Ridiculous Republican Smugfucks

October 10, 2008

These motherfucking Republican douchemonkeys have been effectively controlling the levers of power for the vast majority of the last 40 years. And look where it’s gotten us. It is time to vote these absurd deranged assholes–who utterly fuck up everyfuckingthing they get their greasy fucking paws on everyfuckingtime–out of power, and let rational adults clean up after them.

The Republican Party is wholly composed of wackaloon four-year-olds yelling and screaming about their imaginary friends, shitting and pissing their pants, reaching in and grabbing handfuls of their own shit, and smearing it all over the entire house. Enough is enough!

And for fuck’s sake, if and when we get the fucking place cleaned up, can we please remember not to let these depraved motherfucking shitheels insinuate themselves back into power? Cause every time we do that, they immediately start smearing their feces all over the place and fucking everything up all over again.

10 Responses to “Ridiculous Republican Smugfucks”

  1. Dude. PP, enough with the smearing of poo…

    That’s yucky.

  2. I’m kinda confused, do you like them or not?

  3. It is time to vote these absurd deranged assholes… out of power.

    Wrong. Voting them out of power won’t do. We must crush them, drive them before us, and hear the lamentation of their women.

    Just voting them out of power will work today just as well as it did in 1992.

  4. Sven DiMilo Says:

    Berube has the solution.

  5. Michael Berube is a fucknut.

  6. Sven DiMilo Says:

    While that may be so (depends on the meanings of both “fucknut” and “is”), he at least never refers to himself in the pseudonymous third person.

  7. Sven, it is impolite to speak ill of someone on their own blog.

  8. bikemonkey Says:

    Enough with squirrel-bothering the choad lickers already! Let’s talk about mandate. The bushrovian jock sniffers called 54% or some shit a fucking mandate for fuck’s sake. Mo’bama is going to have a supercalorgasmomandate. Work it!

  9. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Show of hands, who (or whose spouse) is going as Sarah Palin for halloween this year?

  10. Stephanie Z Says:

    Not me, Physiogroupie. I tried, but I couldn’t manage to tuck all my principles under the wig.

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