Single Malt…Double Asshole

November 12, 2008

The Scribbler ain’t happy with your sorry single-malt sipping ass:

There’s yet another annoying snobbery afoot in that place I like to call bar-land, (there always is with these aging “yups”), and this one has to do with single malt scotch and the newly minted single malt connoisseur.

* * *

Hey, pal, five years ago, before your company went public, you didn’t know a Cabernet from Hire’s fucking root beer… okay? So relax, have a seat, take off your baseball cap (unless you’re pitching the back end of a twi-night double header), loosen your tie and have a nice Glenlivet. Whaddaya say?

Read the whole fucking post!


3 Responses to “Single Malt…Double Asshole”

  1. Fixer Says:

    I’m a bourbon guy. Scotch, any form of it, makes my sphincter tighten.

  2. LostMarbles Says:

    It’s fucking whiskey. No amount of obscurity will make it taste any better than “tolerable when you have nothing else” 😛

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