Manly Right-Wing Wackaloon Douchemonkeys

March 11, 2008

Coturnix has a nice post up concerning the obsession of asshole right-wing Republican motherfuckers with “manliness”. Let’s be very clear on one thing: The only people left in the Republican Party right now are (1) insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers, (2) greedy power-mad sick-fuck corporatist oligarchs, and (3) insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian leaders who are tools of the greedy power-mad sick-fuck corporatist oligarchs. All this “manly” shit is part of their clever scheme for keeping the insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers in line by serving them a toxic brew of fear, hate, and rage.


6 Responses to “Manly Right-Wing Wackaloon Douchemonkeys”

  1. I needed a good laugh this morning.
    When I need a hand to do something, like jerk an engine out of a rig, stuff a transmission under one in a gravel driveway, move some lady friend and all her shit up two flights of fucking stairs etc ad finitum, I never see many Republicans there to help out.
    I got their manliness hangin.

  2. Coturnix Says:

    Oh, work is beneath their dignity. Their manliness is for strutting purposes only.

  3. larue Says:

    Dang Bustedknuckles, I shoulda KNOWN yer a wrench!! *G*

    Totally escaped me . . . n hoss, yer lady friends are high maintenance!!!!! I hope they cook good meals for ya . . . πŸ˜‰

    I need a diesel monkey with tools and a Class A license to work for cheap in West Sacramento, CA. I’m a recruiter.

    You know any?

    I also need a small engine wrench, garden and lawn, landscaping two stroke and four stroke. With ALL their own tools, no sob stories my three roll a way’s JUST got ripped off while I was ‘on vacation’ last week.

    BK, I’m half ass kidding, but if you DO know of either of the above in Sacramento, CA, email me!!!

    Who KNEW small engine wrench’s WITH PAID experiences, no felony’s and a full set of tools were SO danged hard to find? *G*

    Sorry bout the thread jump, Physioprof . . . πŸ˜‰

  4. larue Says:

    The Manliness Factor has spread.
    To New Yawk.
    It bit a Dem.

    Go figger. *G*

    Let’s hope it bites Shilary, before it’s all over.
    I GOT to believe she’s connected to this somewhere.
    Saudi Money . . . spreads, wide.
    N we know Saudi money is behind Shilary, too, as much as it was for Gov. ‘Champagne’ Spritzer. *G*

  5. Larue, you’ll find a wrench with all the tools, a class A that works cheap right after you find a Unicorn and the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

  6. larue Says:

    BK-Killin me.

    I found all that. Already.


    Bless ya, and Physioprof. *G*

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