Yo! Liberal Tucheslackers! Calm The Fuck Down! (UPDATED)

April 19, 2008

Blue Gal has pointed out a very pernicious theme that is percolating around liberal Democratic circles, which concerns the relative “progressiveness” of the remaining two Democratic Presidential candidates:

[S]pare me the “your candidate is not progressive enough” meme because I can’t stand it.

Yeah, fuck that shit. Here’s PhysioProf’s retort when some liberal fucking tucheslacker serves up that garbage:

My candidate is just sufficiently not completely over-the-top right-wing demented fucking wackaloon enough for me, fuck you very much!

Feel free to use this with your family, friends, and co-workers!

(h/t S. Rivlin for the “tucheslacker” coinage)

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that “tucheslacker” is a variant spelling of “tuches lecker”, which is Yiddish for “ass licker/kisser”. However, I still insist on pronouncing it “toosh slacker”!


8 Responses to “Yo! Liberal Tucheslackers! Calm The Fuck Down! (UPDATED)”

  1. Anybody but a Republican.

  2. Blue Gal Says:

    Pabst. Blue Ribbon.

    Had to say it.

    xo on ya, Physio, honey.

  3. I agree that arguing about whether Clinton or Obama is more progressive is silly, though.

    Clinton and Obama are barely liberal, but neither is any sort of progressive, at least not in my not-so-humble opinion. Unlike McCain, they’re aren’t completely batshit crazy and in league with the Prince of Darkness himself*, but they’re both pro-war moderate “lets be nicer to the poor, but don’t give them any actual money” conservatives.

    *Cheney, of course.

  4. ABAR — as busted said
    anyone but a republican

  5. […] completely over-the-top right-wing demented fucking wackaloon enough for me, fuck you very much! Yo! Liberal Tucheslackers! Calm The Fuck Down! (UPDATED) « PhysioProf   « If you want to grow old with me, if you want to sit with me in a rocking chair on […]

  6. Charles Says:

    At this point I’m starting to not care which of them gets the candidacy, so long as one of them gets the election…couldn’t agree more that they’re not completely over-the-top right-wing demented fucking wackaloons, and right now, that’s, disturbingly, a HUGE step in the right (left) direction.

  7. apalazzo Says:

    It has nothing to do with “more progressive”. Hillary was a coward – she was afraid of the chicken hawks and takes you folk for granted. Thus she voted for the war. Until politicians fear the left they will always give in to the right-wing wackaloons, unless we punish them for their past deeds.

    I’m not saying that Obama is more progressive, but that several folks down in DC should be strung up by their toenails for all the shit they caused. And the fact that it did not and will not happen, has to do with the lack of anger by progressives out there. So to all you weaklings who are ready to forgive, fuck that. Hillary scoffs you. The next she or any Democrat caves in to the loonies you’ll have yourselves to blame. I say fry the bastards and their enablers and let every future Dem think twice before they sign on the agenda of the right-wing.

  8. rick Says:

    typical liberal bullshit republicans don’t give enough money . fuck you i pay about 46 percent in taxes go to hell freeloaders

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