Olbermann, Palin, Basic Science, and Bill O’Reilly (UPDATED)

October 25, 2008

I rarely watch anything at all on teevee other than sports and Project Runway, but last night I happened to be home and put on Keith Olbermann. He was discussing a comment made by sick-fuck extreme far-right-wing racist misogynist theocratic secessionist traitor Sarah Palin concerning biomedical research:

Where does a lot of that earmark money end up anyway? […] You’ve heard about some of these pet projects they really don’t make a whole lot of sense and sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.

Olbermann got this exactly correct, having apparently been briefed by his research staff on the undeniable fact that basic research in non-mammalian model organisms such as nematode worms and fruit flies (actually, the Drosophila flies used for research are not really fruit flies, and do not eat ripe fruit, only rotten) have led to extraordinarily important advances in our understanding of human biology and disease.

Not suprising that Palin and her staff simply do not care about the truth at all! Their only purpose is to fire up the cadre of depraved moral and intellectual degenerates that make up the base of the Republican Party. These are people for whom the reference to “Paris, France” alone is enough to get their lizard brains firing on all cylinders. These sick motherfuckers have never been to Paris, France, know nothing about it, but they do know that it’s really, really bad or something. The GOP is not even pretending to make sense anymore; they know their only chance to win this election is to get those lizard-brain neurons firing.

So, I was very pleased to see that Olbermann got this right. But what I was annoyed by was Olbermann going on and on and on about how dumb and slimy and lying Bill O’Reilly is. I know these two dudes have a feud going, and that O’Reilly is a truly heinous despicable hateful individual. But it’s a little unseemly for Olbermann to go on and on and on about O’Reilly ad nauseam, and demonstrates a slight lack of gravitas. The people watching Olbermann already know O’Reilly’s a lying shitbag, and the people who don’t know O’Reilly’s a lying shitbag sure as fuck aren’t watching Olbermann.

If Olbermann wants to rant and rave like that, I suggest taking it on blog. This way, the people who enjoy that kind of thing can enjoy it to their hearts content, while those watching Olbermann for news analysis don’t have to listen to this kind of stuff. (Personally, I enjoy the anti-O’Reilly ranting, but I just don’t think it is a good programming choice for Olbermann’s show.)

UPDATE: So it turns out that Palin was talking not about basic biomedical research using Drososphila melanogaster, but about practical agricultural research on a true fruit fly that fucks with olive trees in motherfucking California!! And they do the research at a USDA research station in France because the French have been dealing with these pests for a fuckload longer than we have!!

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! These dumbfuck right-wing scuzbuckets can’t even target their deranged smears properly! Californian olive farmers are REAL AMERICANS!!!!11!!!1!!!!11!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!11!!!

22 Responses to “Olbermann, Palin, Basic Science, and Bill O’Reilly (UPDATED)”

  1. juniorprof Says:

    Agreed on the O’Reily diatribes.

    On Palin’s idiotic fruitfly remark, I actually called my right-leaning parents after I heard it and said, Mom, Dad, enough is enough, you cannot vote for these people. After a bit of explaining about the good old drosophila and its universal importance for biomedical research, I think i finally convinced them.

    Its really incredible that she could tout research into developmental disorders and dis drosophila research in the same sentence. I would be hard pressed to think of any field where drosophila research has been more important for advancing our knowledge base than in the area of developmental neurological disorders (with the most obvious example being the giant leaps taken into mechanisms of fragile x mental retardation). She is truly a first class idiot (and whoever wrote that policy speech just ended their career).

  2. I have to admit, I didn’t know that melanogaster were different than the damn ones around my fruit bowl. Thanks for the learning, CPP!

    What I think is interesting about Palin is this: she does well as the attack dog because she actually believes the tripe she’s spouting. Her delivery is terrific, as is her timing.

    When McCain spouts deliberate mistruths (e.g. the “Obama voted to cut funding in Iraq” crap), he knows that while it’s not a lie, exactly, it’s terribly misleading. McCain seems to be a bit anguished about saying that, and (I think as a result) his delivery falls flat.

    Palin believes this shit with all her heart. That’s why she’s scary.

  3. George Smiley Says:

    Eric Weischaus, 1995 Nobel Prize in Medicine winner, for pioneering work on the genetic basis of birth defects, has endorsed… Obama.

    Weischaus’s work was, of course, done entirely with fruit flies.

  4. S. Rivlin Says:


    Drosophila melanogaster is the fly that flies around your fruit bowl. It is however, not the fruit fly that can destroy fruit crops on trees as happened several times in California and eleswhere.

    I do agree with CPP that Olbermann over-does it about O’Reilly.

    As to Palin’s idiocy and her handlers, the problem is which road should we take? Are we to give up on the lizard brains among us, considering them a minority that, no matter what, will always vote Republican or are we going to try our best to educate them and provide them with the tools necessary to use their brains to think for themselves?

  5. Becca Says:

    As a lizard, this post offends me. I do not take kindly to the implication that lizard brains are responsible for Republicanism.

    Lizards are generally solitary or paired creatures, not herd animals, and thus not as suceptible to absurd authoritarian hatemongering. Mammalian model systems, such as sheep or lemmings, would be more appropriate for Republicans. Maybe even mutant fruit flies. Maybe we can figure out the mental retardation that Ms. Palin is afflicted with.

  6. You gotta admit, the GOP’s certainly got fucking balls, enlisting an America-hating scessionist traitor as the “real American”.

  7. S. Rivlin Says:


    I do not understand why the democrats allow the issue of the Palin couple’s association with the Alaska Independence Party slide.


    Lizard, whether as singles, pairs or a herd, have very small brain, hence, lizard-brain.

  8. Foshizzle. Though I mostly agree with everything Olbermann says, I still can’t stand his show. Shut the fuck up, crazy diva! They’re all divas. I can’t watch the news anymore, it makes me want to punch them all in the nuts. Facts, people, I want facts and that’s it.

  9. juniorprof Says:

    Hey Phizzle, we still have public television in this country and the in depth coverage from the NewsHour (although you do have to put with Diva Brooks on Fridays).

  10. bikemonkey Says:

    mr bobo is breaking human landspeed records running away from hisowndamnself of the prior 7 years.

  11. juniorprof Says:

    He is isn’t he! Did you see him last night, almost made Mark Shields sound like the conservative pundit. Hilarious.

  12. bikemonkey Says:

    yes and actually I’m starting to think he’s caught a case of negrophilia, a known hazard of running too fast and hard while looking wall-eyed over your shoulder, hoping your past can’t catch up…

  13. […] Posted October 25, 2008 Filed under: The job, politics | Comrade PhysioProf, Mike the Mad Biologist and PZ have already hit the highlights on Palin’s remarks on the […]

  14. Beaker Says:

    I support adult fruit fly research, but I have a problem with *embryonic* fruit fly research. The government should not be funding the murder of innocent larvae. I do, however, support late-stage pupal culling if the vials become overcrowded.

  15. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Beaker, are you a single issue voter?

  16. bikemonkey Says:

    sounds more like a litmus test…

  17. Epinephrine Says:

    Becca, S. Rivlin:
    The reference to lizard brains is (I suspect) a reference to the older brain areas shared with lizards.

    Essentially, we have old areas of our brain that govern aggression, feeding, mating, and other simple behaviours. Reasoning, language, complex emotions and so on are not a function of this primitive brain. That primitive “reptile” brain is what the GOP is trying to play on – fearmongering, using words associated with negative emotions and so on, rather than having any speeches requiring use of reasoning and our wonderfully evolved neocortices.

  18. drdrA Says:

    I’m laughing out loud at these comments. And, there is a god- Sol and C PP agreeing on something…could it be true?

  19. Becca Says:

    Oh, I fully understand the smears on lizards. I look forward to the day where being “enlightened” or “liberal” is viewed as incompatible with being mammal-chauvanists. I strongly recommend Daniel Pinkwater’s “Lizard music” for all of you. That way, CPP will no longer have to say the last novel he read White Jacket.

  20. rachelcervantes Says:

    Vote! Vote! Vote!

    We have a chance tomorrow! VOTE!

    Of course, even when the Repubs lose they still manage to wind up in the White House…sigh.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    fuck olbermann. he’s got a pussy where a cock should be.

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