PhysioProf’s amuse bouche is a miniature morel mushroom and duck confit chawanmushi (Japanese savory egg custard). Recipe is inside the crack.

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At Twisty’s request, I am bringing attention to this horrible story. Please go read her entire post at I Blame The Patriarchy for more details:

Hold onto your hats.

Balochistan Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri stunned the upper house on Friday when he defended the recent incident of burying alive three teenage girls and two women in his province, saying it was part of “our tribal custom.” [cite]

The justification for this appalling hate crime? The women wanted “to marry of their own will.”

The fiends perpetrating this savagery — a group that apparently included some village bigwigs — first wounded the women with gunshots, “in the name of honour.”

I will give you a moment to digest the unspeakable horror.

Recipe War Voting Site

August 31, 2008

We have created a Recipe War blog at Blogspot, which will host the readers’ poll for each weekly battle.

There has been some degree of hand-wringing in the left-wing blogosphere concerning whether certain unsavory assertions about sick-fuck right-wing woman-hating asshole Palin are “true”. Who gives a flying fuck whether such assertions are true? Smear these sick right-wing fucks!

Pile on these depraved GOP motherfuckers. After 40 years of pernicious lies demonizing everyone to the left of Attila the Hun, these sick deranged right-wing bastards deserve every fucking thing they get. Kick ’em in the fucking balls, hard, and keep doing it until they are lying helpless in the fucking gutter where they belong.

The time has come to keep these motherfucking assholes from completing their twisted evil plan to roll back the Enlightenment and turn the United States into a feudal fucking manor. This is a battle over everything that normal decent reality-based human beings care about, and these right-wing shitmongers want to complete their deranged plan to destroy it all. You don’t show up at a gunfight with a motherfucking boy scout knife and expect to win.

You use surrogates–such as over-the-top wackaloon bloggers–to smear, smear, smear, smear. The candidates disavow this shit, normal people ignore it, and low-information delusional fuckwit voters eat it up.

Peeved by PhysioProf’s pretensions to domestic godhood, domestic goddess and shrill harpy Isis the Scientist has goaded PhysioProf into throwing down the gauntlet. And now she has foolishly accepted PhysioProf’s challenge to a RECIPE WAR! The Terms of Recipe War are inside the crack.

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Palin is just another deranged sick-fuck wackaloon right-wing scumbag like all the rest of the Republican Party. She was chosen because she can pretend to look normal to the inattentive, while her demonstrable disgust and hatred for women will endear her to the depraved HATE! HATE! HATE! sick-fuck right-wing base. I am so weary of these fucking traitorious anti-American GOP douchewastrels, I just want to spend all day puking my motherfucking guts out.

One of PhysioProf’s commenters–“twork”–has generously provided a recipe for spinach lasagne florentine for posting here. If it sucks ass, don’t fucking blame me. Recipe is inside the crack.

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These republican right-wing scumbags make me want to puke. There was some shitbag right-winger commenter moaning and groaning on some ScienceBlog earlier today (maybe Mike The Fucking Scientist, I forget) about how we all want the best for the country and its citizens and how we need to not vilify our political opponents yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

Yeah, well fuck you asshole! The sick-fuck deranged right-wing shitbags that control the republican party have spent the last 40 years feeding on hate and doing everything they can to fucking destroy everything in the world that normal non-deranged people care about. As far as I’m concerned, these fucknozzles can suck my fucking dick. I have about as much interest in reaching out to these depraved fuckwastrels as I do cutting off my balls with a rusty fishknife. Fuck these motherfuckers.

There is an interesting discussion going on right now at Mike the Mad Biologist concerning the existence of a constitutional right to privacy. As usual, some deranged right-wing assmonkey has come out of the woodwork with usual lie about the enumeration of rights in the constitution:

The only way to get a right to abortion (control over one’s own reproductive faculty in general) into America’s costitution without dishonestly pretending that it says what you would like it to say is by amending it.

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PhysioProf cooked some serious shit tonight. Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, feta, and mushrooms. And saffron rissoto. And roasted fresh corn. PP cooked that shit, and ate it with some lovely cocktails.

UPDATE: Ok, fine, you want the fucking recipe? Here it is:

Lightly saute spinach and mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil, garlic optional. Let it cool, and mix it with crumbled feta to make the stuffing. Roll the stuffing inside boneless chicken breasts (with skin), and then tie the breasts up with some fucking cooking string. Brown the outsides of the breasts on the stove in a dutch oven with some olive oil, pour in some white wine up about 1.5 cm depth, and put the motherfuckers in the oven with the lid on at 375 degrees for about 30-35 minutes.

And don’t use shitty cheap-ass wine, because the actual flavor of the wine will permeate the chicken. I like to use Toasted Head Chardonnay for this. Take the motherfuckers out and eat them. (If you want to, you can deglaze the dutch oven with a little more wine and use the reduction to pour on top, but I usually don’t bother.)

As far as the cocktails, yes they were martinis. Last night I stuck with Bombay Sapphire shaken with ice straight up, but other outstanding gins that I like are Junipero (distilled in California by the Anchor Steam Brewing Company) and Old Raj. Hendrick’s is a Scottish gin that I like, but some people dislike the intense cucumber flavor that it has.

It is very important for gin martinis made from 100 proof gin (such as the gins I mentioned) to have the gin be at room temp (not in the freezer) and to give a good shake so as to dilute the gin sufficiently with water to allow one to taste the aromatic flavors. And for fuck’s sake, no motherfucking vermouth with good gin.