Palin Is Exactly What These Sick Fucks Want

October 5, 2008

Joe Conason has some questions concerning the American “conservative” political movement (h/t belledame) grounded in his surprise that the GOP would nominate another deranged far-right-wing fake-ass “populist” to sit a heartbeat away from the Presidency, and Comrade PhysioProf has some answers:

And why don’t we expect more from American conservatives?

Because they are racist, misogynist, theocratic, neofuedal scumbags, and there is nothing more to expect. Expecting “more” from conservatives is like expecting a Big Mac to be a filet mignon. It’s supposed to be a distingusting greasy poisonous pile of offal.

Indeed, why don’t they demand more from their own movement?

See above. They are getting exactly what they want: fear, hate, and authoritarian submission.

Aren’t they disgusted that their party would again nominate a person devoid of qualifications for one of the nation’s highest offices?

Of course not. Why the fuck would they be disgusted? Palin is supremely qualified to give the deranged sick-fuck hateful scumbags at the heart of the Republican Party exactly what they want.


10 Responses to “Palin Is Exactly What These Sick Fucks Want”

  1. coolwilly Says:

    palen looks like she had a stroke. she has that thing going on with her mouth . kinda of talks out the side of it. she is a true white trash whore. i get that vomit feeling everytime i see her talk. stupid know nothing cellulite whore,

  2. white trash whore

    cellulite whore

    Dude, where the fuck do you get the idea that this kind of racist and misogynist shit is fucking welcome here!? Pull that shit again and your ass is motherfucking banned, capisce?

  3. Thank you, PP for reminding people that we need not insult Sarah Palin’s sexuality in order to hate her for her politics.

    And can one of you fine people enlighten this humble goddess as to what “h/t” means?

  4. whoever Says:

    It’s the “Alaskan Candidate”.
    McCain has an “accident” between election and inauguration.

  5. rehctaw Says:

    Her fundamental wingnuttiness counters MeCain’s blowholiness. So conjoined they make the ideal 2008 team for the Rethugs.

    21% crazy-base world
    +10% I’m not ready for a black dude president
    +10% It doesn’t make a difference anyway
    + 5% I’m voting for Sarah! No reason for yucks.

    Those are numbers Rove can make dance.
    They’ve stolen “better” elections…
    A bit of suppression, a tinge of fear, a wedge here, a whackjob there, a dollop of genuwine Baby Jeebus prostration and DIEBOLD. Presto!

  6. George Smiley Says:

    Sorry about that. There seems to be an echo in here.

  7. drugmonkey Says:

    Isis: h/t = “hat tip” = acknowledgment of the motivation for one’s post or place where one originally ran across a primary quote, etc.

  8. With that said, dear friend, here is a terrific link about real Joe Six-Packs that belledame addressed to you and the rest of us in her comment thread:

  9. eumenidis Says:

    & an h/t to Abel Pharmboy for the link: the very best essay I’ve seen on the subject of “Joe Six-Pack” & the condescension & prejudice with which both sides treat them (us).

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