DoucheMonkey Has A Question

November 1, 2008

Comrade PhysioProf’s friend and colleague DoucheMonkey has a question about why the Republican Party glorifies dumbfuck ignorance, and vilifies knowledge:

The press used to make fun of Clinton for his fondness for policy wankery wonkery. I never understood this. I wanted the President to know stuff. I still do.

How on earth did this ever become a partisan divide?

DoucheMonkey, my friend and colleague, Comrade PhysioProf has the answer: It became a partisan divide when the Republican Party made the explicit decision in the 1960s to rebuild their party on the electoral foundation of 40 million moral and intellectual degenerates.


5 Responses to “DoucheMonkey Has A Question”

  1. Out Says:

    DoucheMonkey, please be careful. It would appear that you have bought into the “W” is a dumb-fuck idea. W. and by extension the neocon Republicans do NOT glorify ignorance, they put forth an image of glorifying ignorgance. Big difference. In reality, these are cold-blooded psychopaths, they glorify evil, death and tyranny. How else could they have gotten so far if not for a brilliant marketing campaign? Please don’t attribute to ignorance that which can be explained by malice.

  2. ScienceMama Says:

    I strongly disagree. W is a dumbfuck. Watch any of his press conferences. It’s not just that he’s pandering to the lowest common denominator. He IS the lowest common denominator. While I agree he is also malicious, he is the worst kind of Republican: ignorant AND evil.

  3. Beaker Says:

    The overall model as posed by CPP is correct. However, the descent of the Republican party into the moral and intellectual gutter occurred in stages. It started with Nixon and the Southern Strategy. This got the bigots to start vacating the Dixiecrats and vote Republican.

    Nixon was not a dumb-fuck, but he attended a small “non-elite school,” a throughout his career he battled opponents preened by the Establishment.

    To complete his political strategy, Nixon played up the myth of the “Dirty fucking Hippie,” which persists to this day as a Republican code for progressives. Hippies tended to be at colleges, hence college-educated, hence elitist (they also had an easier time avoiding the draft).

    The whack-job fundamentalists moralists only joined the coalition much later, during the Reagan years.

  4. apalazzo Says:


    I think that you’re halfway there, but I like my answer better:

    The GOP and their patrons want justification for their greed, and free-market ideology provides it. When academics poke holes in this imaginary world where the invisible hand presides, the right vilifies academics as bunch of elites. In order to counter what we, the knowledge based community, advocates the right-wingers support pseudo-academics that inhabit Think tanks such as Heritage Foundation and Discovery Institute.

    With regards to all the joe-the-delusional-six-packs, thee GOP has effectively lobotomized them with one hand and pick-pocketed them with the other hand. The GOP has convinced Joe that all his problems can be traced back to “moral decay” so that gay, baby-eating-evolution-teaching-late-drinking-Marxist-terrorist-America-hating-academic-Hollywood-mogul warriors are the real problem.

  5. S. Rivlin Says:

    One cannot ignore the role of religion in the “dumbing process” of the Republican party. For the majority of the evangelical crowd that votes Republican, (scientific) knowledge threatens their religious beliefs. Therefore, they will vote for whomever promotes these beliefs, even if the promoter robs them of their homes and jobs.

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