It’s Three RBIs, Fucknozzle, Not Three RBI!

April 27, 2008

Can someone please tell the ridiculous fucking assmonkey shitbag talking heads at ESPN that the plural of “RBI” is “RBIs”, not “RBI”? I have had it up to here with this fake-ass illiterate pseudo-intellectual pompous douchebaggery coming out of the mouths of a bunch of dumb-ass frat boys who all got picked last for kickball! FUCK!

Those who are interested in the opinions of others concerning this important issue, please go here.


19 Responses to “It’s Three RBIs, Fucknozzle, Not Three RBI!”

  1. Ribbie, Ribbies.

  2. Wait, what? I’m happy with the slangy ribbies, but I gotta agree that runs batted in is RBI, not RBIs. Just like mothers-in-law, or commanders-in-chief, or ladies-in-waiting, or anything else that is unlikely to be pluralized on ESPN. I’m just shocked (shocked!) that anyone at ESPN cares enough to force their presenters to get it right. They must have my really-different-career-path twin behind the scenes.

  3. PhysioProf Says:

    No, no, no!!!!!!

    It is Runs Batted In, Mother In Law, Attorneys General, Ladies In Waiting, Commanders In Chief. But the initialisms of the plurals are RBIs, MILs, AGs, LIWs, CICs.

  4. This has something to do with baseball, no?

  5. PhysioProf Says:

    Let’s put it this way: it ain’t fucking philosomophy!

  6. larue Says:

    Ribbies it is. Simple answers to stupid sportscasters.

    Now get my garlic, rosemary and olive oil marinated T-bone on the hickory fired grill and get it rare.

    Gimme another double rocks of Old No. 7, and a drought of the Moose Drool, and I’ll have butter, sour cream and chives with salt and pepper on my baked ‘tater.

    Half a corn on the cob, extra butter, please.

    And for GOD’S SAKE, turn up the game!!!!! *G*

    Damn I miss Vin Scully.

    N the guy who announced for Dizzy Dean games when the guy “slud into third, he’s SAFE!” Or was that Dizzy who said that? He’s like Yogi. Only different. 😉

  7. Mad Hatter Says:

    Dude, with all the shit going on in the world of sports, the most rant-worthy topic is how some ESPN guy says “RBI”??? How about the ridiculous, neverending NFL draft? Or the fact that they call the poor sap who’s drafted last “Mr. Irrelevant”? And no comment on Danica Patrick’s first win? I’m so fucking disappointed.

  8. Or if you gotta be whining about usage, how about the misuse of “data” as a singular noun?

    At least some scientists read your blog. The blowhards at ESPN, I’m wagering no.

    Although, given the knitter/crocheter readership, maybe I shouldn’t be so swift to judge.

  9. Geeka Says:

    Fucknozzle may be my new favorite word.

    On a similar note, can we please shoot the NFL caster that says ‘period’ instead of ‘quarter’.

  10. revbob Says:

    I swear, we should insist on “RsBI”.

    Re: Data are or data is: how about “are there any news today?”

    Cite: a book called “Fun Fare” from the Readers’ Digest before they became an American subsidiary of Die Stuermer.

  11. littlem Says:

    At least they’re not saying RsBI. And I wouldn’t have put it past them.

    And on that note *sniff* what are we doing watching ESPN when we have PBS, the Bravo channel, Comedy Central, and Faux News?

    The only thing ESPN is really good for is replays of the poker championships.

    (Oh, so sorry, revbob. Didn’t see you over there.)

  12. dogscratcher Says:

    I’m with revbob: it should be RsBI.

  13. larue Says:


    Shirley, you jest!

    “He missed the touch, he missed the touch!”

    All y’all are KILLIN me . . . who wants to play some strikeout? *G*

    I’m the ’62 Yankees. You can be anyone you want. *G*

  14. larue Says:

    Hmm, make that the ’61 Yanks.

    N there’s why!! *G*

  15. Sven DiMilo Says:

    Damn I miss Vin Scully

    Correctest thing I’ve read yet today.
    And PhysioProf is right about this. RBIs. Are-Bee-Eyes.

  16. I miss (college) football season. 🙂

  17. crowlie Says:

    Good to see you fucking around again. 😉

  18. mfs Says:

    Passersby? Passerbys? Passerbies? Passer-ibbies?

  19. Hiya, littlem

    Put me down as not having a dog in his fight. My team, the Bucs, doesn’t get any RBIs (or whatever) so the question is purely academic.

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