Compare And Contrast

September 28, 2008

From an article in the NY Times about the apparently concluded negotiations on the greedfuck moneygrab financial bailout plan:

Obama: When taxpayers are asked to take such an extraordinary step because of the irresponsibility of a relative few, it is not a cause for celebration. But this step is necessary.

McCain: This is something that all of us will swallow hard and go forward with. The option of doing nothing is simply not an option.

Bush: If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker could go down.

UPDATE: Thank you to my lovely friend Sciencewoman, who has pointed out in the comments that she has discovered that the above quotes are actually not in the linked NY Times article. Apparently, the Times has edited the content of the article at that link after it was originally posted, and taken out these quotes. Regardless, the quotes are real.


9 Responses to “Compare And Contrast”

  1. Renee Says:

    Either which way it is put the proletarian is screwed again.

  2. ScienceWoman Says:

    Actually, dearest PP, those quotes aren’t in the article though google does insist that they are actually correctly attributed quotes…

  3. Coturnix Says:

    Yup, all three quotes are real and correct. That is what they said. Including that sucker.

  4. jaredcormier Says:

    Wow, did you arrange them by English proficiency?

  5. so no bailout…………..

  6. drugmonkey Says:

    waaaahh Pelosi made a meanie!!!

    (and may I just say I am torn between wanting Barney F to become the first effectual liberal punditard so I can revel in his evisceration of the right wing on a nightly basis, wanting him to stay where he is and get some shit done for realz and wanting him to have a higher profile national political role.)

  7. juniorprof Says:

    700 billion vs. 3.something trillion in losses in stock prices in one day and who knows how much Wachovia is going to cost with no regulatoray rules or guidelines in place. And how many more banks will go tomorrow (local papers say Phoenix — of housing bubble fame — is ready for local banks to start falling)? And how long till the credit spread starts to mean no payrolls? I’m sorry, but I think we’re fucked. Otherwise, what DM said.

    Good thing we’ve still got the family farm. Did I mention I’m an expert at vaccinating pigs?

  8. TexasSkeptic Says:

    Well, at least I’ve got one survival skill that’ll still be in demand, whatever post-meltdown society emerges.

    I can make beer.

  9. […] Democrats, you want to lead this country, sack up and do something. To quote myself from over at PP’s place: “700 billion vs. 3.something trillion in losses in stock prices in one day and who knows how […]

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