Project Runway Discussion Thread: 8/6/08

August 6, 2008

OK. I thought the other pantsuit should have won. I did agree that the skort was not a winner. It didn’t look well constructed.

I totally disagree with who was out. I thought her garment, although not very olympicish, was nice-looking and well constructed.

I thought purple dress dude should have been out. And what the fuck was the douchescrote thinking wearing a purple shirt during the runway show!?!? Fucknagle.


8 Responses to “Project Runway Discussion Thread: 8/6/08”

  1. larue Says:

    Ewe need a vacation dude, no tubes, no toobs.

    Get off the ‘nets.
    Get out and about.
    An island somewhere.

    And don’t take yer laptop or yer cell.

    Geebuz . . . pantsuits and skwirts?

    WTF are you tawkin about?

    “You Can’t Dance!”
    “You Can’t Cook!”
    “Yer Off The Island!”
    “Yer Banished!”

    They’re all crap.

    You should be watchin cooking shows on PBS Saturday Mornings . . . I heartily recommend ‘Simply Ming’. GREAT show of FUSION!!!

    Dammit Bartender, can it get another Louis Xlll here or not!?!?!?

    And pour my friend one too, he needs it . . . πŸ˜‰

  2. terry Says:

    What really sucks is that the girl that lost last night made a much better garment than the garbage bag thing leather chick made the first night, yet leather chick survived because of the crappy thing that other dude made

    effin television

  3. I like Korto and everything she does, so WATCH IT, dude!

    I thought the outfit Stella (garbage-bag gal) made was really cute though.

  4. Ramblin Rabbit Says:

    I thought it weird that no one commented on how impractical linen pants are. They would wrinkle if you just looked at them! I’m with you, the other pantsuit should have won it.

    I’m not surprised whatserface went home, Jerell’s was horrible, but it’s still early in the game and they like creative people… I think they were just completely bored with whatserface making the same sort of thing over and over and calling it “surreal”

  5. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    EVERYONE who designed a garment to represent the USA without at least using RED, WHITE, and BLUE (yeah the purpley-blue was a bad idea but he had no WHITE!!??!?) should be at the very least verbally flogged. It floored me continuously throughout the show that some people were not using at least a little of each color in their outfits.



    I totally agree w/ RR. . .that chickie was wayyyy too into her “surrealism” aka boring clothes ideas and couldn’t take a hint from being in the bottom three last week.

  6. larue Says:

    Geebuz, it’s not JUST Physio Prof!!

    There’s a whole CADRE of you sick pups out there!!!!


    More Louis! More Louis!!!

    Hand me my violin and strike another match, eunach.

    I tire of Rome.


  7. Arlenna Says:

    I caught up!

    Alice-in-Wonderland-girl needed to go. The judges looked for long-term playerability and she just didn’t have it–add that to not functioning in the challenge context and she was done.

    I liked the other pantsuit better, too–it looked a lot cleaner and more like the olympiennes would really wear it without feeling weird.

    That purple-shirt Daniel guy SO looked the fool trying to justify himself. ANYTIME you find yourself having to reach that hard for bullshit… shut up, man, just shut up. His dress was really weird, and I wish they could have kicked out two people at once.

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