Welcome New Blog, Behind The Stick

November 2, 2008

There’s a new blog in town, Behind The Stick, written by Scribbler50, a bartender/writer who pours a generous Jameson and wields a sharp pen. Here is a snippet of his inaugural post:

He’s a first class handjob and a guy who’ll surely be “cut off” within the hour. It’s in his DNA and if it was 1958 HE’D BE WEARING A FEZ.

Scribbler50 is a great motherfucking writer and also a first-class mensch, so go check his shit out!


3 Responses to “Welcome New Blog, Behind The Stick

  1. The first link has an extra http, btw.

  2. scribbler50 Says:

    Thanks for the kind kick-off, Physioprof. That rates an extra heavy pour next time you drop by.

  3. I like this stick dude. I am going to have to add him to my harem.

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