Let’s Help Some Motherfucking Kids

October 17, 2008

Comrade DoucheMonkey and Comrade PhysioProf are engaged in a battle with our fellow ScienceBloggers over bragging rights for the most generous readers in the ScienceBlogs DonorsChoose contest. For those who don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, the ScienceBlogs DonorsChoose contest is a mechanism for getting money donated to various school classrooms across the United States to allow teachers to implement their visions for science teaching to children.

As with prior years, Seed will be giving out prizes to Readers who donate!

The overlordz have communicated the following:

We’ll be giving away 50 Seed mag subscriptions and about 15 or so other prizes from an assortment of mugs, laptop covers and USB drives. Each Friday we’ll choose winners for a third of the prizes. In addition, there will be one ‘grand prize’ at the end of the drive, of an iPod Touch.
For your readers to enter the drawing, all they need to do is forward their donation confirmation emails to scienceblogs@gmail.com.

Also, Comrade DoucheMonkey will be issuing prizes from the DrugMonkey store on cafepress. All the kewl kids want DM schwag you know.

HoodedSweatshirt.jpgIn other news, DonorsChoose.org won second place in the AmEx Members Project competition– another $500K for the kids, w00t!!!

And please go and vote on Sinister Genius’s next tattoo (or lack thereof).

One Response to “Let’s Help Some Motherfucking Kids”

  1. “bragging rights for the most generous American readers”

    Fixed that for ya!

    I may be the exception here, but while I think this is a great idea, I prefer to donate to/volunteer for more local causes… keep up the good work though!

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