Worst Person In The World

December 18, 2008

Keith Olbermann is Comrade PhysioProf’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD today. He gave an impassioned speech about the hatefulness that underlies the California Prop 8 anti-equality thingie. But I have yet to hear him passionately call out Obama for his selection of hateful scumbag anti-equality shitheel Warren as his inauguration jesus freak. Keith Olbermann is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16 Responses to “Worst Person In The World”

  1. I’m not sure what you expect from Obama, PP. Two men assfucking on stage?

  2. Amen. I woke up this morning and turned on NPR, and when I heard I could not believe what the fuck I was hearing. Is it really so integral to Obama’s nucleation of power to have Rick Warren speak at the inauguration?!

    Maybe I should email Keith Olbermann a link to “Open Letter to Keith Olbermann”. Emailing Olbermann worked for some of the Obama bloggers, several months ago.

  3. juniorprof Says:

    I’m with CPP and Juniper. I’ve been trying to rationalize the Warner choice all day and its not rationalizable. Purely terrible choice, unless, of course, he’s going to call him out for being a hateful bigot right after he’s done and the whole crowd is then going to throw their shoes at him. See, I’m still trying to rationalize it.

  4. rehctaw Says:

    Sometimes the best way to dissemble asshats is to let them speak. Tossing the 20 percenters a bone and humbling the pontificating poser at the same time?

    The conversation continues. People are exercised. Hypocrisy is further exposed and the relative silliness of any anti-GLBT zealot is displayed in all of its bigoted glory.

    From where I sit, Obama wins. The GLBT community wins.
    CCRWR jihadists LOSE.

    So chill the fuck out!

  5. Who knew we would ever be saying, “Man, Jeremiah Wright would be a better pick”?

  6. Sven DiMilo Says:

    Dude’s just the celebrity preacher du jour. It’s a meaningless gesture that people are trying too hard to imbue with meaning. And who appointed Olbermann the Nation’s Conscience, anyway?

  7. bikemonkey Says:

    maybe it is Warren who is making a play to transcend his robertson/falwell past and become a billy graham type? that was how I read his move to get mccain and obama on stage while claiming political neutrality…

    it ain’t like graham was Unitarian tolerance you know….yet he became the more-or-less middle road choice as national stadium preacher

  8. Isis:
    Not wanting to give a bigot a place of prominence is now equivalent to wanting two people assfucking on stage? Nice leap to absurdity!

    That is some RARE fucking spin you have there. I believe this is the most appropriate forum to say, “Seriously, dude or dudette, put down the crackpipe”.
    The only things more pathetic than Obama’s pick are the rationalizations people are making for it.

    It is not about whether Olbermann is the Nation’s Conscience or not—it is about whether he is a fucking hypocrite or not.

  9. Becca Says:

    Wouldn’t this make Obama the Worst Person in the World? Or, you know, RickmotherfuckingWarren?

    So I wanted to say something like “wasn’t this the last 8 years?” but I know it gows back futher.
    Windrip’s gonna have Prang on stage and Jessup hasn’t said anything?
    kel suprise!

  10. scribbler50 Says:

    To paraphrase Bogart’s Rick in Casablanca… “Obama, of all the Churches in all the parishes in all the world, you had to pick this guy!”

  11. rehctaw Says:

    Anonymoustache chastised rechtaw:
    That is some RARE fucking spin you have there. I believe this is the most appropriate forum to say, “Seriously, dude or dudette, put down the crackpipe”.
    The only things more pathetic than Obama’s pick are the rationalizations people are making for it.

    Warren is only symbolic if you attribute symbolism to his presence. Yes he’s an asshat and yes he’s wrong and yes there are any number of more acceptable Revs who could have presided that would NOT have pissed anyone off. Putting Warren front and center keeps the issue front and center. You think that helps the bigots’ cause?

    The more they say, the more people actually HEAR what they’re saying makes countering their argument much easier. I’m not saying the Warren selection was a GREAT IDEA, I’m just saying, as ideas go, it’s not a BAD one.

  12. vegofish Says:

    What the fuck do you Godless liberals care who preaches
    the word? That part of the show aint about you, now is it?

  13. rechtaw:
    It is a bad idea. There are better ways to keep such issues front and center without giving credence to a bigot. Like I suggested over at my site, Obama could have picked someone like Katharine Jefferts Schori, the presiding Bishop of the Episcopalian Church of the USA. This would have advanced the cause of women who want to ascend to high positions within churches. If you haven’t noticed, the powers that be, and that have been for the past couple of millenia, don’t really let women be pastors or priests, let alone bishops, cardinals or popes. Also, Dr. Shori supported the election of an openly gay man as bishop of New Hampshire. She, or someone like her, would have been a great pick if you wanted to focus on inclusiveness.
    Such a pick could have kept important issues front and center while giving the causes much needed support—even if symbolic.

  14. rehctaw Says:


    I don’t disagree that there were better picks. And that bigoted asshats are an annoying distraction. And that reaching across the divide is unlikely to cause bigots to find religion.

    STILL, there is a grace in Obama’s choreography and a bit of a giggle in Warren’s kissing up. The fundies are a fragile, clueless bunch who’ve lavished, quasi- protected in their ignorance bubbles.

    Bishop Schori is ever bit as controversial as Warren. Perhaps the most important distinction between the schisms is that while one is reasonable and open to the potentials, the other is distrustful, fearful and resistant. Like it or not, that’s unlikely to be transformed by an inclusive gesture.

  15. Daktari Says:

    Clearly, I’m not making the leap with PP. Obama picks Rick Warren to be his Woomeister General at his inauguration and somehow Keith Olbermann is the bad guy?

  16. volcanista Says:

    It’s a problematic choice precisely because the whole thing is symbolic in nature, so the symbolism of choosing this particular person can’t be really overlooked. It was a bad idea and I’m not sure why he did it – it is just making everyone unhappy. First big mistake, in my opinion.

    But I have a pretty low opinion of Olbermann, so I wouldn’t have expected much there.

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