Poverty Of Imagination

February 13, 2008

Apparently, Sports Illustrated has decided to create a Web site devoted to their “swimsuit” issue. According to Salon’s Machinist, this site will host every photograph from the print magazine, as well as plenty of additional “content”, including videos. The swimsuit models are extreme outliers in terms of body composition, shape, and size, and the entire operation exists for the purpose of establishing that women have no value other than to please men. If you respect women as fellow human beings, you will not promote their dehumanization. There is nothing wrong with sexual fantasy and spanking your monkey, but how about instead of buying prepackaged corporate fantasy that harms both women and men, you use your fucking imagination?


One Response to “Poverty Of Imagination”

  1. Myrtle June Says:

    And with the airbrushing and general ‘shoping ….. they really don’t exist at all. 😉

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