Mainstream Media Shitheels Addled By Misogyny

March 13, 2008

Is it really that fucking difficult for the ridiculous shitbag “journalists” in our mainstream media to figure out that referring to the prostitute patronized by Eliot Spitzer as a “hooker” is hateful misogynistic garbage?

“It’s 50 and partly cloudy today. Late breaking news: here are the latest photos of Governor Spitzer’s sexy hooker. Our other top story today is the rescue of a local schoolgirl’s cute little kitten from the top of a tree.”

What the fuck is wrong with these despicable pieces of shit!? It’s one thing to hate women so much. It’s yet another to be so oblivious to it.


5 Responses to “Mainstream Media Shitheels Addled By Misogyny”

  1. larue Says:

    Dude, I just don’t see it your way.

    This is SO not a woman, or gender issue.

    HE screwed up. BAD!!!

    SHE. Sold herself, and has a known history.


    No redemption for either for cryin out loud.


    For craps fuckin sake, can we hold SOMEONE responsible for their lives, behaviors, and such? ENUFF already about tortured souls and we forgive them!!! ENUFF!!

    Get a job! A LEGAL one!!!

    SHOW UP ready to work!!


    But if ya wanna game the system, yer gamin me. I’m tired of it all.

    The gamin is killin us all.

    NO ONE seems to want to pull their own weight.



    Hang them all, then hold the trials.

    Yer killin me.


  2. Zuska Says:

    Hmmm. She had a job. It’s called prostitution. Calling her a hooker is making sure everyone knows she’s a disgusting sleazy slut who probably deserves to be fucked by anyone who wants to.

    PP: I wondered how long it would take the media to dig up the woman and display her for ogling on network news. Answer: not long at all. Like we can’t possibly understand the story otherwise.

  3. bikemonkey Says:

    and what are they calling the philandering cobag in question? Hizzoner?

  4. Myrtle June Says:

    Dang. She was just doing her job.

  5. chiroptera Says:

    Most of the names for “johns” (whoremonger, etc.) just put the prostituted women down. That’s why I prefer the term pay-for-rapist to describe men who pay to coerce women into unwanted sex with them.

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