Happy Motherfucking Thankgiving to all friends, colleagues, and readers of Comrade PhysioProf!

The United States of America has a history of horrific acts committed under the guise of freedom, and for the purpose of imperial expansion. At the same time that we give personal thanks for whatever good we each experience in our lives, we ought to vow to behave in the political and social realms in such a way that we increase as much as possible the likelihood that our nation will renounce this history and move in a different direction.

And to all you depraved right-wing assholes who don’t want to let go of your sick-fuck misogynist, racist, theocratic, and/or oligarchical fanatasies: Go Fuck Yourselves!!!

Remember that deranged right-wing lie that the outgoing Clinton administration destroyed White House computers–removing “W” keys from keyboards–glued drawers shut, and stole wall signs? Well, the outgoing Bush regime truly is trashing the joint on the way out. But they’re not engaged in petty vandalism. Rather, they are engaged in systematic destruction of the expert civil service bureaucracy, including the science policy apparatus (h/t Balkinization):

Todd Harding — a 30-year-old political appointee at the Energy Department — applied for and won a post this month at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There, he told colleagues in a Nov. 12 e-mail, he will work on “space-based science using satellites for geostationary and meteorological data.” Harding earned a bachelor’s degree in government from Kentucky’s Centre College, where he also chaired the Kentucky Federation of College Republicans.

Also this month, Erik Akers, the congressional relations chief for the Drug Enforcement Administration, gained a permanent post at the agency after being denied a lower-level career appointment late last year.

And in mid-July, Jeffrey T. Salmon, who has a doctorate in world politics and was a speechwriter for Vice President Cheney when he served as defense secretary, had been selected as deputy director for resource management in the Energy Department’s Office of Science. In that position, he oversees decisions on its grants and budget.

Comrade PhysioProf has commented on this depraved behavior by the Bush regime before:

Huge numbers of competent experts have been shitcanned, and replaced by ignorant fucking douchehounds trained at wackaloon right-wing theocratic brainwashing facilities like “Regent University” and “Liberty University”. All the experts who knew how to get shit done, to obey the Constitution, Federal laws, and Federal regulations while doing things like protecting us from crime, dangerous food, dangerous products, keeping us from being blown to smithereens by terrorists, keeping us healthy, safe, and prosperous, have been eliminated. They have been replaced by people who can’t even tie their own motherfucking shoes, but who have drank the “government can’t do shit” right-wing sick-fuck Kool-Aid, and are deadset on proving it!

The Federal beauracracy is now absolutely riddled with bottom-feeding Republican hackfucks, and not only are they incompetent, but they are vicious and hateful, and they won’t be easily rooted out. If a Democrat takes over the executive branch in January 2009, it ain’t gonna be unicorns and fucking rainbows. It is going to be a difficult, drawn-out, nasty process of identifying these viciously incompetent America-hating right-wing follower moles, getting rid of them, and replacing them with competent experts who actually give a shit about America and the well-being of its citizens.

This Geithner dude who Obama supposedly picked to be his Treasury secretary:

Geithner, 47, served as an undersecretary for international affairs under Summers, 53, and has been at the helm of the New York Fed since November 2003.

Cool!! This asshole has never not been on the inside getting everything completely totally off-the-rails fucking wrong. He’s been doing, at a minimum, absolutely nothing over the last eleventy years to prevent the unfettered economic implosion we are experiencing, and, more likely, cheering the shit on.

Sheesh. What the fuck happened to “The Change We Need” or whatthefuckever the slogan was? “YES WE CAN” hire the same greedfuck assholes that got us into this economic mess!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

Roubini for Secretary of the Treasury! He’s someone who’s been getting the shit right!111!!!!!!!

I just saw the video of the Senate floor standing-O sendoff of Ted Stevens, just convicted of seven felony corruption counts. Gaaah! It was a motherfucking contest–Repub and Dem–to see which Senator could slide his slimy tongue the furthest up Stevens’s convicted felon asshole. Even Harry Fucking Reid–Senate Majority Leader and top-ranking Democrat in the entire motherfucking Congress–gave Stevens a massive loving rimjob.

What the fuck!?!?!?!? Don’t these craven sleazebag pols get that their constituents might not be pleased that they are wasting hours of Senate floor time lauding a CONVICTED FELON CORRUPT SENATOR WHO ABUSED HIS OFFICE FOR PERSONAL GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? These motherfuckers need a reminder that they work for US!!!!

Is it just me, or is it unimaginably depraved that sick-fuck grandstanding scuzbucket politicians “pardon” turkeys on teevee before Thanksgiving, while sending human beings to their deaths at the hands of the state (admittedly, after conviction for heinous crimes)?

Nouriel Roubini with the straight shit on the economy:

Now the latest brief bear market sucker’s rally has gone fully bust and conditions are getting again “fugly and fuglier” in the real economy – US and globally – and in financial markets, both equity and credit markets. Other shorter and shorter-lived bear market rallies may occur again as desperate policy authorities – especially monetary ones – try to get out of their policy hat other voodoo rabbits of more desperate and unorthodox policy measures as we have already effectively reach the zero-bound for the policy rate and a liquidity trap (the effective Fed Funds rate has already around 0.3% for weeks now while the target rate is formally still at 1%). And the risks of a stag-deflation – that I have been warning about since January – are now becoming conventional wisdom as even Don Kohn is now talking about the risks of deflation.

I wanna know why Nouriel Roubini, who’s been calling this economic collapse shit correctly for years now, isn’t on the short list for a high-level economic policy position in the Obama administration?

When the financial bailout plan was first devised, Roubini was adamant that it was a terrible mistake for the US Govt to purchase the shitpile of worthless assets of troubled banks at windfall prices, and rather should pump money into the financial system by purchasing equity in banks. Well, just last week the economic lightbulbs of the fuckwit Bush regime decided that, “Hey, let’s not just give away free money to banks in exchange for totally worthless paper! Let’s buy equity stakes in shaky banks!”

Why the fuck is Obama considering as his highest level economic advisors and policy-makers the same delusional fucknozzles who got us into this horrible fucking mess in the first place? Even some fucking Joe the Plumber shitheel off the street couldn’t do worse than these proven FAILURES at managing an economy! Roubini for Secretary of the Treasury!

And I can’t wait to read Roubini’s next piece of analysis:

In my next piece I will discuss in more detail how we are now close to the deadly “Bermuda Triangle” of a liquidity trap, price deflation, debt deflation and sharply rising defaults.

Nice job, “expert economic planner” assclowns! Oh, and by the way, the Republican Motherfucking Party owns this shit!!!!! But yeah, it’s really, really important for the Obama administration to reach across the aisle and work with these greedy, stupid, craven motherfuckers who ruined our entire nation, and intentionally destroyed all of the things that normal decent Americans care about.

The motherfucking 5-4 Eagles can’t do better than tie the 1-8 Bengals!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AAAAAIIIIIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 16, 2008

HAHAHAHAHAH! I love how he makes that old-style sneery punk-rock face at the very end after he crunches into the toast!

(h/t Sadly, No!)

JLK of Pieces of Me has tagged Comrade PhysioProf with a motherfucking meme: Five Things! In the spirit of comradely blogospheric unity, Comrade PhysioProf will play along!

5 Things I was Doing 10 years Ago:
(1) Starting a post-doc.
(2) Winning a bike race.
(3) Disappointing my parents.
(4) Watching my sister get married.
(5) Starting a non-science part-time job.

5 Things On My To-Do List Today:
(1) Take a spinning class.
(2) Eat soba.
(3) Watch college football.
(4) Write a letter of reference.
(5) Get drunk on motherfucking Jameson.

5 Snacks I Love:
(1) Men’s Pocky.
(2) Peppermint starlight mints.
(3) Pinkberry.
(4) Glenny’s soy chips.
(5) Shrimp cocktail.

5 Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
(1) Hire a driver.
(2) Start a scientific research organization that I would run.
(3) Donate more money to charity.
(4) Nothing else that I don’t already do.
(5) See number 4.

5 Places I’ve Lived:
(1) On a cul de sac.
(2) In a building that ought to have been condemned.
(3) On the third floor.
(4) On the fifth floor.
(5) On a beach.

5 Jobs I’ve Had:
(1) Delivery truck driver.
(2) Handyman.
(3) Graduate research assistant.
(4) Post-doc.
(5) Professor.

Comrade PhysioProf tags DoucheMonkey, Abel Phuckwit, Isis the Scientit, ZBioE, and Scribbler50!

Single Malt…Double Asshole

November 12, 2008

The Scribbler ain’t happy with your sorry single-malt sipping ass:

There’s yet another annoying snobbery afoot in that place I like to call bar-land, (there always is with these aging “yups”), and this one has to do with single malt scotch and the newly minted single malt connoisseur.

* * *

Hey, pal, five years ago, before your company went public, you didn’t know a Cabernet from Hire’s fucking root beer… okay? So relax, have a seat, take off your baseball cap (unless you’re pitching the back end of a twi-night double header), loosen your tie and have a nice Glenlivet. Whaddaya say?

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