November 5, 2008

It is a very good thing that the Republican Party has been soundly defeated in the Presidential election yesterday. The main thing is that we now will have someone occupying the White House who is not a batshit deranged asshole with his lips around the cock of the America-hating far-right-wing fringe.

However, don’t get the crazy idea that Obama is some kind of real progressive liberal. Look who he chose as his Chief of Staff: Rahm Motherfucking Emanuel. Obama is definitely beholden to some unsavory societal interests, but at least not the racist theocratic misogynistic scuzbuckets that constitute the base of the Republican Party.


11 Responses to “Phew!”

  1. apalazzo Says:

    He’s progressive, but cautious. Just like FDR Obama ran as a centrist – the real question is whether the Dems have the backbone to push for progressive causes or whether they will bow down to right wing propaganda. I agree that his pick of Emanuel is not a good sign, but if you look at what Obama has supported as a legislator, he’ll be great.

  2. S. Rivlin Says:

    I disagree with your take on Rahm Emanuel. I believe that the choice of Emanuel as chief of staff is a strong indication that Obama gives priority to at least two important issues:

    1. Party discipline regarding the platform Obama ran on and

    2. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its solution.

    The fact that Emanuel is responsible for the Democratic Party victory in 2006, on one hand, and his Israeli roots (he, as the son of an Israeli immigrant to the US, kept his ties with the Jewish State and understand the politics and the geopolitics of the region), on the other, will help Obama launch his agenda for change.

  3. bikemonkey Says:

    get over the Hillary thing already, geez!

    Yes. We. Can.

  4. bikemonkey Says:

    but yeah, not so keen on Rahm-bo

  5. D Says:

    Why does Israel always factor so prominently in American politics?

  6. Nat Blair Says:

    Could Rahm be some sort of deal with the Clintonistas that prevented any convention floor fight?

  7. S. Rivlin Says:


    Whether you like it or not, Israel will always be a part of any solution to the Mid-East problem. You can either go for Hitler’s final solution, though will find out that the Jews are just an excuse for most Arab leaders in the region to maintain their dictatorships, or you can begin to bring the countries in the region into the 21st century by leading them into direct talks with Israel to settle their differences. Carter succeded in forging a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel only to see Saadat being murdered for his courage. Clinton fell for a crook named Arafat and Bush sat on his ass, pretending to support Palestinian democratic elections despite warnings by Israel that Hamas’s win will destroy any chance for peace.

    I think Obama understands the utmost importance of a fair and peaceful solution to the conflict in a region that supplies most of the world’s oil.

  8. Obama is definitely beholden to some unsavory societal interests, but at least not the racist theocratic misogynistic scuzbuckets that constitute the base of the Republican Party.

    I suppose that will have to do for now.

  9. I was a little bummed about Rahm “We don’t need no stinking 50-state strategy” Emmanuel also. However, I was also disappointed and concerned when Obama refused fed funding for the general. Later I came to the conclusion that the guy knows when to take the gloves off and WIN. So, there’s that.

    Also it seems possible that if you’re Hopey, you need Rahmbo around as an enforcer. Can’t be all transcendent and stuff while strangling Rove barehanded now, can you? Anyhow, am waiting to see how it works out, given Mr Unicorn’s previous evidence of good judgment.

  10. Nan Says:

    I’d rather have Rahm Emmanuel as chief of staff than in the Congress. If he’s out of Congress that’s one less person voting the DLC agenda — and there’s a possibility his replacement could be an actual progressive instead of a corporate shill. It’s a good tactical move on Obama’s part.

    And Emmanuel wasn’t responsible for the Dems win in 2006 — Howard Dean and the 50-state strategy was.

  11. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    Obama is smart and good enough to have risen through Chicago politics basically unblemished (attending a tea party notwithstanding). Rahm is a crystal-clear sign that the gloves are still off in the back rooms and the big O wants to “get shit done” (TM). Petty bs is not acceptable in the face of the huge problems with our country. Good. Rhambo can be bad cop and Obama keeps his public image squeaky clean. Look at; Obama and co will continue to motivate their huge base and exert pressure on the GOP’s. I’m still drinking the cool-aid about Obama’s overall “greater good” motivations and it tastes GOOD.

    I have no illusions about what is required to be a good politician. I also don’t demonize politicians for acting in concert with the (sometimes) moral ambiguity required by their jobs.

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