December 16, 2008

Comrade PhysioProf knows his physiomotherfuckinology, but he is no economist. Can someone please explain why the fact that the Fed decided today to lend money for motherfucking free caused a sharp jump in the equities markets? As I recall, the last time a national monetary authority was lending money for free, it was in Japan, and it was the beginning of a decade long L-shaped recession, right?


15 Responses to “Huh?”

  1. CPP,
    What was it about any of the fucking markets that made sense over the past couple of decades? On the one hand, people who knew shit chose to undermine economic fundamentals (like making shit) in the quest to “create wealth” (inflate stock prices at the cost of your workers and their jobs). On the other, C-grade legacy students rose to power by being fortunate seed.
    The worst thing about the economic crisis is that most of the bastards who created it still don’t understand why we are in a crisis. They still think that packaging junk and reselling it at greater and greater prices should create wealth indefinitely.
    People still think that a bigger credit limit automatically means you’re richer.
    Why the fuck would you expect anything to change overnight?

  2. juniorprof Says:

    Yeah dudes… Moreover, can someone please tell me why banks can get their fucking money for free but my fucking mortgage rate doesn’t change and my credit cards still have outrageous interest rates.

  3. pinus Says:

    free money will flow to markets where they can try to stay ahead of inflation. If you have a mortgage, refinance in the next month or so I say!

  4. bikemonkey Says:

    Build shit
    Invent shit
    Discover shit
    Dig up shit
    Add 1 + 1 to get new shit

    How did these motherfuckers forget that shit?

  5. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    What goes up must come down?

  6. “Physiomotherfuckingology”

    I would like your permission to use that term with students. I think it will give me some cred.

  7. Nat Blair Says:

    And the next time anyone mentions “systems biology” to me is getting “It’s just Physiomotherfuckingology” as a rejoinder.

  8. MarkusR Says:

    It’s because the banks don’t want to make loans to folk and businesses unless the banks get to sit on a huge pile of money.

    In theory, this should do it for the banks.

  9. Stephanie Z Says:

    Lovely theory. Worked so well with the bailout funds.

    This worked on the market because investors are so desperate for someone to do something that they’re panting every time someone says they’re doing something. Doesn’t matter (yet) that it won’t make a difference.

  10. leigh Says:

    the rest of us got the memo, get with the motherfucking program. bad news is good. failure is success. it is now the ideal time to be a graduate student. the world has turned on its head, ass flailing in the air.

  11. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    I must say it is an excellent time to be a postdoc.

  12. cookingwithsolvents Says:

    ^^^^^only if you are not applying for positions, academic OR industrial.

  13. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Actually, I was being facetious. It is not a good time to be a postdoc, especially one who needs a job in the near future.

  14. leigh Says:

    i should also clarify it’s a good time to be a first or second, maybe even a third-year graduate student. as a 5th year, i’m less enthusiastic.

    mainly i was just pointing out how fucking backwards everything is.

  15. SC Says:

    (I can’t believe my first comment here is going to be this, but…)

    “Physiomotherfuckinology” should be “physimotherfuckinology.”

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