Caroline Kennedy

December 16, 2008

I’ve got nothing specifically against Caroline Kennedy, but can someone please explain to me what qualifications she possesses to represent New York State in the United States Senate besides that she’s a motherfucking celebrity and member of a political dynasty? She’s never been elected to anything and never spent time participating in government, legislative, or electoral processes. Appointing her to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat sure as fuck doesn’t send a message of “change”. Rather it sends the message that our incestuous nepotistic Beltway political system is alive and well, and continuing to fuck normal decent Americans in the ass.


23 Responses to “Caroline Kennedy”

  1. Nan Says:

    Well, she has participated in government, but it’s been behind the scenes through involvement with various foundations and as an attorney. And political dynasty is not always a bad thing — the Kennedys actually seem to believe in public service instead of simply viewing government as something to be plundered for personal gain (i.e., the Bush ethos). She’s a lot better qualified and more competent than quite a few of the political hacks sitting in the Senate now.

    OTOH, it does reek of a patronage appointment, the Democratic Party returning a favor because she endorsed Obama. The big question is whether or not after so many years of avoiding the limelight she could manage to do the glad handing and schmoozing and generally kissing up to the voters that will be needed to win the general election against the person everyone assumes will be the Republican senatorial candidate in 2010, Rudy Guiliani.

  2. I don’t know much about her, but I don’t understand why the NYT had the “news” that CK was seeking the appointment as a banner headline for hours. I mean, if she gets it, sure, but what’s with the celeb treatment just because she’s looking for the seat?

    Also, don’t you bet that Paterson is pissed off, unless he was leaning towards her to begin with? This boxes him in. If he chooses someone else, it is a very public slap at CK, now that it’s known that she’s angling for it. And a slap at her probably earns him some enmity from others as well, although it sounds as though a bunch of Dems are (appropriately) providing him some cover by saying that they don’t think she’s ready.

  3. Her qualifications include:

    1. rich
    2. attractive
    3. famous
    4. white

    Aren’t these qualifications more than sufficient for public office? The outgoing president had #s 1, 3 and 4 and look how great he turned out.

  4. vegofish Says:

    Completely disgusting liberal elitism, the sense of entitlement among these people is astounding, somebody should pull the silverspoon out of her ass and beat her with it, greedy, hypocritical, arrogent fucks like the Kennedy’s and the Bushs'(different politics,similiar goals) are the ones sucking the life out of this country, and the Messiah B.Hussien Obama will only lead us further away from what our founding fathers set out to achieve.

  5. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    She’s the only one left.

    I’m ok with it. Did you hear Fran Drescher wants to run? If it had to come down to a celebrity who thinks they can make it in government or an heir who has access to movers and shakers, I guess I would choose the latter.

  6. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    I must say in response to Professor in Training’s comment above that I was STUNNED to see GWB’s shoe-ducking reflexes were so sharp.

  7. scribbler50 Says:

    Just read where “Sweet Car-o-line” has hired Josh Isay, the democratic fixer who lied Joe Leiberman into defeating Ned Lamont in ’06. Well, I say, Isay, it sure looks like she wants the damn seat.

    In a way I don’t like seeing this as I’ve always admired her grace and strength in utilizing her gifts (both bestowed and earned) behind the scenes, politically and philanthropically, while deftly avoiding that spotlight, an impossible task for ANY Kennedy let alone JFK’S daughter.

    Hey, maybe she has the political chops (she certainly has the DNA) and maybe she’ll kick some ass like good ol’ Hill … (Who knows? Others with less have done more.)… but the news of her new advisor just doesn’t sit with me. Maybe I’m being naive but it seems she’s just dipped her pristine toe into the polluted cesspool that is politics.

  8. I kind of like her and I see nothing wrong with being fucked in the ass.


  9. scribbler50 Says:

    Ms. Isis… shame on you! Or God bless you, I can’t figure out which.

  10. CPP,
    I think you nailed it. I didn’t like the idea when it first came up and don’t like it now. There’s no merit to back this up and it reeks of cronyism.
    And for the record, I admire CK and chose to highlight her endorsement of Obama on my blog, way back when.

  11. Becca Says:

    I think there should be greater recognition of the role getting fucked in the ass plays for normal decent Americans.

    Side note- I fully appreciate the irony, but the idea that the phrase “normal and decent Americans” is so hideous it does somewhat undermine all arguments containing it.

    But wasn’t this exactly the argument against Hillary?

  12. bikemonkey Says:

    Of course it reeks of cronyism. But how many fill-in Congressional appointments have ever gone to some unknown part time alderman from podunk? get real.

    Job 1 is to hold the seat when the first election comes up- fundraising and star power are key to this, as you well know. Job performance runs a distant eleventeenth.

    Job 2 is to get shit done. Again, the celebrity helps because the press pays attention which helps the Critter lever their peers into action.

    Now, if you want to do something real, how about a grassroots campaign for, oh, I don’t know, someone we can flash up to national attention on nothing but a catchphrase. hmm, hmm, hmmm. Oh yeah, how about “Joe the Bartender”? That works for me. scribbler50 it is!!!!!!

  13. scribbler50 Says:

    Thanks, Bikemonkey… I just shaved my head!

  14. jc Says:

    I agree. I voted for CHANGE not EXCHANGE.

    But if it’s between Fran and Caroline, hmmm. How ’bout “Joe the unemployed PhD scientist”?

  15. random Says:

    AMEN. What about Patterson f*ing over the SUNY system?

    Nothing beats taking tuition money and spending it on things like roads and parks! Hah! Those silly colleges don’t need new staff, equipment or funds! Pfft!

  16. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    And another thing, no one voted for David Paterson as an agent of change. He inherited the position after that whole Spitzer debacle. No one promised any real change there.

  17. Scribbler — First, it’s “Dr. Isis.” Ms. Isis is my mother-in-law. Second, I assure you it’s “bless you.”

  18. I must say in response to Professor in Training’s comment above that I was STUNNED to see GWB’s shoe-ducking reflexes were so sharp.

    I was bitterly disappointed to see how sharp his reflexes were as I was soooooo hoping he would just stand there with that smug look on his face and get hit in the forehead with those shoes. Now that would have been priceless.

  19. octogalore Says:

    Yup! That’s exactly the message it sends.

    And what’s with all these comments about “well, if it’s between her and Fran Drescher…” — um, are Kirsten Gillibrand and Carolyn Maloney chopped liver?

  20. octo-no Says:

    Well, they’re not chopped liver, but someone would have to take their House spots if one of them were to move to the Senate.

  21. bikemonkey Says:

    PiT I suspect R-bust-o honed his skills dodging skillets before laura discovered vitamin X

  22. anonna Says:

    I thought Laura Bush killed people with vehicles.

  23. volcanista Says:

    Becca, there is a big difference, in that this is an appointment and Sen. Clinton was elected to her senate seat.

    My opinion is that C. Kennedy is a very accomplished and smart woman, with more experience than she’s getting credit for. I’m not jumping up and down for joy but I’m pretty okay with this.

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