Where The Phuck’s PhysioProf?

May 1, 2008

Academic responsibilities have drained my time over the last few days, and will continue for a few more. This is the reason for the lack of recent posting. Expect righteous ranting and raving to resume this weekend! Carry on, motherfuckers!


5 Responses to “Where The Phuck’s PhysioProf?”

  1. darkblack Says:

    Fucking ivory tower slackadoodie…Oh wait, I’m talking to the mirror again, daily affirmations. Never mind.


  2. Hey, how did you do that automatically generated post thingy? I thought you were some sort of blog software Luddite.

  3. PhysioProf Says:

    I have no idea where the fuck that fucking thing came from. I think WordPress did it automatically to fuck with me.

  4. PhysioProf Says:

    OK. I turned that fucking thing off!

  5. bill Says:

    And who was it said to me recently, “Work? Sack the fuck up, dude!”?


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