PhysioProf Is In LOVE!

March 27, 2008

At this bus stop in the blogosphere, I’m Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain, and I’m mean for a reason.

This made me swoon!! And yes, I know this post by Melissa McEwan is several years old, but I hadn’t seen it until recently (h/t Coturnix). It also addresses an important and timely point, given all the recent discussion on “tone”, and “framing”, and shit like that. For fuck’s sake, even sports radio douchemonkeys like Mike and Mike are all in an uproar because Tiger Woods told some asshole with a fucking camera that if he clicks the shutter again during the backswing, Tiger is going to “wring his fucking neck”. Go Tiger!!

Back to framing, Melissa’s point is that “being nice” doesn’t really help get what you want, if what you want is opposed by sick-fuck anti-reality vicious power-hungry authoritarian leaders and their sick-fuck drooling moron demented wackaloon authoritarian followers. This point was also raised quite eloquently by commenter idlewild:

I think it’s important to realize that those “right-wing wackaloon theocratic douchemonkeys” would have no problem whatever finding opponents to label as satan’s spawn even if PZ, Dawkins, and other outspoken atheists did not exist. Their views are absolute, and it matters not if those who disagree with them are the firebrand godless or the milquetoast presbyterians.

Idlewild is absolutely correct. What she has pointed out is a species of the general problem that many non-insane liberal/progressive politicians, and even activists, have in dealing with the right wing.

They think that if only they are “nicer”, or pander just a little bit more to insane vicious power-mad right-wing shitbags of various stripes–theocratic wackaloon, neofuedal corporate oligarch, neoconfederate racist scumbag–the despicable right-wing bastards will stop screaming non-stop about how they hate America and Jesus and are traitors and want all of our children to be taught in school to fuck their pets up the ass.

But they are flat-out fucking wrong: No matter what non-insane non-right-wing non-wackaloons say or do, the right wing will always screech at maximum volume: TRAIT0RZ!!1!! AMERICA-HAT0RZ!!11!!! JEEZUZ-HAT0RZ!!!11!!1 BABEE-KILLERZ!!1!!!!1

That is because their screeching is not directed at anyone who is not over-the-edge knuckle-dragging-moron insane, and is only for riling up their sick-fuck drooling imbecile demented wackaloon authoritarian follower base. Pandering to these shitbags serves no purpose, and just pisses off the non-insane.

And don’t even start about “appealing to moderates”. This is fake-ass right-wing propaganda designed to fool the left into doing stupid shit that harms us. You didn’t see the right wing “appealing to moderates” for the last 30 years, did you? And they did a pretty fucking decent job of amassing and consolidating political power. The only thing that fucked them up was their constitutional inability to accept the inexorable nature of physical reality.

4 Responses to “PhysioProf Is In LOVE!”

  1. Michael Says:

    “Moderates” in the media framing = Conservatives.

  2. MissPrism Says:

    I wish I could swear as creatively as you do. You’re one of my favourite swearers on the whole internet.

  3. WereBear Says:

    I’m struggling with my own swearing, since I don’t want to use words which denigrate animals and use of genitalia, both of which I like 🙂

    Shit is good. No one likes shit.

    Because they are deranged. Not mentally ill, though most of them have neuroses which would keep Freud busy for several lifetimes.

    Instead of working around them, the screamers are proud of them. Proud of their prejudices, their closed minds and their hatred.

    For too long America has been told they should be too.

    So it has to stop.

  4. Brian Says:

    Ugh. OT, but it just drives me fucking nuts when her contributors (usually Kate) bring up “Junkfood Science” as a source over in Shakesville.

    Takes all kinds, I guess.

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