Fuck Motherfucking Hitchens

October 14, 2008

Jesus fucking christ it’s making me motherfucking sick to see Hitchens’s dick being sucked left and right by supposed left-wing bloggers just because he has decided that McCain and Palin are deranged incompetent scuzbuckets.

Hitchens was wrong, wrong, wrongity fucking wrong on the Iraq war, and was one of its loudest and most articulate drumbeaters. He’s also no motherfucking friend to women. I think it’s fucking stupid and counterproductive to give cookies to dumbfuck blind squirrels like Hitchens just because they happen to stumble on an acorn now and then.

Instead of lauding an obnoxious warmongering misogynist asshole like Hitchens for not being totally delusional, how about all the people who have recognized McCain and Palin for the deranged right-wing shitbags they are from the get-go, but who also demonstrate a tendency to get other important shit correct?

I don’t get this phenomenon where some on the left pop woodies and wet their panties every time some prominent right-wing scuzbucket “sees the light”. These motherfuckers are fleeing the GOP and other “conservative” movements like rats a sinking ship. They do not deserve any praise whatsoever for this self-serving pathetic behavior that merely demonstrates once and for all that they are unprincipled opportunists and always have been; rather, they deserve our disdain and, maybe, pity.

Just because you happen to agree with Hitchens on his stance toward godbotherer religious fuckwits–and now on McCain/Palin–doesn’t make him your friend or ally.


25 Responses to “Fuck Motherfucking Hitchens”

  1. J Says:

    Damn straight. Though strategically, it’s a good idea to treat other ex-cons with welcoming arms if they’re people who aren’t such utterly horrible fuckwits as Hitchens. But Hitchens, of course, isn’t a reformed fuckwit — he just happens to be the blind squirrel that found the nut this time, and you know what? Nuts to him.

    It seems like lefties like confirmation from others waaaaay to much for supposedly relativistic fucking hedonists. it’s ok folks — we’re right, and you don’t need to hear assholes tell you that to know it; that way lies waking up next to that wackaloon who whispered sweet repentant nothings into your ear last night, sure, but now he’s back to barfing on himself and instigating another foreign misadventure.

  2. juniorprof Says:

    it’s ok folks — we’re right, and you don’t need to hear assholes tell you that to know it;
    Right ON! Hitchens is a no good drunk IMHO

  3. I seriously laugh hard every time I read your blog. Right on PP! Keep spouting Da Truth!

  4. Dr. A Says:

    My cat was wrong, wrong, wrongity fucking wrong to shit outside the litter box the other day. Does that mean I shouldn’t praise her when she corrects this?

    I agree that Hitchens has said some ridonkulously stupid shit. The war. Ugh. Yea a lot of dumbfuckery about the war. MANY ppl were wrong about the war including our beloved Hillary.

    This does not mean we should only bitch about idiotic behavior and never acknowledge when said idiots do something right.

    Any teacher or trainer can attest that recognizing when someone does something well is much more effective than chastising mistakes if we want the good behavior to continue. Positive reinforcement, my friend.

  5. cptvideo Says:

    last time I heard so much “fucking…” I was with quite a dumb bunch o’ fucks in a US Army motor pool on a base in Europe. Were you in the Army?

  6. bikemonkey Says:

    as a great man once put it, people like Hitchens require constant severe correction.

  7. rehctaw Says:

    Fuck Motherfucking Hitchens

    Too late. Hitch is just about as fucked as fucked can be.
    Maybe Dennis Hopper, Pup’s spawn and the rest of the rat-fucking enablers can form a support group and find ways to make restitution to the planet for aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise until now.

    They can just form a circle and kick each other in the balls until they can’t kick anymore. Fucking scumbags otherwise, will be smarming and buggering anyone who offers them safe haven.

    Take their fucking vote and their cash, but if any of them wants to be A-listed for their new found sanity, they first must complete their 12-step program. The kicking circle is only step 3.

  8. George Smiley Says:

    In a word, fuck yeah. O.k., two words. But, yeah. Fuck yeah. What you said, PP.

  9. Cat Says:

    Especially as with Hitchens being British he cannot even damn vote in our election

    says the recently Americanized citizen

  10. bikemonkey Says:

    aren’t there some rules about furriners messing with our elections?

  11. After his barftastic article about how men are funnier than women (which he somehow took as an assumption, this wasn’t even the hypothesis of the piece) because they get more nookie if they can make women laugh, I went cold turkey on Hitchens.

    Anyhoo, I think the lib folks who were right from the beginning are being amply rewarded by Stockholm, so I don’t mind.

  12. […] I endorse every single thing Comrade PhysioProf says about Hitchens, down to the smallest […]

  13. S. Rivlin Says:

    Hitchens was naturalized last year and as an American citizen now has the right to vote. And no matter how many F words you all going to splash here, his vote counts no less than yours.

  14. bikemonkey Says:

    okay, so before last year that fucking tucheslacker Hitchens was meddlin’ in our elections.

    and in any case he’s usually pickled isn’t he? he’ll be like that rabidnut Coulter and forget where the fuck he’s supposed to actually cast a vote.

  15. HA HA HA! I love that Sol even comes to taunt you on your own blog. HA HA HA HA!

  16. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Little known fact: Sol is actually Physiogroupie I-III.

  17. S. Rivlin Says:

    Isis, are you envy of CPP? Do you want me to come to your blog, too? If you haven’t noticed, I was responding to Cat’s comment.

  18. Isis, are you envy of CPP?

    Oh, Sol, I am totally envy of PP! Totally envy!

    Come to my blog? Would you? Really?!?

    And I had no idea who you were replying to. I’m mostly here to learn new bad words and read PP’s shenanigans and recipes.

  19. I have no idea what you’re trying to say. All I heard was “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck”

  20. jre Says:

    Hmm … that’s funny. What I heard was

    fuck fuck Hitchens fuck fuck fuck fuck
    fuck Hitchens fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Iraq fuck fuck
    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    fuck fuck fuck Ginger fuck fuck fuck

  21. bikemonkey Says:

    so where’s the problem douchenozzles? PeePee’s writing or your comprehension? Nobody else other than sphincter ratcheting weebags seems to have any difficulty understanding his points…

  22. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    CPP’s use of the more common profane words don’t bother me at all. What is hilarious to me is his novel compound words, like wackaloon, not unlike “douchenozzles,” see above. ❤

  23. bikemonkey Says:

    douchenozzle is totally mainstream now. sarah silverman used it on her Great Schlep and it was on the Daily Show. feel free to use it in front of Granny.

  24. barn owl Says:

    Creaming your jeans over Hitchens’ Election 2008 decision, while conveniently ignoring all his other fuckwittery, is akin to frothing rabidly over a decorticate sheep like Palin, just because she attends the same church that you do.

  25. […] and ranting arguments about religion. Perhaps “John Harrigan” is a pen name for Christopher Hitchens? (Hitchens’s religion book was absolutely terrible — one of these days, I’ll post […]

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