This One Is For The Ladies

March 26, 2008

Female Science Professor has another very interesting post up today, this one concerning a discussion among Scientists at a dinner party:

One of the Scientists asked the others the following question:

If you could make a pact with the Devil and become supersonically, cosmically famous — of the order of magnitude of Isaac Newton or Charles Darwin — within your lifetime, but on the condition that you die within 6 years, would you do it?

Female Science Professor wasn’t at the party herself, but when she heard about this, she told her colleague who was at the party:

That’s insane. Of course no one would make that bargain.

Apparently, she was wrong.

Some of the men at the party said they would make that bargain, including one man who has a young child and who claims to be an atheist (and therefore who presumably doesn’t believe he would be able to enjoy his cosmic fame after his death). He later confirmed to me that he was serious about this and wasn’t just being dramatic (or inebriated).

Female Science Professor was shocked by this:

How bizarre. I hope his child doesn’t ever learn his thoughts on the fame vs. family issue, and I wish I hadn’t heard about this pact-with-the-devil party game incident. Knowing that this particular person would be willing to trade time with his family for stupendous fame has altered the way I think about him. I’m not sure why — I’ve always felt that some of my colleagues and I are not of the same species as each other — but now I am thinking we must be from different phyla.

While perhaps her male colleagues are from a different phylum, it is not for the reason that she thinks. Her mistake is in believing a single word men say about hypotheticals such as this.

They are just engaged in bullshit macho one-upmanship, trying to prove to each other what manly-man science-warriors they are who care little for such mundane trivial concerns as friends, family, and even life itself, and are focused solely on the glories of the battlefields of science.

They are totally full of shit: they do not weigh the importance of their lives any less than you, and if genuinely presented with such a choice, they would surely choose as you (and any sane person) would. They are the science equivalent of right-wing chickenhawk fighting keyboardist douchemonkey bloggers who talk about what manly warriors they would be in the Iraq war, except they’re not fucking there and know that their coddled privilege ensures that they never fucking would be, and thus they know that their glorifying of war and aggrandizement of “manliness” has no consequences for them (and only for other people and their children, who will suffer and die because of the chickenhawks’ despicable lies and perfidy; but that’s another topic).

Same as with Female Science Professor’s manly-man science-warrior colleagues: they know they are not really presented with this choice, and they know they never will be, so their macho posturing has absolutely no consequences and they can let their ridiculous macho-man freak flags fucking fly.

PhysioProf has little patience for this kind of absurd macho posturing by self-deluded manly-men, who are actually weak ego-deficient pathetic douchehounds who cannot perceive the world and their relationship to it in any way except through the sad sick lens of patriarchy.

Just to be clear: all men have been distorted in this way. And when you women hear manly-men talking, especially to each other, about the courageous and heroic decisions they would make and acts they would perform in hypothetical situations, you should be very fucking skeptical. It is highly likely that what you are hearing is a complete load of flaming wackaloon bullshit.

7 Responses to “This One Is For The Ladies”

  1. If ya ain’t guessed it yet, I ain’t a lady but making deals with the devil ain’t my idea of a good time.
    It’s not like Cheney would keep his word anyway.

  2. Deb Says:

    I think that’s why I’m having a problems with the idea of female suicide bombers. The act itself isn’t normal, but it’s so far removed from the behavior of most women that it has to be their only choice.

    As in they are being forced to do it, one way or the other. There is no logical explanation for their behavior. Or religious one either.

  3. As in they are being forced to do it, one way or the other. There is no logical explanation for their behavior

    You forget the surviving female suicide bomber in Amman, Jordan, whose bomb malfunctioned so she lived to say that she did it in revenge for her family in Iraq having been quasi-wiped-out as collateral damage debris.

    I find it hard to believe, too, that she would pull the string at a wedding, seeing women and children before her eyes, but so it goes.


    Visit Zenobia’s website Empress of the East

  4. larue Says:

    Revenge is one butt ugly motivation, and in some folks, it’s all that matters.

    Given the million+ dead Iraqi’s at the hands of the USA, I don’t think I can blame them for anything they do. It’s combat and stress related.

    They to, are shell shocked warriors.

    If we weren’t there, they wouldn’t doin this, I don’t think.

    Bless all who’ve lost their lives for this folly. Regardless of how or why.

    I wish the rest of us could stop it.

    Till we hit the streets in the millions, it won’t happen I don’t think.

    Heard Country Joe McDonald on Peter B Collins show yesterday,

    Joe Mac is VERY jaded about this all. At only 4K USA lost, he says it’s inappropriate to complain about a lack of street action. In Vietnam, it was multiples of thousands, at 7 years in, that put people in the streets.

    He also says, people in the streets are not all that effective.

    All in all, he’s rather jaded. And he’s got the experience earned, to feel that way.

    But he keeps on singin. And thumbin his nose at the establishment.

    I got nuthin. I’m clueless, but pissed, anymore.

    There is NO short term solution, and we are SO screwed on so many fronts.

    It’s a dig in, long term and hard fought effort. There Are NO immediate solutions to the multitude of our problems. None.


    In bowling, competitive bowling, collegiate or for money, there was a term for when the lane conditions were so bad, NO one was scoring high.

    It was called GRINDING IT OUT.

    Hope to avoid splits on the first ball, pray you could cover all yer spares, for a 190 game at best.

    Grind it out. Don’t make bad shots. Pick up yer spares.

    I’m not sure that if we all grind it out, we CAN make the cut for the finals, anymore.

    Dawg help us all . . .

  5. Fade Says:

    yeah, things like this said at a dinner party can pretty much be written off as vapid bullshit.

  6. Cat Says:

    There are two things my female colleagues have said about this kind of male on male behavior:

    1)Alpha male posing


    As a woman, this enables me to watch my male colleagues strut and have an iota of sympathy for them.

  7. windy Says:

    I’d take the deal. Once I was super famous, I’d get all the best scientists on my team and working on Devil repellent. That way he couldn’t come collect my soul when the time was up. Plus, I bet I could get the Templeton prize for having invented devil repellent.

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