Irredeemable Right-Wing Moral Degeneracy

September 13, 2008

There are those who think that for Democrats to win national elections, they need to “reach out across the aisle” with some kind of “bipartisan appeal” wackaloonery. Cutting right through the bullshit, Driftglass said this a couple days ago, concerning the keening shrieking wackaloon nutjobs who vote Republican over and over and over:

They are barbarians, and in 2004 we finally had to confront the terrible, irrefutable fact that what is wrong with America is not the fault of a handful of DeLays and Bushes and Roves, but millions of our fellow citizens, who are soul-sick in a way that can never be cured because their tiny, angry, lizard brains simply do not work like ours.

Interestingly, some dude named Jonathan Haidt had this to say about what is appealing to many people about Republican lies and propaganda:

[O]ne of the main reasons that so many Americans voted Republican over the last 30 years [is that] they honestly prefer the Republican vision of a moral order to the one offered by Democrats.

Put these equally reasonable analyses together and what you come up with is the following inescapable conclusion: Many Americans are racist, woman-hating jesus-loving godbothering wackaloon fuckwits who allow all that fake-ass three-card-monte “conservative values” bullshit to hoodwink them into voting for their own demise.

These people are irredeemable moral degenerates, and there is nothing we can do about it except work our fucking asses off to ensure that they have as difficult time as possible recruiting new people into their sick depraved world view, and let attrition do its work.

13 Responses to “Irredeemable Right-Wing Moral Degeneracy”

  1. Nan Says:

    Amen. I don’t want to cooperate with them; I want them driven into irrelevance as quickly as possible. They’re a chancre on the scrotum of America and should be treated like the disease symptom they are.

  2. Nan Says:

    “Them” being right wing wackaloons, of course.

  3. Many Americans are racist, woman-hating jesus-loving godbothering wackaloon fuckwits who allow all that fake-ass three-card-monte “conservative values” bullshit to hoodwink them into voting for their own demise.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk PhysioProf. We are painting with an awfully broad brush this morning, aren’t we? Perhaps you’re cranky because you have a bit of leftover indigestion from your overcooked squid?

    I would argue that many Americans are good people who are trying to do the right thing and lead moral lives. Have they perhaps been manipulated? Absolutely. But “irredeemable moral degenerates?” Your heart is bleeding all over my very expensive shoes.

  4. PhysioProf Says:

    I completely agree that many Americans are good people who want to live moral lives. This is totally consistent with the simultaneous existence of many Americans who are moral degenerates in exactly the manner I have described.

  5. It’s the word “many” PhysioProf that gets me. I think in this case the many probably outweigh the few who are moral degenerates in the manner you describe. So, the question, my dear blog arch-nemesis, is how does the left bring the lost many home? I bet its not by calling them wackaloons.

    And I’ll see you Sunday night with recipes in tow.

  6. PhysioProf Says:

    As long as you are here, arch-nemesis, can we please delay this week’s recipe battle until midnight Tuesday? PhysioProf is indisposed all weekend and unable to prepare his recipe in time for Sunday midnight.

    I am sure a fierce, yet fair, competitor such as yourself will have no problem extending this courtesy to you adversary.

  7. The only time I want to reach across the aisle is to slap the taste out of the mouth of these ignorant motherfuckers.
    Bipartisanship is a Republican code word for drop yer drawers because we are going to scream like howler monkeys on crack if you don’t fall all over yerselves caving into what ever irrelevant demands we happen to be using to stay clear the fuck away from the real issues at hand.
    Fuck that shit, listen up you Neanderthalls, you don’t seem to understand you are in the minority and all the lies flying out of the McCain campaign are actually, for once, being exposed by your BBQ rib eating little sycophants, which I find to be amazing, BTW.

    My message to the Republican party has not changed however, FOAD.

  8. apalazzo Says:

    Most Americans are lobotomized. Brain dead.

    Real income in every income bracket (except the top 10%) has been going down for 30 freakin’ years. People’s lives suck, because they get NOTHING. No education, no healthcare. Jobs have been exported, cheep labor has been imported. Blue colar America is gone. They should be blaming the proponents of “radical free market economics” (i.e. the dickwad crooks that pull the levers of power) whose great idea is that is perfectly fine for the rich to screw everyone else. Instead the brainless blame those boogeymen, the “elites” who are apparently destroying the church, killing the unborn and turning their kids gay. Such bullshit.

    I wish that 50% of Americans where the bastards that you describe, but I think most are brain dead. The problem is that you can’t reason with the brain dead.

  9. rehctaw Says:

    We have learned to adapt and live in their world. In many ways they lack the skills necessary to exist in ours.

    “They don’t so much fly as plummet!”

    The inbred, self-reliant NASCAR morans (sic)would be relatively unaffected (much as they have been by evolution), but the lying liars who tap their voting bloc would be lost without their delusions, illusions and self-inflated sense of worth.

    From a human standpoint, once their survival is in jeopardy, they might get unstuck. Until then we suffer the fools.

  10. Stephanie Z Says:

    They’re scared little children who, for numerous reasons, never grew up. They know they can’t survive in an adult world, where people are allowed to do complicated things like set their own bedtimes. They pretend it’s because the adult world is full of monsters. They hide among their toys, and they’re so relieved when someone comes along to offer them their nooks and blankies that they don’t care they’re really being told to “suck on this.”

    And none of that is an argument against your point, PP.

  11. becca Says:

    One of the things I like about Obama is his tendancy to change the rhetoric a little. He doesn’t praise Americans for being *good*, but for being “smart” (or at least a lot smarter than they’re given credit for).
    I wonder if the rightwingrwhackaloonery that permeates into the views of an astonishing number of people (who do not *behave* as if they are “racist woman-hating jesus-loving godbothering wackaloon fuckwits”) exists not because dumb people love evil, but because smart people love power.
    Perhaps it is not the content of the moral order but the structure of the hirearchy which appeals to people. There are some awfully bright people who love arguments which basically boil down to “because *powerful person* said so”. Look at scientists.

  12. can we just ship them all to botswana or paraguay

  13. Lemur Says:

    They’re afraid of change, and they don’t want to make the hard decisions for themselves. And they hate the idea of giving to ‘those who don’t deserve it’. And they fear what will happen if everyone IS allowed to live their own lives. The upshot is that these brain-dead, quasi-well-meaning Americans don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives and decisions, but DO want to make decisions about the lives, worthiness, and limits of personal power of everyone else.
    I’m pressuring my fiancee to get her passport so we can flee the country if we need to, come November.

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