Hard-Working Americans

December 2, 2008

“Hard-Working American” is right-wing scumspeak for “not a nigger or a spic”. Period.


18 Responses to “Hard-Working Americans”

  1. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Hah, no one is touching that one.

  2. Nan Says:

    Or poor. After all, if you were hard-working, you wouldn’t be poor.

  3. Hmmm … is someone still a little hungover from Thanksgiving?

  4. Katharine Says:

    HardLY Working Americans, you mean.

  5. Lemur Says:

    You also can’t be gay, and you probably can’t be college-educated; that’d make you an elitist, right?
    …Hmm, the pool of “Real, Hard-Working Americans” is getting smaller, somehow.

  6. shane Says:

    Code words and dog whistles: the language of the Right.

  7. Gotta imagine that academics don’t naturally fall into the pool of real and hard working, either.

  8. leigh Says:

    and i suppose the assholes up in DC call themselves hardworking americans too, while many of us out here don’t count?

    fuck that.

  9. CPP, I love you, but boy are you weird.

  10. It is undoubtedly true that PP is weird—very weird. But his terse statement is the absolute truth. I don’t just hear it from politicians, but from people i run into every day, and it’s VERY clear what they really mean.

  11. We are not monolithic. For the record, some Conservatives Republican (Christians) are not afraid to call it EXACTLY like we see it.

    “Support our Border Patrol Troops”

  12. bikemonkey Says:

    and how do you see the fraction of those on welfare that are white, Rev?

  13. bikemonkey,
    that would be “good god-fearing, church-going, salt of the earth, hardworking americans who would all have great jobs if only we eliminated the estate and capital gains taxes but now are merely victims of the economic downturn caused by tax and spend liberals”

  14. Yes. All that.

    And let’s not forget the crippling effect of Affirmative Action programs on the psyche of God-fearing White (Christian) Workers. These poor folk were raised thinking it was enough to be just good enough, and then the rug was pulled right out from under them. Can they really be blamed for turning to Meth?

    “Boycott Companies with Dial 1 for English Services”

  15. Oh, Happy Spirochete, I wasn’t disapproving of CPP’s weirdness. I could use more of CPP’s brand of weirdness in the world, in fact. Because, like yourself, I’ve run into the repugnant codespeakers too. :/

  16. Jim Says:

    Your anger and hate just became a bit more frightening.

  17. vegofish Says:

    It certainly does not include politicians or liberal academics, most of whom suffer severely from SPS or “selective perception syndrome”, the not so rare ability to take any statement and twist it to fit their extremely skewed views of reality.

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