The Rose Bowl

January 1, 2009

Comrade PhysioProf loves college football and is fucking thrilled to watch the Rose Bowl. But it bugs the living shit out of me how they turn the beginning of each of these awesome sports events into a bogus jingoistic militaristic display. What the fuck does a motherfucking stealth bomber and fake artillery fire have to do with motherfucking college football!?!?!?


27 Responses to “The Rose Bowl”

  1. juniorprof Says:

    What the fuck does a motherfucking stealth bomber and fake artillery fire have to do with motherfucking college football!?!?!?

    No idea. Ever seen the Texas A&M band goose-stepping? What’s up with that.

    The Longhorns got ripped off this year. Fuck OU.

    I’ll be a good Pac-10 dude this year. GO TROJANS!!

  2. mudphudder Says:

    Stealth bombers, artillery–a preview of the pounding USC is giving to Penn?

    How old is Paterno anyway?

  3. sandy Says:

    I think it’s a recruiting ploy.

    Yay Trojans!

  4. sandy Says:

    (In case that comment is “well, duh” material, I should add that I’m not actually watching the Rose Bowl.)

  5. It’s not Penn, mudphudder. Penn is some little privileged little private college in the eastern part of the state. It is, however, acceptable to refer to Penn State as “State” or “PSU.”

    But never, ever, ever, ever as “Penn.” And I would verture Paterno is not too old to still stick it to your mom.

  6. Well, football *is* just thinly sublimated warfare.

    Baseball vs. Football

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, no military hardware before our student athletes take the field?

    You’re like fucking objectively pro-terrorist!

    Happy New Year!

  8. Nat Says:

    Dude, no military hardware before our student athletes take the field?

    You’re like fucking objectively pro-terrorist!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Nat Says:

    And I’m objectively internet differently abled.


  10. vegofish Says:

    What the fuck? you cant even dispense of your angry leftist growling long enough to appreciate the sight and sound of a gigantic silent flying machine, The feat of engineering technology that is a stealth bomber certainly outclasses any work you have done. And you find absolutely nothing even remotely cool about touching off a little powder and making a big BOOM?
    Dried up grumpy old fuck.

  11. HAHAHAHAH! You dumbfuck right-wing assholes make me laugh so hard when you try to read for comprehension!

    Who said anything about not appreciating US military power, the engineering feat that is a stealth bomber, or big explosions? What I said is that it pisses me off that these things are falsely associated with college football, when they have nothing to do with it.

    Thanks for the entertainment, though, shit for brains. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  12. Uh, didn’t you know that stealth bombers are totally manly, PP? As well as college football? All of the men are supposed to grunt together, “This is cool shit.”

  13. rehctaw Says:

    Farbeit from me to point out the obvious?

    For the same reason there isn’t a Miss WHITE America pageant nor WHITE churches.

    “Because it’s ours. We own it. We control it. We parade it. We mate it with whom or whatever we choose.”

    Proof? Besides you and a relatively small number of viewers, who noticed? Who wondered why? Who questioned the purpose?

  14. vegofish Says:

    Why do they have to have anything to do with football?
    Is it necessary for you left wing morons to find some evil symbolism in everything? Isn’t it possible just to sit back and enjoy the show without all the grousing about something that is simply meant to be entertaining and nothing more? The answer is obvious, for sour as owl shit, grumpy, negative minded, angry liberals…..NO

  15. simply meant to be entertaining and nothing more

    Dude, you are seriously cracking me the fuck up! Do you really believe this shit, or are you just kidding around?

  16. vegofish Says:

    I think my posts show that I comprehended your post intent to a tee. Lets get rid of the pep bands and the cheer squads and the team colors and the banners and flags, even the bleachers and tv cameras, dress one team in white and one team in black, I’m sure this would fit into your view of football much better. None of that stuff really has anyhting to do with the sport,
    its all fanfare, you know?, entertainment for the people. Thats what the whole thing is about you ignorant, negative, sorry fuck. go hide in your office and ridicule your incoming freshmen next time a game is on. I’m sure you find that entertaining.

  17. Dude, you’re a funny motherfucker! I hope you will continue to read and comment here at Comrade PhysioProf.

  18. vegofish Says:

    I just like that I get to say FUCK, hahahahahahaha.
    Actually, cool site CPP, YOU are an entertaining motherfucker.

  19. Nan Says:

    Ah yes, the B-2, the stealth bomber that stops being stealthy as soon as it gets rained on. The only thing it symbolizes is that fine American tradition, the screwing of the taxpayers. Which is what, I’ll venture a guess, makes it “manly.”

  20. bustedsbro Says:

    Don’t know and personally don’t care about the damn airplane flying over. But can you say 5-0 pacten. Sec take that and suck on it. Am sick and tired of every single year the pacten gets the high hard one by the BCS and we can’t put one or two more games out there to get the true national champion. In my mind USC is #1 and would beat FL or OK even if they put the two together. As far as that goes all the other BSC conferences can suck on it!!!!!!

  21. darkblack Says:

    ‘What the fuck does a motherfucking stealth bomber and fake artillery fire have to do with motherfucking college football!?!?!?’

    America, motherfucker! Love it, or hang yourself in the closet wearing two wetsuits with a dildo up your ass.


    Happy New Year, Prof.

  22. Hahaha – the military bullshit is one way of saying “our football players may like to wear tights and a cowardly amount of protective gear but we can still bomb the shit out of anyone with our big, bad toys”.

  23. Prof-in-law Says:

    I love how noticing a military jet is, uh, militaristic. You’re really reaching for the symbolism there!

  24. Prof-in-law Says:

    D’oh, forgot the second half of the first sentence. Oh well, I think you can infer my intent.

  25. scribbler50 Says:

    Damn, Prof, you sure know how to stir things up! Meanwhile, I’m not sure if you’re aware but tomorrow’s Wild Card game between the Eagles and Vikings is going to be played on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The U.S.S. Nihilist. The halftime show will feature aerial dogfights apparently with real rockets and real machine gun fire. Don’t know why. Don’t get the connection.

  26. Science Bear Says:

    Being a PSU fan, I personally think something was slipped into the players gatorade before the game..

    I too was somewhat baffled by the presence of not one, but two different stealth boomers, and then confused once again why they didn’t just use the same plane for both events and save taxpayers money on fuel??

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