Transient Blogging Slowdown

July 1, 2008

I am out of pocket for a couple weeks attending to academic/scientific responsibilities that will interfere with fucking blogging. Consider this an open thread to rant and rave among yourselves. As incentive for awesome ranting, I will select some comments for elevation to posts of their own!

Peace, motherfuckers!


8 Responses to “Transient Blogging Slowdown”

  1. Lisa Says:

    What is up with all these news stories saying “hey everybody, the hundred year flood isn’t actually occurring every hundred years!!! Amazingly, hundred year flood means the flood probability is 0.01 per year! Who would’ve thought that? Millions of people are confused!!!! They need to rename the hundred year flood!”

    I agree that, if some terminology is particularly confusing, and there’s a better alternative, it should be changed. I’m just dumbfounded that there is apparently so much confusion. Why is the fact that a hundred year flood means a 0.01 probability of flooding per year not intuitive? Who the fuck is following this line of thinking–oh, there’s a term “hundred year flood”, so obviously floods occur exactly every hundred years!? Then supposedly a bunch of people experienced a flood and canceled their flood insurance because it wouldn’t happen again. And they blame this on the term “hundred year flood”? If you believe floods are happening every hundred years, then we can predict the exact year floods occur–then why didn’t we know about the first flood that wrecked your home? I feel sorry for these people losing their homes, of course, but the bigger problem is that they don’t have or use critical thinking skills. Am I missing something?

    Separately, I wonder how much recent climate change has affected these probabilities?

  2. terry Says:

    Saw a headline on – Obama courting evangelicals once loyal to Bush.


    A quote from a Mrs. Speakman: “I try to engage the other side and try to find ways we can bring the values of the kingdom of God into the experience of humanity.”

    You know, it would really be great if a true liberal presidential candidate were available, one that would say, “Fuck You!” to the press, to the republicans, to the believers in some daddy sky fairy that will save them all by destroying the world.

    And I’m not making any sense because I’m pissed off, wondering how the hell this country became so fucked.

  3. larue Says:

    “Jane you ignorant slut, how could you be so stupid.”
    “Dan you arrogant bastard . . . ”

    Damn, I’m #3 already . . .

    And I LIVE in a SACTO Flood Zone, and I HATE this evangelical bullshit!

    I’m so screwed . . .

    Truth? I’m pissed at Obama for all the things others have posted.

    I won’t vote for him. Can’t.

    Not since ’72 (yeah I lost to that ratfuck NIXON, GRRRRR, then) since I FIRST voted of age, have I ever NOT voted . . . . not once.

    But this time, I’m thinking, WTF, there’s nothing left, nothing at all, not at all . . and unlike Lou Reed, I don’t think my life’s gonna be saved this time by Rock N Roll . . .

    Worst. Depressing. Shit. I’ve. Ever. Seen.

    I get two years of work, and me and mine are headed to Canuckistan, as she’s a cit there, and I’ll be happy to be one, too.

    Bad news is, by the time we get outta this place (cue Eric Burdon) the whole planet is gonna be a clusterfuck, economically at the minimum, perhaps mama nature by then, and certainly a perhaps for world war and nukes flyin . . .

    Here’s a gloomy fuckin summary from Smirkin Chimp ya fucker, PhysioProf (leave US asshats at home alone will ya):

    But come home soon, dad, mom misses ya already and Shane LOVES ya man!!!! *G*

  4. The word “slowdown” implies the existence of a labor dispute whereby reduced productivity is often an action that precedes a full-out strike. Is there something you’re not telling us?

    In other news, Bitch Ph.D. has one of her shortest posts on record entitled, “Dear Fellow White Liberals.”

  5. drugmonkey Says:

    Is there something you’re not telling us?

    he’s negotiating. Big news at 5pm EDT! stay tuned…

  6. PhysioProf Says:

    Yeah, I’m joining WorldNetDaily! LOLZ!

  7. drugmonkey Says:

    now that we are exiting the era of idiot milquetoast pseudo left punching bags as “balance” on the right wing wackaloon punditard teevee shows, the question arises. who shall become the idiot milquetoast pseudo right punching bag for the soon-to-come left wing wackaloon punditard shows?


  8. […] 6, 2008 Friend, colleague, and all-around motherfucking cool dude DrugMonkey has the following to say about an expected leftward shift in the ranks of the sycophantic wackaloon douchecornet pundit […]

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