Shocked Swedish Scienceblogger Susses American Political Ratfucking

February 3, 2008

Progressives have long understood that the “center” of US electoral politics is actually highly skewed in the direction of raving wackaloon right-wing “conservatism”. There are many reasons for this, not least, the corporate-oligarchy-controlled mainstream media and their CEO-boxershort-sniffing scumfucker journamalists.

Well, cool Swedish scienceblogger Martin Rundkvist (luckily he doesn’t have any of those fucked up Swedish letters with little circles and shit in his name, which would have forced me to misspell it) has a new post up at his cool science blog Aardvarchaeology (Rundkvist is a sneaky bastard, picking a blog name that starts with two As) entitled, “US Politics Have No Left Wing”, in response to which PhysioProf can only say: “Dude, welcome to our fucking world!”


4 Responses to “Shocked Swedish Scienceblogger Susses American Political Ratfucking”

  1. Martin R Says:

    Thanks for linking! I’m actually almost American, having spent two childhood years in Connecticut. Let’s hope the States get back on track again after the Bush II leaves the White House.

  2. NMRon Says:

    jesus, an eclectic bunch of comments. Ron Paul the saviour of ameican politics? Where does this shit come from? I mean really. Is there some network that sits around thinking this shit up just to fuck with our heads?

  3. Dunc Says:

    I mean really. Is there some network that sits around thinking this shit up just to fuck with our heads?

    Yeah – it’s called the Republican party. 😉

  4. bikemonkey Says:

    runtyquist also thinks:

    * Sibling marriage is OK

    * All genital mutilation of minors should be forbidden

    * Engineering of the human germline is OK if approved beforehand by standard medical ethics committee

    * Bestiality is OK as long as animal is not physically harmed

    this is a “liberal” perspective?

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