-researched post last week about the absurd criminalization of ordinary childhood antics and the use of police power–arrest and imprisonment–against unruly children (both characteristics of right-wing authoritarian political regimes). It’ll make your skin crawl.

When PhysioProf is a shrunken old coot, lying on his deathbed croaking out his very last rant at the gibboon-like antics of some smegmatic cockknuckle wingnut loony toon, these kids are gonna be running the fucking place!

2 Responses to “The Kids Of America”

  1. Hi Prof! Thanks for linking to us. My cousin is going to post tonight about the anti-gay kids in his 8th grade class.

  2. […] bloggers believe that encouraging young people to blog is a total fucking mitzvah. PhysioProf has used this very platform to bring attention to the blog of a group of progressive high-schoolers. Even elementary and […]

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