Smear These Depraved Motherfuckers!

August 31, 2008

There has been some degree of hand-wringing in the left-wing blogosphere concerning whether certain unsavory assertions about sick-fuck right-wing woman-hating asshole Palin are “true”. Who gives a flying fuck whether such assertions are true? Smear these sick right-wing fucks!

Pile on these depraved GOP motherfuckers. After 40 years of pernicious lies demonizing everyone to the left of Attila the Hun, these sick deranged right-wing bastards deserve every fucking thing they get. Kick ’em in the fucking balls, hard, and keep doing it until they are lying helpless in the fucking gutter where they belong.

The time has come to keep these motherfucking assholes from completing their twisted evil plan to roll back the Enlightenment and turn the United States into a feudal fucking manor. This is a battle over everything that normal decent reality-based human beings care about, and these right-wing shitmongers want to complete their deranged plan to destroy it all. You don’t show up at a gunfight with a motherfucking boy scout knife and expect to win.

You use surrogates–such as over-the-top wackaloon bloggers–to smear, smear, smear, smear. The candidates disavow this shit, normal people ignore it, and low-information delusional fuckwit voters eat it up.


8 Responses to “Smear These Depraved Motherfuckers!”

  1. Love your cryptic missives to the masses. This is like the one on Feministe that read like CIA code. Only I know this code….

  2. Renee Says:

    Palin is first fucking colluder. Only a myopic idiot could mistake her as a positive thing for women. I agree we have to call this shit out loudly and clearly. From her religious right connections (Pat Robertson) to supporting that wing nut McCain how can she possibly be deemed a good role model. Yeah that is what I would want for my daughter to grow up thinking that it is a good thing to support a man that could call his wife a cunt. Don’t settle for darling or sweetie cunt is the real term of endearment.

  3. veganbilly Says:

    Here’s some to get you started.

    1. Didn’t actually oppose the “bridge to nowhere”
    2. Supported Buchanan in 2000
    3. Creationist
    4. Calls herself a “feminist for life”, , actually means these fuckos
    5. Hates polar bears
    6. Troopergate
    7. My fave: Book burner!
    “According to the Frontiersman newspaper, Wasilla’s library director, Mary Ellen Emmons, said that Palin asked her outright if she “could live with censorship of library books.”
    8. Is incoherent
    9. Edited her own Wikipedia page over and over the night before the announcement, got owned by wikiscanner
    10. Proof she supported Obama’s energy plan and is too stupid to understand how Google caching works

    I’ve been waiting to post here for months, but wanted to have some content first. So yeah, there’s my short list. I’ve got more.

  4. Nan Says:

    I figure anyone who gets off on at shooting wildlife from airplanes is a sick fuck who deserves any thing that gets tossed at her. And there’s plenty of ammunition to use that’s totally factual (her lies about the bridge to nowhere, for example) without having to resort to anything that could be construed as either sexist or misognynistic.

  5. Stephanie Z Says:

    Beats the hell out of spending your days puking.

  6. Interrobang Says:

    Meet Sarah Palin, tool of the patriarchy and Vice Presidential candidate. Also, according to my sources (which are usually on top of things), she’s affliated with an Assemblies of God church that has more Dominionist/Joel’s Army ties than a fundaloon menswear shop…

  7. to quote one of the purveyors of this fine method of campaigning

    “bring it on”

    everything about Palin, and any GOP lunatic is fair game — being decent got us the past 8 years. it is time to end decency

  8. mark Says:

    republicans keep talking about obama taxing us. you stupid mother fucking pieces of shit. i have had everything i need to live on go up 400%. what are the republicans ,fuckin plumbers. shut the fuck up . taxes, oil is 106 a barrel. and im still paying 375 a gallon. first the speculators now big oil . fuck you republicans . pull your head out of your asses. dumb fuckin. there is no sware word bad enough for these stupid fuckin repukes

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