Can someone please tell the ridiculous fucking assmonkey shitbag talking heads at ESPN that the plural of “RBI” is “RBIs”, not “RBI”? I have had it up to here with this fake-ass illiterate pseudo-intellectual pompous douchebaggery coming out of the mouths of a bunch of dumb-ass frat boys who all got picked last for kickball! FUCK!

Those who are interested in the opinions of others concerning this important issue, please go here.

Commenter Bijan Parsia made an important point in our discussion of intellectual appropriation and attribution about the role of good faith all of this:

One thing to remember is that *good faith* is critical: One shouldn’t let the idea of better than due diligence prevent one from doing work (or posting), but if one makes an attribution mistake it helps to apologize and try to rectify (as you did in your case). Read the rest of this entry »

An astute reader expressed concern yesterday that the tagline of this blog currently read as follows:

“Step in, Sit Down, Chill The Heck Out” — I said that

She speculated that perhaps WordPress had ordered the removal of what those who are observant as she is will recall as the original tagline:

“Step in, Sit Down, Chill The Fuck Out” — I said that

(emphasis added).

No, WordPress doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about evocative language on blogs they host. Actually, as part of my totally fucking hilarious April Fools joke, I changed “fuck” to “heck”, and I just forgot to change it back.

Deepest apologies to those readers who have been scandalized by my egregious use of the despicable slimy weak right-wing shitbag euphemism “heck”. I have restored the honest strong liberal evocative term “fuck” to its rightful place in the tagline.

From Digby yesterday:

Update: I hadn’t actually read this Krugman column before I wrote this, but as readers point out it makes some similar observations.

This is an illustration of what one can do when related material comes to light pursuant to good-faith intellectual discourse.

For the most part, pathetic right-wing dumbfuck scumbags don’t seem to visit PhysioProf, or at least if they do, they rarely leave comments. And we do not censor non-spam comments here, except if they contain racist, misogynist, or other hateful content. Well, some absurd shitbag Republican douchemonkey calling himself “Rick” decided he was not real happy with PhysioProf’s opinions, and decided to make a comment. And the comment was so totally diagnostic of fearful dumbfuck right-wing authoritarian follower keening, and so totally fucking hilarious, that I felt I just had to elevate it to the top level: Read the rest of this entry »

Lots of agonizing and hand-wringing and philosophizing and navel-gazing and vituperation and fight/flight-response activation at ScienceBlogs and elsewhere in the blogosphere concerning pseudonymous blogging. Some say that pseudonymous bloggers are RUINING THE INTERNET11!!1!!!!ELEVENTY!11!!1!!!!, while others assert that pseudonymous blogging KICKS TOTAL FUCKING ASS. PhysioProf has opined on this topic previously:
Read the rest of this entry »

Blue Gal has pointed out a very pernicious theme that is percolating around liberal Democratic circles, which concerns the relative “progressiveness” of the remaining two Democratic Presidential candidates:

[S]pare me the “your candidate is not progressive enough” meme because I can’t stand it.

Yeah, fuck that shit. Here’s PhysioProf’s retort when some liberal fucking tucheslacker serves up that garbage:

My candidate is just sufficiently not completely over-the-top right-wing demented fucking wackaloon enough for me, fuck you very much!

Feel free to use this with your family, friends, and co-workers!

(h/t S. Rivlin for the “tucheslacker” coinage)

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that “tucheslacker” is a variant spelling of “tuches lecker”, which is Yiddish for “ass licker/kisser”. However, I still insist on pronouncing it “toosh slacker”!

As promised, here is the Ravelers’ manifesto:

A spectre is haunting the Internet– the spectre of LSG. All the powers of the old Internet have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Wikipedia and the DRA, Theocratic Douchemonkeys and That Group That Gives Us All the Screaming Habdabs, Moderators and Those Whackaloons Who Keep Saying “Think of the children!”. Read the rest of this entry »

UPDATE: Feminist blog Feministing has pledged to do exactly the kind of reasonable investigation of prior work in an area of inquiry before posting on it that I have suggested is required by academic norms of scholarship:

We’re actually going to take this opportunity to pledge to do better. With every post we write, we’ll do a search to see if another feminist blogger has covered the issue.

This is a busy, high-traffic, blog with multiple posts per day, and they have decided that they can afford to devote the time and effort to this.

UPDATE 2: For more on this topic, see this new post.


There is a big huge fucking dust-up going on right now in the feminist blogosphere that involves accusations that Amanda Marcotte, a prominent white feminist blogger, appropriated without attribution ideas developed as a long-standing project of women-of-color (“WOC”) feminist scholars, activists, and bloggers, including most prominently in this dustup blogger BrownFemiPower (“BFP”). My point here is not to take sides in that dispute, and so I am not linking to the more polemical blog posts that relate to it. My reason for addressing the issue is that it reveals a really important self-regulating feature of traditional intellectual discourse in academia that I think bloggers could stand to learn a few things from.

What I intend to do here is to first address this issue of appropriation of ideas and attribution of credit in isolation from the unique overlay of privilege that has, for sure, made the Marcotte/BFP situation so heated. I’ll then say a few words about privilege, although not so much in the context of racial privilege among feminist scholars, activists, and bloggers, and more in the context of male privilege and the participation of men in arguments among feminists. Read the rest of this entry »

OK. Here’s the deal. Knitters and crocheters in the “Lazy, Stupid, and Godless” (“LSG”) discussion group at the Ravelry Web site have linked to and discussed PhysioProf with approval. According to one of their participants, it is “The group for hardworking, smart, and sometimes spiritual people who have a bad attitude!” Well shit, that sounds pretty fucking cool! Nice friendly people love me; I love them back.

So I’ve got a proposal for LSG, who I suspect have some seriously cool thoughts and ideas about knitting/crocheting, laziness, stupidity, godlessness, and whatnot to spread to the wider community, but which are hidden at Ravelry. You guys whip up a “Knitter’s And Crocheter’s Lazy Stupid And Godless Manifesto” (or,as I like to call it, “KnACroLaStAGoMan”), and I’ll post it here. And if you guys have ongoing thoughts you wish to share with the world going forward, I’ll also post them on an ongoing basis.

So what’s in it for me, besides that I just get to be a totally fucking nice guy and hang out with cool knitters and crocheters? Well, an expertly knitted present emblazoned with “Knitters [heart] PhysioProf!” would be very nice and very appreciated. And no, not a fucking codpiece! But a wool beanie-type cap would sure be great. PhysioProf wears wool beanies all the time. And I promise to take photos of myself in it, and post them here.

So, whaddya say, knitters and crocheters of LSG? Deal?