Steve Gilliard (November 13, 1964 – June 2, 2007)

June 2, 2008

This post memorializes Steve Gilliard on the first anniversary of his death. I did not know him personally, and had never heard of him until his death, which was right around the time I first discovered the existence of the liberal blogosphere. My personal connection to him is as what you might call a bloggrandson: Driftglass started as a commenter on Steve’s blog and was prodded by Steve into independence, and I started as a commenter on Driftglass’s blog and was prodded by Driftglass into independence. My deepest sympathies to those who knew Steve personally and my deepest thanks to him for being such a huge formative influence on the liberal blogosphere.


8 Responses to “Steve Gilliard (November 13, 1964 – June 2, 2007)”

  1. larue Says:

    I was lucky, I got about a year to read and comment a TINY amount. I was amazed by Steve and Jen and what they were doing. I began to read older stuff by Steve, and realized how special he really was.

    At last, sane voices I had found apart from the MSM drivel that cussed, and took people to task for being stupid and uneducated and frothing at the mouth without facts.

    Now, as then, I was also amazed by how MANY sane and incredible voices were on that blog of Steve’s. And I found others from his blog roll.

    He did good, he and all you folks, bring light to the dark, and the slimy creatures slither away in fear.

    Just as it should be.

    A blessing to Steve Gilliard, and a blessing to all who follow his art, his craft, but most important, his heart.

    Bless you one and all.

    We’re still fighting back.

  2. well-said, bro. I didn’t know as much as I shouldve about steve but its clear that a light was extinguished way too early. the nyt mag seems to have mischaracterized him but the best way to remember him is to carry on with his no bullshit style. you do justice to his memory.

  3. physiowife Says:

    I still remember clearly when you made your decision to become a grandson of Steve Gilliard – it was a hard decision but well worth the effort. I imagine that Steve would be proud – keep up the blogging…

  4. rehctaw Says:

    As the newest of the acknowledged Gilly Grandkids, I add my thanks.
    Steve’s ripples will be felt, his words and spirit will live on. He started something that will be impossible to stop.

    and fuck the fuckin’ Yankees!

    Thanks Gramps!

  5. PhysioProf Says:

    One thing that Steve was demonstrably wrong about was his irrational hatred for the Yankees, who are clearly the greatest team in sports history.

  6. rehctaw Says:

    put down the bong. For the record, it’s not a crime to be a MFY or Cub Fan. It’s just a shame.

    Even with the suit mostly gone, they’re still the MFYs.

    Pre-evil in a fucking suit, they were almost enviable. Since?
    They’re mercs at best and always will be.

    I have far more admiration for Charlie O than what’s passed for ownership of the Skankees.

    But hey, keep feeding the beast if it gets you through your day.

    OT For yucks: type 3551 N. Clark, Chicago, IL into the search field at google maps. Select street view.
    rotate the image to the left.
    “Sweet Lou” walking to his Chevy SUV 1/2 block from Wiggly Field. Appears to have pre-game lunched at Bar Louie? click the NW arrow to move the 1/2 block up the street and see the adoring yups lined up to get into their ivy-covered burial grounds.

    Google street view is very cool, but can be creepy too. This one is clearly cool.

    Ur welcome.

  7. bikemonkey Says:

    Obama CLINCHES and you got nuttin?????? HAH! I knew you were a cryptoclintonian!

  8. littlem Says:

    In the era of the MTV-cut attention span, that is a lovely memorial post. I think it will also give your readers who don’t know his work a chance to know more.

    bikemonkey, a little latitude, if you will. Mah Senator has yet to formally concede (there are rumors that may happen Friday) and our country is on the cusp of historiocity. So perhaps our blogfounder prof is collecting his thoughts.

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