PhysioProf Guest-Blogging At Cool Constitutional Blog

February 7, 2008

Home of the Brave is a brand new community blog devoted to political issues relating to the United States Constitution. The blog was started and is owned by Annie, who is a citizen, non-lawyer, policy wonk. She has graciously invited PhysioProf, for whom Constitutional history, theory, and jurisprudence is a hobby, to be an occasional guest blogger. PhysioProf’s first post there is entitled “Constitutional Originalism, Natural Law, and the Ninth Amendment”.

Please check us out. And if you want to guest post on anything related to the Constitution, leave a comment. Annie is eager to bring interested people into the tent.


5 Responses to “PhysioProf Guest-Blogging At Cool Constitutional Blog”

  1. bikemonkey Says:

    The 2nd my man, the 2nd. That’s where the action lies.

    Stingers. That’s what it calls for. No sheist.

  2. PhysioProf Says:

    You like the 2nd, feel free to join us over there and write about it!

  3. queenidella Says:

    It’s me, Alicia – congrats on the Constitutional blog. Poor thing has been destroyed almost beyond recognition.

  4. Buzzman Says:

    Nice explanation. This pisses me off too. Not once has a supreme court nominee been asked about the 9th ammendment. It’s all a complete sham. Roger Clemens gets tougher questions.

  5. Floroskop Says:

    I think this try.

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