Misunderestimation Of The Depraved Sick-Fuck Right-Wing

June 1, 2008

I have noticed a few very confused ideas floating around blogtopia (anybody have any fucking clue who coined that word?) concerning the intrinsic nature of the depraved sick-fuck right-wing faction that has controlled the Republican Party for the last 40 years. So I figured, what the fuck, let’s write a motherfucking blog post!

These ideas relate to the notion that the right-wing is not only sick and morally depraved, but that it operates impulsively and without self-control. This is a very, very wrong, and very, very dangerous conclusion; it is one that will come back to bite the left right on the fucking ass if we don’t wake the fuck up.

Rook’s Rant characterized the evolution over time of our national reaction to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 as follows (h/t Skippy The Bush Kangaroo):

Perhaps the collective visceral shock our nation experienced after September 11, 2001 has finally cleared and we are now recognizing the consequences of the Bush administration’s knee-jerk reaction.

While I agree with the “visceral shock” the nation as a whole experienced as a result of the attacks, the Bush regime’s reaction was far from “knee-jerk”, and to characterize it as such is a serious misunderestimation of what occurred.

9/11 simply provided them an excellent political window of opportunity–“cover”, if you will–to move rapidly and decisively in a direction that sick fucks exemplified by wackaloon assholes like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, and others had been planning for decades, since at least the Nixon administration. The idea that their reaction was knee-jerk papers over their conscious detailed morally depraved plan to completely abrogate the intrinsic constitutional republic nature of the United States.

Failing to recognize and accept this at a deep level means that the political left will not be attentive to the same sort of fervid rot at the heart of our political power structure as it marshalls itself for a future treasonous attack on our Republic, will be taken once again by surprise, and be rolled over like a fucking speed-bump on the road to neo-feudal authoritarian dictatorship.

Relatedly, commenter Jennifer, in response to a post at Dispatches From The Culture Wars, stated the following:

[H]opefully Obama will win the presidency and we’ll get to watch FOX News and all the Bush apologists suffer some sort of mass nervous breakdown in November.

Again, this is a severe misunderestimation of the right wing. They will not have a nervous breakdown. They will simply get right to work doing everything they can to undermine and, hopefully, utterly destroy an Obama presidency, just as they did with Clinton.

Yes, there are “court jesters” in the penumbra surrounding right-wing power, exemplified by those wackaloon pasty-flabby hysterical douchemonkeys so ably mocked by Sadly,No! and others. But this is just a side show, and we cannot allow ourselves to be seduced into thinking that the real right-wing powermongers are absurd ridiculous goofaloons like Hinderaker, Goldberg, Malkin, etc.

The extreme far-right wing that has taken over the Republican Party may be totally batshit insane–desiring a rolling back of the entire motherfucking Rational Enlightenment and a return to feudalism–but they are far from ineffectual at promoting their sick depraved agenda. They are also very patient and persistent.

This is something the left could learn from them: how to take a long view towards amassing and consolidating political power, especially when not currently in power. For the last 40 years, the left has been childishly ineffectual at this kind of thing compared to the right.

It is high time that we stop pretending that the right-wing is controlled by a bunch of hapless goofaloons and start learning from their proven ability to amass and wield political power. Keeping side-shows like yesterday’s DNC Rules Committee foofaraw from dominating left-wing politics would be a good fucking start.


10 Responses to “Misunderestimation Of The Depraved Sick-Fuck Right-Wing”

  1. Quite right you are.
    They have Think Tanks full of scheming,conniving cretins that would put my ex girlfriend to shame. They also have a well orchestrated media machine, known as The Mighty Wurlitzer and most importantly, have several very loud and persistent mouth pieces that have absolutely no fucking conscience.
    I have said for years that the left needs to cultivate an equal branch of operatives to counter this last bunch of amoral mouth breathers who are willing to stand in front of every microphone and camera available and scream at the top of their lungs and stamp their feet , assholes such as Gingrich and Boehner.
    The squeaky wheel, baby.

  2. MeDaVinci Says:

    I certainly agree with your Tourette’s Syndrome analysis … that Progressives and genuine Liberals have trouble naming the name, recognizing the true bottom-feeding nature of Republican Fascist Daily Ops. It ain’t knee-jerk; it’s long-term manifesto.

    One commenter, above, mentioned the Full Employment for Right-Wing Loons example — Stink Tanks.

    What I’m grappling with is loyalty … being inclusive but also presenting a unified push against the Evil Ones. The fascist Repubs are very very good at beating their true believers with a Loyalist club; but they do it by destroying any members who will not Sieg Heil to their party-line fiats.

    Progressive can NOT take this approach.

    Still … I wonder what we do with the Hillary Enablers. The Clinton Jihadists I see screaming at the Democratic Rules Committee meeting. I just made a mistake of clicking on a so-called Progressive Blog’s bookmark in my file … and hearing the Terry McAullife, Harold Ickes, Bill Clinton piss ant tunes. (You know the drill: By Hillary Math, she’s won the vote. By Hillary flip-flopping, saying one thing about agreed-upon DNC rules in October don’t mean shit six months later, when it doesn’t suit the Clintonistas. And all those divisive dumb-ass comments the Clinton Camp uses to attract closet racists and bigots to the voting booth.)

    What do we do with such Dead Enders? They are stamping their petulant little dew clawed feet now, threatening everyone else in the party with votes for McCrazy … or staying home in November.

    Such anti-progressives are not simply supporters of another candidate, in the spirit of pluralism. I think these Clinton Dead-Enders are the “mouth breathers” of the DNC. Willing to immolate the entire party if they don’t get their way.

    Any thoughts on loyalty to progressive, liberal, Democratic Party values and how to enforce same? If you watched the Rules Committee procedings and aftermath, these Clinton Crazies are not even pacified by inclusive, debated, democratic processes.

    They are totally binary: Either they WIN, or they pick up their faulty marbles and stay home. Hmmmm. I think, for a start, they should be forced to register Republican.

  3. larue Says:

    What to do what to do what to do . . .

    Hmmmm . . .

    How about the blogs with truth speak it, and call out the one’s that DON’T speak it?

    How about progressives forming a REAL progressive blogosphere, apart from MoveOn, apart from Kos?

    Apart from all the so called blogs who claim they are in it for the progressive masses, but are using advertising of all kinds to pay the bills instead of earning it the hard way, by soliciting progressive wealthy people for their monetary support?


    Wealthy people don’t WANT progressive agenda’s to be promoted, it would likely REDUCE their wealth.

    Nebbah mind, I got nothin.

    We got a lot of change to do.

    Nationalize oil, nationalize media, eliminate lobbyists, fund elections only thru fed money’s.

    Start Fed Work Projects to Rebuild AmeriKa, and eliminate welfare.

    Everyone puts in 40 hours a week, for their dole.

    And, make compulsary an 18 year old time to either be in college or working, or serve the country in a Peace Corps way for 2 years.

    Not a military, it’s all volunteer.

    And once we eliminate foreign interventionism and OUR boots on the ground, the Navy and Air Force and our nukes still keep the peace.

    But we ain’t the worlds cops. We become the world’s diplomats.

    We send people abroad to help others in need, aka Peace Corps.

    Them 18 year olds, sure. Some confused 20 somethings. And us old farts 55+.

    Us old farts will FINALLY get to travel to places we could NEVER afford to go to.

    Two years of service, we get enhanced benefits of some sort to use for our own needs, be it health, medical, or simply travel and luxury.

    Course, this all happens after we hang the motherfucker’s who did this shit to us all for the past 40 years or so. And we hang them JUST after the courts rule GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!

    Damn, I sure hope Trudeau don’t sue me for using his best line . . *G*

  4. larue Says:

    WHAT?!?!?? Me? Bitter? *G*

  5. Fixer Says:

    9/11 was a gift from Allah for the Chimp et. al.

  6. DT Says:

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s now been made public that Bobby Jindal (Gov. Louisiana) is now a very serious possibility as a running mate to John McCain. So, any worries that Republicans have about McCain being not committed enough to Christianity or right wing enough in his politics has been alleviated. Jindal has also been a supporter of the Louisiana Science Education Act, which will allow teachers to “use supplemental textbooks and other instructional materials to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review scientific theories in an objective manner” – that scientific theory being Evolution. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/02/us/02jindal.html?ref=politics

    You’re spot on. This is not a passing fad, nor is it limited lunacy. It’s steady, simmering fear and fanaticism.

  7. Iron Gator Says:

    Will McCain officially change the value of pi to 3?

  8. TomH Says:

    How about progressives forming a REAL progressive blogosphere, apart from MoveOn, apart from Kos?

    Moveon is paid for by George Soros (billionaire from Greece). Dailykos’s diaries and it’s rating system have really hurt it hits in recent months. Opportunities exist.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Hi there, since you quoted me figured I’d comment on your blog! Actually, I don’t underestimate the right wingers. My comment was in part sarcastic; if Obama wins, you can bet that there will be a good bit of hand-wringing and hysteria going on in the GOP. And yes, if Obama wins I am REALLY looking forward to the reactions of nuts like Malkin and Coulter. After all, the magician Rove was supposed to build the permanent Republican majority! What will have gone wrong?? I’m rooting for Obama in part because I think his victory will cause many Republicans to reconsider their fervent courting of the unhinged fundamentalist base and I have a tiny bit of hope that the party will moderate a bit (only a little hope, though). However, I’m certainly under no illusion that they will just all go crazy and hide for the next 4 years. If democrats think that’s what will happen, they’re just stupid. I’m also hoping that enough Democrats will win seats in Congress to produce a filibuster-proof majority, because you’re right–if Obama wins they’ll do everything they can to undercut his presidency.

  10. You hit the nail right on the head on this one. I agree, it’s time the left quit playing nice and expose these fuckers for the bigoted, misogynist, racist, hypocritical, crooks, and liars these right-wing societal pieces of excrement are.

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