Obama, Wright & Wackaloon Religious Assholes

May 2, 2008

The Reverend Wright foofaraw is just an inevitable consequence of the fact that in the United States we incorporate into our political discourse–indeed elevate to the highest level of importance–the delusional views of wackaloon religious assholes and the relationships of political candidates to those assholes. And with the collusion of people who literally hate America and everything it stands for—the sick-fuck right-wing and its craven canape-eating chardonnay-swilling shitbag fake-ass journamalist enablers (Russert, Matthews, Scarborough: Fuck you, you motherfucking scumbags!)—we just keep doing it over and over and over and over.

This garbaggio is totally fucking insane, and is yet another reason why our nation is swirling down the shitter. (h/t Abel Pharmboy for making me think about this absurd douchecornetry!)

UPDATE: Welcome to my shiny happy visitors from Crooks & Liars! Make yourselves at home, but don’t use those lace towels in the fucking powder room. They’re just for show.


6 Responses to “Obama, Wright & Wackaloon Religious Assholes”

  1. WereBear Says:

    Well, at this point, we have to ask the Republicans…

    Is that the best you’ve got?

    Bashing a person for the CHURCH they go to?

    When you Republicans have Church People who have said the most outrageous and hateful things for YEARS?

    Well, bring it on!

  2. Nan Says:

    What WereBear said.

    On the positive side, if the wackaloons keep yammering away about Rev. Wright and the radical leftist theology of the United Church of Christ, maybe the rumors about Obama being a Muslim will finally die.

  3. it’s bloody lovely that we boring middle-class folk have the luxury of worrying who’s saying what at the church but as rev al says: who cares about who is or isn’t eating in the kitchen? let’s get to who can’t even afford their generic Rx drugs or who can’t fill their tank even if they are lucky enough to have two or three of these bush jobs.

  4. larue Says:

    Physiohoss, this is all about money and power, as it always is.

    The rethugs and the reich wing nutz have paid and bought and invested BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to corrupt the media top to bottom.

    There IS no fair, and there WON’T be no fair, until the whole system is either changed from within or crashes of its own accord. Which I think, we have plenty of evidence so far to see it IS crashing.

    Endless war, the costs of it to us economically, politically, geo-politically.

    Rising food costs.

    Loss of species of plants and animals.

    Water is now a HUGE issue for 2/3 of the the USA.

    Erosion of middle class, funneling of the $ to the 1%, with NO reinvestment back into USA from their big biz multinational war machine profiteering.

    So today, I mean if you REALLY wanna get depressed about BushCo, and the 1%, the reichwing . . . today Smirking Chimp has a GREAT long read about Washington Times owner Sun Myung Moon.

    If HIS history, and the revisited history of OUR USA and the doucnemonkey’s from the 30’s forward don’t depress ya, nothing will.

    So Prof, this is where we are at, all of us. Gobsmacked damn in the middle of the ugliest mess I NEVER would have believed back in the mid 70’s, despite my increasing understanding about BAD THINGS.

    I woulda thought all along it wouldn’t get this bad till after I die sometime in oh, the late 2030’s.

    We cope with what it is, we do what we can to help elect others with hope.

    And we do so all the while knowing the deck is SO fucking stacked against it getting any better without major catastrophes we wonder why we even try or care.

    And trust me, the catastrophes are coming, be they mama natures imposed limits, or the blowbacks from invading Iran, or just the SHEAR overwhelming shit the 1% and the reichwing have dumped us into. And they will suffer, too. When the power goes out, their money won’t be worth squat to them as their personal caches and supplies dwindle in a few years.

    Small solace.

  5. impatientpatient Says:

    Tell us how you really feel??!!

  6. distributorcapny Says:

    you said it better than i could ever……

    ps – i hate those religious fuckwads, and i totally hate loathe and abhor Joe Scarborough, who is the biggest fuckwad of them all

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