Posted At Feministe: The US Economy Is Completely Utterly Totally Screwed

July 21, 2008

Snippet of this post:

I’m sure many of you intentionally watch, or at least sometimes inadvertently are exposed to, the “financial” shows on channels like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, etc. They have all these financial tickers streaming across the screen, and very professional looking men and women in business suits “on location” at various equity and commodity exchanges acting like they know what the fuck they are talking about. And they have “experts” on various financial and economic topics who “analyze” why the Dow rose 100 points yesterday, but is down 175 today.

Well, let me tell you something: These people are all scurrilous lying sacks of shit, selling you a bill of goods in service of their corporate masters. They are purposefully hiding from you the ugly ugly truth about the US economy, in order to “prevent panic”, which is code for “give the ultra-rich time to pocket their ill-gotten gains before the bottom falls out”.

Read the entire fucking thing, dammit!


7 Responses to “Posted At Feministe: The US Economy Is Completely Utterly Totally Screwed”

  1. larue Says:

    Hmm, your last two posts have resulted in rather civil discourse.

    Fucking amazing!!! How’d you DO that, sohn?!?!?!? 😀

  2. mark Says:

    the republicans have done what i thought they would from the very beginning. this is a typical republican economy. i just thought it would have been sooner. just goes to show how great clinton made it. bush and his retard peaple have shit on are economy for 6 years. and now the new economy emerges. that piece of shit would not be talking about withfrawing troops if they were not trying to get another 4 years. funny how bush got nice all of a sudden. republicans make me sick for being so stupid and backing these chineese loving dick heads. peaple better wake up the republicans love it when they see the results of farming the US out to the communist. they totally agree with 50 cent labor. it seems to me though alot of republicans are jumping ship. and i think thats all it will take to tilt the ship . and mccsame knows it . thats why his daily agenda is about obama and not what hes going to do for us

  3. mark Says:

    this is a great post and if your to stupid to read in between the lines then you must be with the rich and wanna fuck over the average american guy. this is turning into a typical republican economy. it is moving in the same direction as his retarded dads economy. the biggest problem is you give the biggst tax breaks to the peaple that have no intrest in building anything here. they are being paid for out sourcing . most of the republicans that i know arejust dick suckers. say suck cock for a living working for someone else. to stupid to have there own buss. and there afraid to say anything in fear. where i come from they call that a follower.

  4. larue Says:

    Hey Mark, your lack of grammar is appalling.

    You’re and your are different.

    And your typing is weak, too.

    You DO know the difference ‘tween TWO, and too, and to, doncha?

    Really horrible posting, though.

    Hope that remedial Engrish Crass works out for ya.

    Geebuz . . . our school systems have REALLY failed us it seems.


    And I’m not a right winger.

    But shit, if WE progressives can’t spell or talk or type any better, we’re fucked. Pure fucked.


  5. PhysioProf Says:

    Dude, let’s not get too worked up about grammar/spelling. The dude is speaking the truth. And agreeing with me!!!

  6. larue Says:

    Dude, civil discourse, with spelling.


    Bad posting, grammar, and spelling, even if they DO agree with ya . . . well . . . . it’s just ugly.

    Cussing up a blue streak ain’t worth a spit if it’s done fuckin wrong.

    I mean, how DO so many on teh toobs, sound so ignorant, just FOR the grammar and spelling?

    Where went the standards, the ABILITY to speak and type, and use the opposable thumb tools we have worked on for so long?

    Now, we say it’s ok if you were raised stupid, can’t spell, or make sentences, as long as you agree with us? Denied some education somehow, and didn’t fight to get one?

    Ok fine, in a firefight, it don’t matter, just pull the trigger, and look out for the guys next to you. We’re all in it together.

    The toobs ain’t war. Yet.


    It’s ignorant. I call it for what it is, hoss.


  7. mark Says:

    yea i thought there would be some republican fuck bad mouth my grammer. becouse there to stupid to see the truth about what are dumb fuck president has done to this country. ask anyone of them to tell you what there proud the president has done. they cant answer the question . becouse theres not 1 thing. im in and out of here and i type really fast . and no i wasnt a a student . but guess what i have my own buss and i have a six figure income . and i dont have to suck cock for living like most peaple . and thats burn enough. but one things for sure. this president is taking away my bottom line, and i knew this would happen when that stupid fuckin texes hillbilly became president. whats even more funny is you can see my bad spelling but you cant even see the guy you voted in is dummer then a 6th grader, he banked rupt that last buss he tryed to run . remember the savings and loan. hes no better then the enron scum. and im pretty sure he was part of that ass fuckin they gave all those hard working peaple. so fuck you. did i spell that right.

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