Sarah Palin’s Expensive Wardrobe

October 23, 2008

Who gives a flying fuck about Sarah Palin’s expensive wardrobe? It is only a distraction from the vastly more relevant fact that Sarah Palin is an extreme far-right-wing sick-fuck misogynist racist theocratic anti-American secessionist scuzbucket traitor.

23 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Expensive Wardrobe”

  1. Becca Says:

    Comrade Physioprof, you are such a Republican Whore.

    If (as seems likely) she’s been using a personal shopper/wardrobe assistant, then her taste in NaughtyMonkey shoes is no longer the one redeeming sign she might have good judgment in some sphere.

  2. Stephanie Z Says:

    No, no. The whole sick-fuck thing is so well established that we can’t be distracted from it (at least not those of us who can see it in the first place).

    Noting that someone spent this much buying an illegal wardrobe for her is paying attention to the fact that she’s nothing like isolated in her corruption. She is, in fact, systematically supported in it. There are far more people who haven’t wrapped their heads around that fact yet.

  3. drdrA Says:

    She’s a ‘extreme far-right-wing sick-fuck misogynist racist theocratic anti-American secessionist scuzbucket traitor’ who is wearing a wardrobe that costs the same amount as a reasonable home in many parts of America.

  4. Now, now, now. Let’s not hate on Governor Palin’s hotness. She’s crazy, but she’s got and Dr. Isis have similar shoe budgets. Then again, mine doesn’t come from donations made to a major political party. Perhaps I am going about this the wrong way….

  5. I think you’re overlooking the fact that Palin is a muppet with someone’s hand stuck up her ass moving her mouth. She isn’t making any decisions even remotely related to policies, speeches or wardrobe. I’m not sure you can call someone a traitor if they don’t actually understand what the word means … or maybe it’s just a term used for people who don’t live in the pro-America parts of the country …

  6. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    One would expect a rich Republican VP nominee to spend an assload of money on clothes.

    In other news, I came across some speculation that Obama is putting a lot of money into campaigning in Texas. Winning Texas would be such a great sign that times are indeed changing.

  7. bikemonkey Says:

    hey now hater! Don’t you start with the muppets again!

  8. I am a HUGE muppet fan, just not if they are of the human/republican variety.

  9. Becca Says:

    Yeah, calling Palin a muppet is utterly demeening to muppets. BOOO!
    I hope David Bowie haunts your nightmares for that comment.

  10. Whatevs. If Sarah had shown up in the frumpy garb of her Alaskan days, that’s all anyone would ever have talked about. Because of her weak resume, she had to come off as a polished adult in one way or another. This really doesn’t bother me.

    What’s funny of course is that in a tight well-run campaign, those costs would have been shuffled around so that this story never hit the news. This campaign is a clusterfuck of idiocy though, so we get these gems.

  11. Eugenie Says:

    CPP, have you by chance seen this website:

    and this video: ?

    I find them quite amusing…

  12. Eugenie, when I saw that your second link was from, I immediately thought of this:

    By the way, do the illegally bought NaughtyMonkeys and the wardrobe assistants and the makeup artists vanish as mist before the sun if Obama wins? Will she return to Alaska in aforementioned frumpy garb and a pumpkin? What a mean, petty thought. I shouldn’t be smirking . . .

  13. Becca Says:

    And now the comment that will cause Dr. Isis to deny me a place in that big, beautiful 20,000 paris of shoes closet in the sky where go the Good Little Lambs…

    People who think LL Bean (what she reportedly wore pre-$150,000 wardrobe) should be looked down upon and dimissed as “frumpy” deserve to have Bush for a president.
    That’s the very worst thing about the Republican party- not only are they evil, but they are like a black-hole vortex of evil, sucking anything that might be good and sensible (such as LL Bean) and spending thousands of dollars to ruin it.

  14. bikemonkey Says:

    gawd I hope you are wrong. Everybody knows LLBean is for librul Volvo drivin East coast effete elites! Carrhart! Dickies!

  15. As a postdoc, I thrive with the frumpy. But to imagine it would play on a national scene? There’s such a thing as business wear, and chamois cloth shirts, while delightful, aren’t it.

  16. Oh, Becca, Becca, Becca. I want to be able to come up with something witty and insightful here, but mostly your comment just makes me want to hold my head in my hands and weep.

    L.L. Bean? Really? Do you hike, ski, and kayak to work?

  17. Becca Says:

    bikemonkey- exactly. She is a millionare after all (which is why the “real American” narrative is absurd as well as pernicious). Although dickies are over the top.

    DJ&MH- my parents each own about 9 of the LL Bean chamois shirts. I’m still trying to figure out where I went wrong.

    Dr. Isis- I would if I lived in Alaska.

    In case it’s not obvious- I’m not saying the Republican powers are evil for clothing a public figure on the national stage in nice suits and Naughty Monkey shoes. I’m saying they are evil for taking LL Bean-wearing Alaskan Hockey-Mom Sarah Palin and turning her into a public figure on the national stage.

  18. Jane Says:

    However, this “news” is further evidence of the gross sexism in our culture. Because the media so intensely focuses on women’s physical appearance, women are forced to invest an incredible amount of time and money into their appearance to avoid negative scrutiny. Deborah Rhode, a legal scholar at Stanford, has written many excellent articles on this very subject of the beauty double standard and the price it requires from women- in money and time.

    What Deborah Rhode found is that if women don’t spend enough time and money on their appearance, they are ripped apart and scrutinized negatively. If women spend too much time and money on their appearance, then they are vain and shallow.

    We can’t win. Stop buying into this beauty double standard.

    I feel sympathy for Sarah Palin on this one issue, even though I voted for Obama yesterday. If I were her, I would also spend a small fortune on my appearance.

  19. bikemonkey Says:

    What? Regular HockeyMomSixpack is a millionaire?

  20. Jane Says:

    Barack Obama is also a millionaire who is outspending McCain on adverstising like crazy. If the roles were reversed, democrats would be whining about how unfair it is that money can buy an election. However, that is exactly what Obama is doing- buying an election.

    In a way, McCain is the more ethical one on campaign finance here because he agreed just to take the money allocated by the government, instead of raising millions on his own or using his wife’s huge pocket book.

  21. Jane Says:

    By the way, I think McCain is evil nonetheless. I am just pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of the democratic party. Also, another blatant hypocrisy of the democratic party is that they are pro-women, yet we have an all male ticket because Obama didn’t want to ask a woman to be his VP because it wasn’t the right political move. Fuck that!

  22. Wow, Jane, I was totally with you on the wardrobe focus equals sexism comment, and then you utterly lost me. I think Obama didn’t want Hillary on the ticket because their personalities were not a good match, and because he didn’t want the traveling shitstorm that is the Clintons anywhere near his administration.

    I don’t know why he didn’t pick, say, Sebelius, but I don’t think “it’s not the right political move” is the answer. He picked Biden, in case you hadn’t noticed, who brings zero electoral votes and a lot of gaffey bloopers. He picked him because of foreign policy experience (NOT Clinton or Sebelius’s forte) and Senate experience (ditto) and because Biden will be independent minded (ok, that one could go equally well for Clinton).

    Calling that choice a hypocrisy of the Dem party is shortsighted. You’d prefer he pick a token he doesn’t like? Yeah, that’s feminist.

  23. Becca Says:

    Bikemonkey- In fairness, she’s not taking in 10^6/year or anything- it’s an estimate based on property values ect. (

    Jane- I don’t really agree with you on the campaign finance thing. Yes, Obama broke the rules he said he’d consider playing by. He also rewrote the book on campaign finace. College kids (and actual joe voters) giving $15 and collectively having more influence on his campaign than lobbyists? Very cool.
    Now, we could argue about whether Obama would need the money he’s raised if it weren’t for *insert dumbfuckery of the American people here*. Alternatively, we could just agree that saying Obama is “buying the election” makes it sound like he could never deserve to win… and that that smacks a bit much of smarmy Palin rally-goer mentality.

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