Mika Brzezinski Kicks Morning Joe’s Lame Wingnut Ass

January 30, 2008

I think PhysioProf may have been ranting and raving at some point about insufferable asshole Joe Scarborough and his “Morning Joe” morning swill. PhysioProf has noted that Scarborough’s sidekick Mika Brzezinski sometimes visibly appears to wish she were somewhere else, not dealing with loonie noxious nutjob Scarborough. Well Mika just got a schweet dig in at Scarborough on the air this morning, which warms the cockles of my fucking heart.

This is from the transcript of this morning’s (January 30, 2008) show, as reported at Media Matters:

SCARBOROUGH: I, actually — I don’t endorse anybody because, as you know, I’m a journalist. However, there’s no doubt, there are two things —

BRZEZINSKI: [laughing]

HARWOOD: I get it.

SCARBOROUGH: –that hurt — Mika, don’t make me backhand you. Mika is —


Scarborough was responding to an allusion made by some other craven dipshit on the show to him endorsing a candidate when he remarked “I’m a journalist”. Brzezinski responded by guffawing right in his fucking face, thus eliciting the “don’t make me backhand you” comment. She publicly mocked his pathetically absurd claim to be a journalist, eliciting a remark that demonstrates to any reasonable objective observer that Scarborough is also a despicable misogynist scumbag.

On a more cheerful note, however, PhysioProf absofuckinglutely loved the outright contempt that Brzezinski showed for the former right-wing hackfuck scuzzbucket politician brazenly on his own show! Mika Brzezinski should be the one running the goddamn show. This is what I wrote on the Morning Joe feedback form:

Mika Brzezinski is a vastly more knowledgeable and analytically capable journalist than Joe Scarborough. Scarborough should be fired, and the the show should be changed to “Morning Mika”.

Here’s the Morning Joe contact form (scroll all the way to the bottom). Tell those fuckers to ditch witless cockknuckle Scarborough and give Mika the show.

34 Responses to “Mika Brzezinski Kicks Morning Joe’s Lame Wingnut Ass”

  1. bikemonkey Says:

    I guess now that your two favs, John ‘n Rudy, are out you might as well torture the dumb animals, eh, PP?

  2. KitchenBuddha Says:

    I found this rant looking for “Morning Mika”.
    I never did like Joe BLOW, but I am sick of him now.

    I just sent an email to MSNBC to fire the idiot and send him to rehab with Britney and make it Morning Mika.

    I am sure many others are sending the same sentiments.


  3. Jill Says:

    Is it time for us to set up “Sweet Jesus I Hate Joe Scarborough”?

  4. Jan Brunelle Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ditto…… Bump the Joe from Morning Joe and you have an outstanding cast of pros and guests. Lately I wait until Mika sheds herself of Joe six pack and start watching at 9:00.

  6. Wals Says:

    Does Joe normally talk about “backhand(ing)” women?

  7. Marshabio02 Says:

    Joe’s place is over at Fox News. I can’t stand his overbearing azz so I don’t watch the program. However, during his all too brief “disappearance” I did tune in. He’s an angry, hateful know it all…….

  8. Brian Van Alstyne Says:

    Scar Borrough makes me cringe with his papist rap, then trying to be funny and making fun of towns he thinks are beneath him. He’s not funny, smart, or with enough cred. in the bank for his line.

    DUMP HIM!!!!!!

  9. Roni Says:

    For 30 years, I believed that I belonged to a liberal minded, forward thinking, progressive party. What I’m learning about my own party during this election campaign is disturbing on many levels.

    During their convention, Barack, Michelle, and Joe spoke of Hillary’s accomplishments, and the 18,000,000 cracks she put in the glass ceiling. With their attacks against Sarah Palin and her daughter, they’ve shown that their words were just words….just lip service. Is he running for President of the United States, or President of the He Man Woman Hater’s Club?

    I can understand if they attacked Sarah Palin on her accomplishments and failures. But that’s not what’s happening. They’re going after her as a mother, and they’re going after her teenage daughter. I find that totally and completely despicable!

    Nobody questioned whether Joe Biden should take the position of Senator when his wife and child were killed and his sons were lying in their hospital beds. Rather, they swore him in at their bedside. Surely, those children would have benefited by their remaining parent becoming a full-time parent; especially, considering their loss and their injuries. Why is he glamorized for his service during such a critical time in his life, but Sarah Palin is demonized for not staying home with her children?

    Regarding Sarah’s daughter, the thought that this is an Obama campaign generated…media perpetuated attack against a teenager, is something I find offensive and totally outrageous. As a mother, I’d fight to the death to protect my child from the sleazy people who are feeding off this garbage. What Obama and his staffers have done to this young lady is despicable!!!!!

    Why is it that nobody questions the fact that Barack Obama’s mother also was 17 when she was pregnant (by a married man), and chose to marry the father, rather than abort? Have we really become so focused on our own agendas that we allow attacks on teenagers who are not involved in the political process? Have we become so filled with self righteous indignation that we allow ourselves to buy into this crap?

    Geraldine Ferraro must be puking! To think that her party…the same party who asked people to judge her on her merit, character and experience, would launch this sexist attack against another woman must make her regret the day she ever joined the party. We need to tell party leaders on both sides that these attacks against women are part of the good ol boy network of cheap shots, and that we will not tolerate them!!!!!

    We need to also begin boycotting the media personalities and networks who participate in ‘gotya’ or soap opera style gossip news. By perpetuating unconfirmed, unsubstantiated stories for ratings purposes, they are contributing to sexism and gender bias in our country. Shame on them!

    Parkland, Florida

  10. bikemonkey Says:

    Oh, Geraldine is puking alrighty. But that’s ’cause she’s a racist and can’t stand that a black man beat Hillary.

    Look are you a troll or what? Obama and “his staffers” haven’t done squat other than to condemn any attacks on Palin’s family. “The Party” isn’t doing anything either. These are genUwine pissed off members of the Dem party that are capping on Palin’s hypocrisies. Some distastefully, true. But some are perfectly right to point out what a bloody hypocrite she is in this area. Not to mention what flagrant hypocrites the social conservative Republicans are for not kicking her to the curb on this one…

  11. Poncy Cornwall Says:

    You are absolutely right, I just wrote to “Morning Joe” urging them to dump the lame fucksack Joe, his constant arrogant bloviating and sexist, demeaning comments to Mika are infuriating, and they need to dump his sorry ass and send him back to the steamy shithole in Florida from whence he crawled.

    As far as Palin: she is a fucking moron, and is deservedly being shot down by all thinking Americans, (latest polls say 59% of us don’t believe she is ready to be President….NO SHIT!!) Her choice to be VP was a cynical ploy by the right-wing bigots of the McCain group, and has failed. She doesn’t know anything about anything, and the fact that she can mouth the rabble-rousing bullshit fed to her by her handlers doesn’t, in any way, qualify her to be on the national stage. I’m sure she will have her own talk show after the election, and that’s the best place for her. She’s a “personality”, that’s all, a nasty moutpiece spewing the lies and vicious attacks that McCain, the brave war hero, doesn’t have the balls to spew himnself. Fuck Palin, and fuck McCain, let’s welcome a new era, where government is actually run by REALLY REALLY FUCKING INTELLIGENT PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE DOING!! Let these right-wing douchebags go back to their churches and sing out their hate to the pathetic cornfields that surround their miserable little churches.

  12. Jim Fitzgerald Says:

    Please lose “thanks Dad” aka Mika. She is a political groupie looking to fit in.why must she “Oooh, ahhhh….. Hmmmmm….” she is absolutely useless.

  13. Karen Archer-Hutchison Says:

    I have been disappointed lately, to say the least, in Joe’s behavior. After the election he was constantly attacking Mika for her “ambien” use. Called her “Mommy on Ambien” many times. It was offensive. She really tries. He is a blowhard. She is really disciplined, he is a know-it-all. He used to be interesting, now he’s boring. Love Willie, very cool and funny, love Mike and most all other visitors, even the Republican of all reps Pat Buchanan. Love Arin (sp?)Joe controversial, but losing any edge of interest. Replace him.

  14. Karen Archer-Hutchison Says:

    Loved the way Pappa Brezinski put blowhard Joe in his place calling him uninformed in an unkind way on Jan 30. You could tell Joe was wounded but tried to cover it up. You think he’ll ever learn? If he doesn’t get his ego in check soon he’ll lose it all. But I’m afraid the show will go on withou him.

  15. William Sharum Says:

    If I were Mika, I would sue the shit out of MSNBC and go after Joe with a claw hammer; hook him between his narrow eyes. Fucker.

  16. Terry Ost Says:


  17. Sebby Cardoza Says:

    Mika the commiecrunt

  18. Bev Hope Says:

    Please do something with Joe on Morning Joe. Put him somewhere else or make him act like a decent human being. Give as much power or more to Mika. When Joe is off, Mika does a much, much better job that Joe does. The show is soooooo much better, and has class, which is very much needed in our country today!

    Joe really belongs at Fox or somewhere else–not msnbc. He is not as crazy as Hannity, or O’Reilly, but he is close. Glen Beck on Fox is really crazy!

    Someone needs to tell Joe he is not all that (like maybe the NBC Management)! He has a low opinion of women, which doesn’t go over with decent people.

    The guys ganged up on Mika about the Miss California garbage (they did it to give Mika a bad time– for the benefit of Joe). Miss California is right about not agreeing with gay marraige (Bible is so clear on that), but a “Real” Christian does not take their clothes off for photos (Bible is also clear on that), and Miss California calls herself a Christian–she is not). Mika thinks this is garbage to talk about, and it is.

    Joe tries many times to stop Mika from talking about so many things, so he can run his big mouth!

    Why doesn’t someone let Mika rule on Morning Joe? What is wrong with the management on MSNBC?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Joe doesn’t let mika get a word in. She looks
    depressed looking down at the floor all the time.

    I don’t blame her: having set set next to that arrogant fool must be very hard. She should bring some pepper spray and yet let him have it.

    Shame it used to be a good show when they both spoke.

  20. Hal Says:

    You can invariably count on Moron Joe to make some stupid remark, usually of the rightwingnut variety. He tries to cover up the fact that he is a stupid reactionary, but it keeps peeping out. That’s why I call the show Moroning Joe.

  21. John Smith Says:

    That was said tongue-in-cheek. If you want a channel that expresses solely those opinions with which you agree, consider tuning into NPR (or MSNBC after 8am).

  22. Barb Christianson Says:

    I totally agree. She is a “big nothing” and to think she would be a good solo act is laughable.

    Thanks for having a brain.

  23. Gary Helm Says:

    I have watched Morning Joe for a while now…and it is beginning to make me tired. Mika is such a self-righteous, insecure little twit. And the constant droning on about the ineptitudes of the Tea Party candidates. Good gosh almighty, Joe Biden has a nice little past as well…how many stories has he fabricated on the fly over the years? Talk about a blathering goof ball. I am a progressive, but I want some substance rather than juvenile cheap shots all morning. I have moved over to Imus, at least that is entertaining with some good guests.

  24. William Says:

    Thank God for Mika who steadfastly adds a semblance of balance to the show…I’m watching this am and am stunned at the bias of Joe who can’t see that the Repulicans are just a bunce of objectors whose only stated plan is to defeat our president who is really trying to help not only our country but stabilize the worlds’ chaos as well.
    Just note: a bill to get some financial relief to Haiti was blocked in committee, so it won’t make it for a vote, by a single mean spirited Republican.
    Five republican campaigners spoke about the need to reduce the tax rate of corporations while the Forbes report told that ten of the largest corporations including BoA, Citibank and GE paid NO taxes in 2009.
    Obama named a bi-partisan committe to investigate the BP oil fiasco and the Republicns as a bloc, prevented a bill from being issued that would grant the committee subpoena power, thus neutering the whole thing.
    Wake up Joe! We are in this mess because of the failed Republican ideology for over 8 years, of making the corporations strong, after all they will monitor each other, without any controls,(Bush reversed 236 of Clintons imposed regulations) and their profits will be generously “trickled down” to the middle class. OH YEah!
    China has required imports of such companies as Caterpillar who wants to export to China to either pay a 30% embargo tax or move their manufacturing to China and turn their technology over to the Chinese and they won’t be taxed….So, our Republican supported corporations did the latter, thusly killing American middle class workers.

  25. William Says:

    I watch Msnbc every day and usually start with Morning Joe, thank God Mika is there to balance the chatter.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a shame that Joe has to give a history lesson to try to shame the young guest Andrew who was trying to make a point about we are running out of time with the current financial mess. You can over simplify this situation by comparing it to history. Time moved very differently in the 1930’s. Today everything moves at breakneck speed. And no one in this current government is getting anything done. It’s just in house bickering by people who are totally out of touch with main street.

    So get off your soap box Joe and stop being so condescending to everyone.

  27. Gary Rod Says:

    Mika and Joe,
    I watch every morning and like your show very much. Mika, please be more outspoken. All you do is nod your head a lot and unless you have a few pebbles in your noggin we can’t even hear that.

    Joe, yes by now we know you WERE a member of Congress for one term – as you keep reminding us at least twice a week maybe more. You do realize that you run the risk of sounding a lot like Star Jones on the View when she reminded listeners daily that she was a lawyer.

    Good job team!

  28. Danny Hicks Says:

    I hear both of you put Michelle Bachmann down about things she says but do the same rules apply to Obama saying in one of his speeches that is they bring a knife to the fight we will bring a gun. What hypocrites you have become.

  29. Peachy King Says:

    Have you never heard the old saying “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid than to open it and erase all doubts”? The only job Mika has is to constantly check the camera to make sure it’s on her, and to interject a “Weeeeeeeeelllllll” or a “Hmmmmmmmmm” or even a “Butttttt” into an otherwise half intelligent conversation {check camera again}. Just once, everyone else stopped talking when she whined, “Weeeeeeeeeellllll….”, and she {check camera again} stuttered, “I don’t know…I just don’t know….” {check camera again}. She actually does pretty well when she’s reading words somebody else wrote for her. Other than that, I thank MSNBC for the entertainment every morning. I watch “Morning Joe” just to laugh at Mika. What a moron.

  30. Rodger Snow Says:

    Mornin Joe’s! I have been trying to contact you and I hope I finally figured out how.
    I heard Tom B. talking about Veterans. He touched on something close to my heart.
    I served 6 years in the USMC. While serving it becomes apparent that you are living on poverty wages. Also, you are living on food that is contracted by the lowest bidder.
    I was an electrician on helicopters, which I went to school for 13 months for. I worked for 4 years in this field. When I left the Corps, it would have taken additional schooling for A & P
    Licensing. How can you go to school full time while raising a family? On that note, I’ll elaborate on living in Carlsbad, CA. I got married and we had a son. We lived off base due to lack of on base housing. Did I mention that Camp Pendleton is a huge base with 2 area codes with plenty of room to build. While I was at Pendleton, new officer housing was being constructed right on the beach. I found myself working 3 part time jobs at once while on active duty and raising a family. When my son was born the delivery was mishandled, but no responsibility was taken by the Navy. As a serviceman, you find that you feel more like cattle.

  31. Rodger Snow Says:

    When leaving the USMC the gate closes and that is it. Why wouldn’t a veteran with a good conduct discharge not be entitled to something like being able to use the on base grocery stores etc. Sure you get the VA at your disposal, good luck. I never even realized that I could go to the VA. There are also 4 branches, which means alot of senior positions that are unnecessary. You can’t even go to a Monster Truck show without a moment of appreciation for our vets. BULLSHIT! Money talks, thanks won’t buy groceries. Some states offer free college for Vets, why wouldn’t that go across the boards?

  32. William Adams Says:

    The Newsweek pundit, Brit, and Harvard Prof on this mornings show sounded like he has been watching Glenn Beck – he shoud be on Fox.

  33. guy corter Says:

    mika has to sleep around a little more to get her own show

  34. warren beyer Says:

    too many high brow regulars How abiout somneone who is not establishment and in the inside,,, like me..I can ruffle a few fesathers on your show and maybe you can talk truth not politics


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