MoveOn Anti-War Ad Foofaraw

June 18, 2008

Apparently, the shitbag excuses for journalists we call the Mainstream Media are all up in arms about this scurrilous ad from MoveOn (h/t Mike the Mad Biologist and Digby):

Shitheel fake-ass “journalist” Chuck Todd had this to say:

I think it was a borderline shameless ad, using a baby like that. It just seemed like a sledge hammer on the message…

I say, fuck those right-wing scumbags! They deserve that the truth be told, to scrub the polity of the depraved warmongering “support the troops”==”cheer on illegal wars” propaganda they’ve saturated us with for at least the last 40 fucking years.

They’re pissed off, because their disgusting deadly propaganda that has led directly to the killing and maiming of countless Americans and citizens of other countries is being called out for what it is, and they don’t like it one fucking bit. Fuck ’em, the nasty pieces of shit.

They had the fucking nerve to smear John Kerry, a war hero, with lies. Too fucking bad their scumbag candidate is gonna be confronted with the truth. Boo fucking hoo.


9 Responses to “MoveOn Anti-War Ad Foofaraw”

  1. Lottie Says:


    Love your blog!

  2. I found the ad a bit shameless but I loved the decision to flip the so-called “security mom” logic on its head by pointing out that protecting our families means both not giving in to terrorists AND not dying pointlessly in a ginned-up war.

  3. larue Says:

    Prof, who CARES about the naysayers?

    But yeah, this vid, and the SECOND ONE (yep, a second one now) are good messaging.

    We The People Are Speaking.

    And our voice is getting louder, too. *G*

  4. mikeb302000 Says:

    I think it’s a great ad.

  5. drdrA Says:

    I love this ad. The only reason the right is up in arms about it (no pun intended) is because it is the truth. Sometimes that is ugly, oh well.

  6. Nan Says:

    Saw this ad last night on CNN. It’s a great ad, which is the main reason the wackaloon right is freaking out.

  7. Lottie Says:

    I think it was a borderline shameless ad, using a baby like that. It just seemed like a sledge hammer on the message…

    He calls this “using” a baby? As opposed to what the warmongers have planned for him when he’s grown?

    Fuck them. They can’t have my son either.

  8. larue Says:

    The tides turning, and the rightwing petrotard nuts are really, really running scared. I posted this list elsewhere, but it’s all about the change, baby, either you adapt, or die.

    We are the meteor, they are the dinosaurs.

    Begin Paste:

    Those of you who can read:

    3) (it’s a good book full of solutions)

    So we have problems, ya see.
    And yer either part of the problem, or yer part of the solution.

    The Change is gonna be painful for a lot of folks not accustomed to adaptation and change, even if it’s in their own best interest.

    Oh well . . . I’m happy.

    End Paste.

    See what I’m sayin? *G*

  9. drdrA Says:

    Ah hah- yes, I forgot to say one thing to Chuck Todd- as for that comment about ‘using’ a baby like that-

    Chuck- those kids that are dying in that ‘war’ in Iraq are 18 and barely older most of the time… now THAT is using kids in a shameless way. I’m not going to even touch the shameless, and wanton violence against small Iraqi children.

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