First Anniversary Of Blogroll Amnesty Day

February 2, 2008

Jon Swift has the full story, but the bottom line is that this is the first anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Day, a day that now is commemorated by smaller blogs who link to blogs even smaller than them. Well, PhysioProf is about as small it is possible to be, and I certainly don’t want to insult anyone by implying that they are even smaller than PhysioProf.

Accordingly, here at PhysioProf, Blogroll Amnesty Day will be celebrated by linking to, and blogrolling, bloggers who have supported PhysioProf in the genesis of this blog. Also, I am adopting the Jon Swift continuous amnesty protocol, and will blogroll anyone who blog rolls PhysioProf. Just send me an e-mail that you have blogrolled me, and we’re fucking golden.

So, particular thanks to:

Blue Gal

Brilliant At Breakfast

Last Left B4 Hooterville

Ornery Bastard


Play On!


Driftglass, the depraved bastard who inspired, and then strong-armed, PhysioProf’s blogturition.

13 Responses to “First Anniversary Of Blogroll Amnesty Day”

  1. bustednuckles Says:

    I forgot all about it!

    Thanks fer the shout out bud, now I gotta get my skinny ass in gear and get busy.

  2. PhysioProf Says:

    Get crakkin’, ya bastid!

  3. Myrtle June Says:

    Thanks PhysiProf 🙂 I don’t know how to figure out who was “smaller” than Play On! So I’ve been out reading and am going to post later, but probably not based on smaller. Though I can appreciate the sentiment of the day.

    I’m so enjoying your blog here! So glad you took the leap….. even if you were shoved. 😀

    Thanks again 😉

  4. Jill Says:

    You are now officially blogrolled. Bad on me for dropping the ball before now. I’m glad you’re writing and I’ll check in regularly. Thanks for the props.

  5. PhysioProf Says:

    I love you guys!

  6. bustednuckles Says:

    OK, DAMMIT!, now I owe ya for TWO!

    I completely spaced out on BlueGal!

    I came over here to give you a little ration back and went, OH SHIT, BLUEGAL!

    EEEs FEEExed.

  7. Rock on, physioprof! I have a ‘blogfather’ that encouraged me when I was new to not only blogging but writing in general. I’m glad that you took the challenge, as you have so much great stuff to add to Blogtopia (skippy!)

  8. skippy Says:

    thanks for participating, physioprof!

  9. Blue Gal Says:

    As I’ve said to you before, Steve would be very proud. I would never be so audacious as to speak for the depraved bastard, however. Thanks for the linky and I DO speak for a lot of bloggers when I say welcome aboard, honey.

  10. I believe we’ve been square since you fired up this bad boy. Many thanks for linking to me by my ‘nym so I show up near/at the top of the blogroll. I never thought much about this when calling the blog Terra Sig; I’m buried on most others’ blogrolls.

    Rock on, brother.

  11. N.B. Says:

    Consider yourself blogrolled. I’m quite impressed with what I’ve read!

  12. Hello,
    In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at Please link mine to yours in return. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you!

    Rob Singleton

  13. Kason Says:


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