Palin Hands Biden His Ass On A Motherfucking Platter

October 3, 2008

Palin fucking schooled Biden last night. She is a vicious depraved right-wing asshole, but she is no fucking dummy, and was exceedingly well-prepared for the debate. She had Biden on the defensive almost the entire time: she made her talking points and he ran around trying to debunk them.

Biden tried to actually make substantive points; Palin spewed the ooga-booga word salad that wins these things. Palin displayed the certitude of clueless fuckwittitude which the American voter loves. Biden displayed the uncertainty of real knowledge, which is the kiss of death. Biden spent the majority of his time talking about what Palin said, while she mostly just made her talking points.

The moment that just sealed it for me was when Biden actually said “Past is Prologue“! Who the motherfucking fuck does he think he is talking to!?!? The relevant audience for this debate has the analytical capacity of a motherfucking third grader!!!

And the test-ban treaty!? Who the fuck in the relevant audience for this debate even knows what the motherfucking fuck that even is!? And why did Biden spend so much time rambling about the minutiae of who voted for what? People don’t even hear that shit!

Why, oh why, are Democrats so fucking bad at this shit!?!?


27 Responses to “Palin Hands Biden His Ass On A Motherfucking Platter”

  1. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    But Biden choking up was like him outplaying Palin’s “being a parent” card. Good television, no?

  2. roqayah Says:

    Both of these AIPAC dogs are pathetic… Palin – i cannot stand in the least and Biden is a pig, period.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Yeah, good thing she came prepared with all her talking points in front of her, or she may have had to speak comfortably and knowledgeably off the cuff like Biden did. Heck, she was so well prepared, she didn’t even have to answer half the moderator’s questions!

    But did you notice the CBS poll of uncommitted voters? 46% said Biden won, 21% Palin, 33% tie. That would be the “relevant audience,” wouldn’t it?

    Don’t sell the American voter too short, PP. Sure, there are a fuckton of shitwits out there, but most of them are voting Republican anyway.

  4. Lemur Says:

    Yeah, PP… Biden looked good, and Palin was cringeworthy as per usual. I mean, not quite her usual word-salad, but still. Schooled? I think not.
    Frankly, I was gonna puke if I saw her wink.

  5. ScienceMama Says:

    My Husband and I played the “Maverick” drinking game. I also kept a running tally of every time Palin used the word. I caught 12 Mavericks out of her mouth. We were sloshed.

  6. George Smiley Says:

    This is unusual, PP, but you’re so full of shit that it’s coming out your nostrils. You are, purportedly, a scientist. Not a good one, admittedly (you should be a biochemist, not a physiologist).

    Anyway — look. at. the. fucking. data. ,. fuckface.

    The after-debate polls show that Biden utterly pwnt Palin. Among undecided voters, by >2:1. Obama already owns this race and last night Biden absolutely solidified that position.

  7. George Smiley Says:

    Oh — and one more fucking thing. The CNN dial-bots went sour every fucking time Palin said “maverick.” Look for that word to suddenly sublimate away from the GOP lexicon.

  8. tai haku Says:

    Have to agree with the pro-biden posse; looking at the focus group, dial twisters and polls Joe seems to have got the job done.

    As has been noted the section where he talked about his losing his family outplayed palin’s strength massively (and it sickens me we’ve plumbed the depths where we’re politicising personal tragedy)

  9. Why, oh why, are Democrats so fucking bad at this shit!?!?

    They’re paid — paid well — to be bad at this shit.

  10. Not only is CPP totally right, at least one famous person agrees with him. Here’s the proof.

  11. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    “CPP,” I love it.

    Given Tina Fey’s popularity these days, I am a tiny bit concerned the SNL skits give Palin a boost in the public eye. Especially, the “undecided” voter’s eye. It helped a (female) European presidential candidate who looked like Conan O’Brien stay relevant for her own bid for the presidency.

  12. While I do agree somewhat with my dear Komrade, Joe Conason at reminded me today of a question as to why we have such low standards for one another:

    Why are basic diction and intellectual coherence presumed to be out of reach for “real people”?

    I live in a small city close to rural, self-reliant folks who nevertheless value formal education, reading skills, and the spoken word. But perhaps my view is influenced by what is likely to be a small subset of this demographic who I encounter at folk music gatherings or indy bookstores.

    So while I’m not sure it would really help, and may perpetuate what PP views as the Democratic failure in this regard, I would love to hear Obama ask why McCain insults common Republican folk with a VP pick who clearly lacks, “basic diction and intellectual coherence.”

  13. But perhaps my view is influenced by what is likely to be a small subset of this demographic who I encounter at folk music gatherings or indy bookstores.

    No, wai! I am totally sure that the depraved racist misogynist theocratic right-wing scumbags that Palin was chosen to rally totally hang out at indy bookstores and folk music gatherings.

  14. drdrA Says:

    ‘clueless fuckwittitude’ – this describes her perfectly.

    I would love to see a an add that just says ‘Sarah Palin’ can’t make a complete sentence… but is ‘qualified’ to be vice president??? Just these words in print over clips of her running her mouth in a circle around her nonsensical collection of talking points.

    It’s like she is answering questions in the miss america pageant- where you can spew complete nonsense and still win.

  15. got me through the debate. She didn’t break down in tears or anything (she was too busy frantically scanning her notes) but the only thing she schooled us in is how to stall for time when you have no idea what the fuck the moderator just asked.

  16. George Smiley Says:

    From Geroge Harris via dKos:

    CNN/Opinion Research: 51/36
    CBS: 46/21 (undecideds)
    Fox: 61/39
    Survey USA: 51/32/17
    MediaCurves (indies) 67/33

    Admit it, PP — (1) You were wetting your rubber under-trousers, (2) you were wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, (3) you were wrong, (4) you should have been a biochemist and actually figured out how things work, not a physiologist, (5) Biden pwnt palin, (6) you swallowed a hell of a lot of Rovian spin to come up with this bullsit post, (7) you can do better than this.

  17. Smiley, what the fuck’s up your ass? You fucking biochemists are a goddamn fucking joke, taking a perfectly good piece of tissue that actually performs a biological function and just grinding the motherfucker up. You assholes are even worse than cell biologists; at least they let the motherfucking cells survive.

  18. George Smiley Says:

    That’s the spirit!

  19. George Smiley Says:

    “With the first set of tracking polls out to incorporate at least one full day of post-debate interviewing, there is no indication that John McCain and Sarah Palin have made progress in closing their gap with Barack Obama. In fact, Obama ticked upward in three of the four national tracking polls that published today, although he lost a point in Rasmussen. In addition, Ipsos/McClatchy has come out with a poll showing that the debate moved undecideds slightly toward the Obama ticket, confirming the results of most of the snap polling conducted on Thursday evening.”

    That’s… um, quite an ass-platter, PhysioProf. Can you get ass-platters like that from Harvard Instruments?

  20. Marksman2000 Says:

    I didn’t buy into any of this bullshit. That “debate” was so staged, so contrived, so plastic.

    I’m not voting for either one of these cocksuckers. Some have speculated that the Congressional approval rating has sank to 10% since the Wall Street woes began. Ten percent? Ten percent? Both Obama and McCain are part of this problem. They can take their promises about CHANGE and shove’em straight up their asses. Lying, two-faced motherfuckers.

  21. George Smiley Says:

    Marksman2000 is posting exactly the same drivel multiple sites. I suggest that you ban that little bitch’s IP address, PP.

  22. Don’t know if I watched the same debate as you. Biden faltered a bit in the beginning, but for the most part, I thought he was awesome. Palin said nothing of substance, and her shout-outs to fucking 3rd graders only further prove how non-professional she is and how she has no business on the ticket. Few people were fooled by this shit. Even a couple of my conservative friends admitted that she sucked the big nut.

  23. George Smiley Says:

    So, PP, do you prefer the acrylic, machined aluminum, or teflon ass-platters from Harvard Instruments? ‘Cause that Palin-Biden debate bounce just keeps bouncing… for Obama-Biden.

    Do you prefer the acrylic, machined aluminum, or teflon ass-platters from Harvard Instruments? Or is it better to have one custom-made in the Department’s machine shop?

  24. Marksman2000 Says:

    George Smiley is childish. He launches personal attacks when people offer opinions that differ from the ones he subscribes to. Gosh. That’s real mature. You are quite the sophisticated specimen.

  25. George Smiley Says:

    Go away, Troll.

  26. George Smiley Says:

    Monsieur ordered the ass-platter again, tonight? Perhaps he should top it off with a leetle mint? Eet iz wafer-thin!

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