PZ Myers Calls Depraved Theocratic Douchecornet “Wackaloon”, Hilarity Ensues

June 22, 2008

Huge massive swinging dick atheist blogger PZ Myers referred to depraved theocratic douchecornet Ken Ham as “chief wackaloon” of his wacked-out cosmic sky fairy fantasy outfit, and Ham is vewy, vewy angwy:

Notice how these evolutionists use such emotive language and name calling (e.g., “wackaloon”)—very academic, scientific arguments!

People like PZ Myers are those who call for tolerance—but their intolerance for Christians illustrates clearly the spiritual nature of this battle—otherwise, why would they care?

If these deranged motherfuckers weren’t so deadset on destroying the fruits of the Rational Enlightenment and bringing us back to the Dark Ages, they’d be totally fucking hilarious.


8 Responses to “PZ Myers Calls Depraved Theocratic Douchecornet “Wackaloon”, Hilarity Ensues”

  1. “Wackaloon” is about to go viral. Folks, just remember where you heard it first!

  2. PhysioProf Says:

    Although I have done my part to popularize the term in blogtopia, it is important to recognize that I did not coin “wackaloon”. “Douchecornet”, however, is my coinage.

  3. bikemonkey Says:

    Inventors without marketing skills and effort often lose out in popular mindset. such is life.

  4. MissPrism Says:

    Did Ham have a link to this purported “call for tolerance”? I’ve never seen PZ call for toleration of any wackaloon cackmongery whatsoever.

  5. Bill Prestion Says:

    I misread your magnificent insult as the even more magnificent “douchecomet”. I shall credit you with both.

  6. Your sphere of influence continues to grow, at least within Pee Zed Land: “colossal wackaloonery”

  7. Lemur Says:

    I must use “douchecornet” in a conversation ASAP!
    *squeals with logophiliac joy*

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