Comrade PhysioProf’s ScienceBlogs Upgrade PARTAY!1!!!!11!!!!111!!!

January 9, 2009

As some of you may be aware, ScienceBlogs is upgrading its software to Movable Type 4, whatever the fuck that is. Accordingly, ScienceBlogs blogs will be locked down–no new posts or comments–from 1PM today (Friday) through tomorrow afternoon (if all goes well). While this shit goes on behind the scenes, we are gonna shake some motherfucking bootay here at Comrade PhysioProf with guest posts from some ass-kicking ScienceBlogs motherfuckers. Here are links to these guest posts, or you can just scroll down to check shit out.

Greg Laden of Greg Laden’s Blog posts on Lessons From The Minnesota Senate Race. Greg has been the go-to guy on the continuing saga of the Franken-Coleman recount, and we are lucky to have his detailed thoughts on this fascinating political situation.

PalMD of Denialism Blog and White Coat Underground posts on Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General. PalMD is a physician who blogs on issues of medicine and medical denialism, such as “alternative medicine”.

The Intern of ScienceBlogs posts on The Intern From Area 51. The Intern does all kinds of crazy shit to keep ScienceBlogs running smoothly, and also prevents ScienceBloggers from killing one another.

Dr. Isis the Scientist posts on Dr. Isis Joins The Partay!!11! Dr. Isis is a physiologist and shoe aficionado, and blogs about many fascinating issues, including physiology, shoes, and how to succeed in science.

One of the Reveres from Effect Measure posts on Politicization of the Centers for Disease Control. The Reveres blog at Effect Measure about public health, politics, and being a Dirty Fucking Hippy back in the sixties.

JLK from Pieces of Me has provided an awesome fucking jambalaya recipe. JLK blogs about academia, psychology and other cool shit.

Abel Phuckwit from Terra Sigilatta posts on some North Carolina Political Crap. Abel blogs about pharmacological stuff and other stuff, too.

Dr. Free-Ride (aka JD “SG” Stemwedel) from Adventures in Ethics and Science posts on Peeing At Night. Janet blogs about ethics, science, sprogging, etc.


47 Responses to “Comrade PhysioProf’s ScienceBlogs Upgrade PARTAY!1!!!!11!!!!111!!!”

  1. Becca Says:

    Wait, it’s the Intern’s job to keep those folks from killing each other?
    I bow before the Intern’s mighty powers then. That does not sound like an easy job…

  2. chezjake Says:

    Where’s the motherfucking Jamesons?

  3. bikemonkey Says:

    …and I bet you believe that reality TeeVee isn’t scripted, becca!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAAHAHH!!!

  4. jc Says:

    Fuck the Jameson. RECIPES!!1!!!111! I come here for the food!

  5. PalMD Says:

    If you want a simple, filling, delicious meal..

    boil up some thick spaghetti.

    Take a pan and put in about a quarter or third cup of olive oil

    Chop 5 or 6 or more cloves of garlic very very coarsely (about 4 pieces from each clove)

    Chop up a tin of anchovies (i strongly recommend removing them from the tin first)

    Toss the anchovies in the hot oil. After they have dissolved into the oil, toss in the garlic. As soon as the garlic starts to turn a little golden, get ready…..

    Pour the oil etc onto the pasta. If you want, you can put some lightly cooked shrimp or broccoli on the pasta first.


  6. Pal, looks like I’ve got dinner for the PharmFam tonight!

  7. PalMD Says:

    if that’s the case, toss a few pinches of red pepper flakes into the oil

  8. PalMD Says:

    btw, prob better with a lager than with wine

  9. btw, prob better with a lager than with wine

    Jameson, motherfuckers!

  10. anon Says:

    still waiting for CPP’s motherfucking chocolate dessert- or did I miss it?

  11. jc Says:

    anon – I KNOW! CHOCOLATE!!! you didn’t miss it.

    Thanks Pal – I’ll give that a go, sans fishies. and I’m so glad you are kurrupten teh scinzblahgs wif fud tu. bon apetite.

  12. LostMarbles Says:

    Can it be pasta recipe day/evening tiem nao?

    Here’s the recipe that kept me alive during last year’s almost-broke-during-exams period:

    Boil some pasta. Any pasta will do, but whatever was on sale is always preferable.

    Dice up half a smallish onion and fry until they caramelize. Chop up as much garlic as you feel comfortable adding (comfort depends on both on taste and how broke you are) and add that to the pan. Add in a tablespoon and a half of cream of mushroom and a cup of diced tomatoes from a can. Season with salt, pepper, and Herbes de Provence. Mix and cook until it’s the consistency you think is suitable for a sauce.

    Add to pasta and eat.

  13. leigh Says:

    1- tomato, chopped
    1- cuke, chopped
    3- green onions, chopped
    2- garlic cloves, finely minced
    4- cooked chicken tenderloins, cubed
    1/4 cup- lemon juice
    3 tbsp- oil
    1 tsp- sugar
    1 tsp- basil

    mix up, refrigerate about 15 min

    shred up some lettuce- maybe 1/3 of a head or so. mix into the above.

    cut some pitas in half, fill em up, enjoy.

  14. jc Says:

    Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

    1 cup – sugar
    1 1/2 cup – flour
    1 ts – baking soda
    1/2 ts – salt
    1/4 cup – cocoa
    1 tb – lemon juice
    1/3 cup – olive oil
    1 ts – vanilla
    1 cup – cold water
    1/4 cup – mini chocolate chips

    Mix the cake shit up in the order given above with a spatula. Pour into ungreased square 8 inch cake pan (or make cupcakes – YAY!). Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes if cake pan, about 20-25 minutes if cupcakes.

    Make the fucking frosting:
    1 box of 10x sugar
    1/4 cup butter
    8 oz package of cream cheese
    dash of vanilla flavoring

    Mix the frosting shit up so it’s creamy. Once the cake is cooled, slap the frosting on the top. And I like sprinkles.

  15. DuWayne Says:

    Oy, fuck the Jameson – Basil Haydon is the very best. Unless you must have overproof, in which case Knob Creek is the way to go. Just be forewarned, the last time I brought a fifth of Knob Creek to a party, everyone was naked an hour after it was opened. And it wasn’t my fault. I swear. Yes, I was the first person to lose clothing, but I was not cooperating – not that I fought much……

    So when I make pasta sauce, I do tend to make rather a lot. This is one of my favorites.

    Chop/crush about a dozen and a half campari tomatoes and get them started in the stock pot – add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar – medium low heat.

    Chop a couple bunches of cilantro, medium fine and toss it in. Chop about half a bunch of parsley the same and toss it in.

    Slice a bulb of garlic rather coarse (not that thin slices are bad, but I’m a lazy motherfucker by the time I get halfway through the bulb). Chop a medium large sweet onion and a couple small, not so sweet, white onions – and throw that shit on in.

    Chop about a cup of fresh oregano – as fine as you can. Chop a cup and a half of fresh sweet basil – even finer – fuck it, just throw them in the cuisinart until they’re paste, then throw it in the pot. Keep in mind we’re not being real precise – don’t sweat it.

    Now is a good time to step back and sip on some of the Basil Haydon. And the nice thing about the BH, you can actually sip it. If you opted for the Knob Creek, just do a shot now – just remember you’re cooking and cooking sans-clothes is dangerous.

    If you really feel adventurous, throw some more cilantro into the cuisinart – feeling really adventurous, throw some mint and sage in too, but only if it’s fucking fresh.

    After this has simmered for an hour and is starting to look like it might need more fluid, add some tomato juice. Since this is taking a while, feel free to have another shot, just keep in mind you’re not done with the sharp knife.

    Rough chop about six to ten more campari tomatoes and throw them in when the tomato juice starts cooking down. Not a requirement, but I like to throw in about a cup of a decent Triple about now.

    This is the point where we might diverge. In spite of no longer having the vegetarian in my life, I would still tend to use TVP, instead of ground meat. I really think the flavor of the sauce lends itself to loving the basically flavorless/flavor absorbing qualities of TVP. Meat would just overpower everything. But that’s just me.

    Assuming you’re with me, add about two and a half cups of TVP, preferably large chunk, rather than the more common fine. Also add about half a cup of olive oil.

    If you’re not, this sauce can take about one and a half, to two pounds of ground flesh. But please, make sure you get rid of the fucking fat, if you’re going to insist on using meat. Not just a little bit of it either, don’t drain it, fucking press that shit out of there. Trust me, this sauce hates the fucking grease.

    So this would also be a good spot to have a shot. If you opted for flesh, you might want to take two.

    Ok, now we let it cook another half hour or so and if it starts looking too thick, add some more Triple, or maybe some more balsamic vinegar. In fact, you probably could have added more vinegar a while ago, but the asshole explaining this sauce forgot to mention it. Shit, he also forgot to mention the celery salt. About the time you added the second run of tomatoes, you should also have added celery salt to taste. But since I forgot, you can probably safely add it now.

    Alright, so if you were smart, you got the pasta going a while ago and everyone can eat now. If however, you got a little too tipsy, this would be a good time to rush in a panic, and make it.

    I like the angel hair, but that’s just me. I’m not a fucking pasta nazi, telling you what to use. Shit, use fucking rotini if you want – or go fucking crazy and use multi-coloured farrele.

    I should also warn you that I haven’t actually made this sauce while drinking in years, and even if I had, individual results might vary.

    And if you choose to drink and cook, don’t blame it on me. I’m not really recommending you drink and cook, just saying if you’re going to….

  16. DuWayne Says:

    I should also mention that the Bakers, one of the few small batch bourbons I hadn’t tried, is pretty fucking good too. But I’m not sure how much it costs. Basil Haydon was around thirty bones ten years ago and Knob Creek was closer to twenty five. So the cost factor is pretty reasonable. However, a dear friend, knowing the Baker’s was still on my list, brought a fifth to our new years get together – forgot to ask the price though.

    If you can deal with the higher prices, Booker’s is pretty tasty – if not way on the overproof side. But at more than fifty a fifth, I didn’t find it worth it. BH may not be overproof, but damn is it fucking great stuff.

    Of course given that my last x-mas fifth lasted past the following x-mas, then my ex-vegetarian got preggers again and, well, I haven’t bought booze since.

  17. LostMarbles Says:

    Meh. In my experience, all whiskey is the same undrinkable shit. If I plan on drunkenness, vodka is always the better answer.

  18. DuWayne Says:

    Oy, but have you ever had really fucking kick-ass whiskey? Or are you just one of those sane people who hates the taste of liquor?

  19. We’re doing pasta recipes? Ok, this is “PiT’s Guide To Pasta For Those Who Can’t Cook (Or Just Couldn’t Be Stuffed Even Trying)”:

    1. Throw pasta into bowl, put in a ton of water, whack into microwave and nuke for 15min.

    2. Put pan on stove, spray it with oily stuff and heat.

    3. Open can of diced tomatoes (be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp lid as blood is the same color as the tomatoes and you don’t want to be cooking and eating your own blood). Pour tomato stuff into pan and stir.

    4. Open large jar of pasta sauce (make sure you buy one with a yummy looking picture on the front). Pour sauce into pan and stir into tomatoes.

    5. When microwave dings, drain pasta (try not to burn your fingers on the hot water that your draining).

    6. Take tomato/pasta sauce combo off stove and mix into bowl with pasta.

    7. Turn off stove.

    8. Eat.

    Gourmet all the way, baby!

  20. The irony! LOL!

    For Juniper’s equally gourmet version of PiT’s five-star recipe, repeat Steps 1-8, with the same emphasis on sauce that comes with a yummy looking picture on the jar and the addition of red onions and red pepper flakes at Step 3. Garnish with super-hot Mezzetta pickled banana wax peppers.

    This is the best locked-out-of-SciBlogs Party ever!

  21. Labness Says:

    For students:

    1. Beg parents for an old Corningware Dish.
    2. Buy a can of mushroom soup and penne.
    3. Boil some penne.
    4. Put penne into Corningware dish, pour on mushroom soup.
    5. Leave in student-quality oven until soup is hot, and penne is good and soaked.
    6. Eat.

    For students trying to impress friends/date:

    -Substitute penne with chicken breasts.
    -Leave in the oven for a really really long time (about 2 hours). The chicken should be cooked all the way through.

    For rich post-docs and profs:

    -Substitute penne with chicken breasts.
    -Use a 1:1 mix of 18% cream and Dijon mustard (the nice stuff, from a glass jar) instead of the cream of mushroom.

  22. Propter Doc Says:

    Lecturer Pasta:

    Fry off some chorizo sausage, set aside. To the chorizo oil and a wee bit olive oil add sliced garlic, rough chopped peppadew peppers (sweet peppers in vinager), cook garlic out a bit so not raw. Add one cup of thawed peas, chili flakes and chorizo.

    Mix all with some cooked pasta, serve with Parmesan, rocket (arugula) and black pepper on top.

  23. Odyssey Says:

    Oy, fuck the Jameson – Basil Haydon is the very best. Unless you must have overproof, in which case Knob Creek is the way to go.

    Knob Creek good. Woodford Reserve better. I’ll give the Basil Haydon a try.

  24. JLK Says:

    Goddamn. When I visited this party yesterday there were only two other partygoers in the comments. So I said “this shit is weak” and wandered on back home where the liquor is.

    Turn out I was just too early. The booze crew apparently arrived here over at CPP well after I was already gone!

    I think I might post my recipe for New Orleans-style Jambalaya over at my blog, cuz the ingredient list is just too fucking long for a comment.

    But for pasta, I like to do the following:

    Mince up as much garlic as you can handle. I usually do 3 cloves if I’m making it just for me, 5-6 for 2 servings.

    Mince up a shallot. I fucking love shallots.

    Dice up a tomato or drain a can of diced – I prefer the fresh.

    Boil some water and cook up some angel hair pasta. Add some veggies to the pot if you so desire.

    Heat up 3Tbsp of olive oil per serving in a skillet. Add the garlic, shallot, and sprinkle some parsley in it until it looks kinda green.

    Drain the pasta, add to the skillet once the garlic is lightly golden. Sprinkle with some basil. Toss.

    Add the diced tomato. Add some freshly ground black pepper to taste. Toss. Add 1/4 cup of parmesan or romano cheese. Toss again.

    Serve with extra cheese on the side to add for cheese-lovers such as myself.

    I love this recipe because you can do so much with it. I’ve tried it with mushrooms, zucchini, chicken, etc. It’s awesome.

  25. Dr. Isis hereby vows to post her chocolate recipe tonight/tomorrow when ScienceBlogs comes back online.

  26. anon Says:

    Hi y’all party goers,
    Much as I like pasta, stuff it, i’ll go with the chocolate chip thingy from JC. It looks great. Someone with the right priorities!

  27. phagenista Says:

    This is a fast and different pasta recipe, for those who have been to the store recently enough to have bought smoked salmon and fresh dill.

    Cook a box (12-16 oz) of the pasta shape of your choice, such as farfalle, to al dente.

    While the pasta’s cooking, cut ~12 ounces of smoked salmon into smaller pieces. If you’re feeling rich, buy smoked wild salmon — it makes a difference.

    Chop up two good handfuls of fresh dill. Doesn’t have to be chopped fine.

    Mix up a mustard-based salad dressing. I use this one:
    3 tbsp good olive oil
    1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    1 tsp dijon mustard (or 1.5 tsps…)
    1 crushed/minced clove of garlic

    Drain the pasta when it’s done, and place back in the still-warm pot you cooked it in. Do not heat the pot any more. Add the salmon pieces and dill and stir to mix. Then pour the dressing on, and stir. Add salt (if needed) and fresh ground pepper to taste. Serve immediately, preferably with a salad to increase the vegetable content of the meal.

    Take a very short break from the delicious brown liquors, and serve this with a sauvignon blanc. I’m sure this would work perfectly with a chardonnay, but I dislike most chardonnays, so I wouldn’t know.

  28. JaneB Says:

    Another good lazy pasta:

    boil up pasta and brocolli florets (if you leave the broc in big chunks it cooks at about the same speed as the pasta. Else throw it in after a few mins.). Add frozen peas for last few minutes. Drain. Return to pan. Add several heaped tablespoons of bought pesto (worth buying the more expensive one) with a dash or two of olive oil. Stir. Grate parmesan on top if feeling fancy or any old cheese if feeling in need of calcium or leave cheese out altogether. Eat. Good cold for a salad lunch the next day too.

    Or (a good student option when you can’t face ANOTHER tin of tinned tomatos): soften chopped onion and mushrooms. Turn heat right down. Add a block of garlic and herb (or onion and chive) cream cheese (if you can only get plain cream cheese, add some fresh or dried herbs and a chopped clove of garlic with the mushrooms. From a student point of view I think blocks of cream cheese with garlic already in are easier – no leftovers to store). Melt/smoosh the cream cheese with the other ingredients for a few minutes, adding a dash of milk if it’s not turning sauce-like, then add to cooked pasta.

    Also makes an OK salad, though better reheated the next day, OR next evening, beat an egg, grate a little cheese, make a slice of bread or a small roll into breadcrumbs or shread into fine chunks (if the bread is slightly stale it will rub into coarse crumbs easily between your hands – and crumbs will freeze for next time…). Mix egg, most of cheese and most of crumbs with the leftover pasta’n’sauce. Top with rest of cheese and crumbs. Stick in medium oven for 20-30 minutes until is fairly ‘set’ and top is brown and crispy. Add salad and grilled chicken for the non-veggies and it’s a fairly fancy dish for guests too.

  29. JaneB Says:

    Quick Chocolate Things:

    get some halfway decent ice cream.

    Make a chocolate fudge sauce: equal parts butter, golden syrup or honey, chunks of chocolate. Melt in microwave or pan, stirring regularly (if microwaving, zap for 30 secs, stir, zap, stir. Don’t freak when it looks messy, it will all stir together if you are firm with it). Allow to cool slightly, stir in one part of cream if you can afford any and have any. Pour generously over ice-cream.

    If you have already eaten all the chocolate, use butter, syrup/honey, and brown sugar (soft or muscavado is best, but demarara will do) – gives a nice fudgey/caramely sauce.

  30. JaneB Says:

    Well we need something to soak up the Jameson’s… pasta is good soaking up food.

    I would rather have a nice bottle of 12-year-old Dalwhinnie. Or maybe Highland Park. I’ll share! Or, on a chocolate theme, a Brandy Alexander – or hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey’s. (I don’t drink often, probably less than one alcoholic drink a month, as alcohol+meds = bad idea, so it’s important that that one drink is particularly pleasurable, I would argue, hence the decent whisky!)

  31. jc Says:

    jeezus peeple, I need to make a frickin grocery run. The partay is a buffay! JLK, you outdone your bad self.

    I’ll post my recipe for “idiot fudge” later. I survived on it in college. It’s kick ass.

  32. pinus Says:

    I am shocked at some of these pasta recipes!

    no fresh pasta?

    no fresh sauce!?!?!


    how do you people live!

  33. Oh, thank god, a party! Just got in from the worst back-to-back trips ever (total off top of head: FOUR lost bags– 6 total days without and counting, 1 cancelled flight, and 8 freakin hours of delays…. I’m officially on travel strike and am just going to drink (and blog) the memory of these past weeks away.

  34. JaneB Says:

    Fresh pasta and fresh sauce are for people with scarily organised lives (and for when parents visit).

    The recipies I posted are end of busy week store-cupboard and fridge recipies.

    Also, fresh pasta/sauce cost more. At this partay we seem to be very sensibly saving our money for some decent booze!

  35. jc Says:

    Idiot Fudge
    (or Motherfucking Fudge Even Idiots Can’t Fuck Up)

    Peanut Butter Chunky – 1 cup
    10x sugar – 1 box
    Cocoa – 4tb
    Butter – 2 sticks
    Vanilla – a dab

    Melt the butter in the microwave. Don’t boil it. Add everything else to the bowl. Mix the shit up with a spatula. And it does look like shit. but it doesn’t taste like shit! promise.

    Grab a glass 8×8 pan and stick the shit in and flatten it out with a spatula. Stick pan in fridge to cool, about 30 mins. Cut it up into 1 inch squares and enjoy!

    Warning: highly addictive. Kids go apeshit over it (making it, licking the spatula, devouring it). Big hit. I make NO apologies for the sugar aftermath on bedtime rituals.

  36. JC, that is a fucking awesome fudge recipe!! I am going to elevate that to a post of its own this-coming week!!

  37. jc Says:

    PP – w00t!
    Seriously, I used to make it for college parties. Everyone thought I slaved over it. It’s killer.

    For those with peanut allergies, substitute “SUNBUTTER” – google it. Works the same, tastes the same.

  38. JLK Says:

    “Also, fresh pasta/sauce cost more. At this partay we seem to be very sensibly saving our money for some decent booze!”

    Word up, JaneB. Word UP.

  39. DuWayne Says:

    JaneB –

    I never use fresh pasta, but love making my own sauce and trust me, I is not organumized. That’s why I make lots of sauce at once. My recipe cost about seven bucks, last time I made it, but made more than five quarts of sauce. Use some for dinner that evening and the rest gets frozen.

    I am gunning for the food saver vacuum sealer, that a friend promised me. He even has most of a roll of the make your own size bags, that you can just throw in the pantry – I’ll be fucking unstoppable. I love to cook on occasion, but prefer to make quantities that allow for several later meals. Doesn’t take much longer to make more and with the food saver bags, you just toss them in a pot of boiling water and soon you have a fucking meal.

    Odyssey –

    I would prefer Woodford over the Knob Creek too, but even though it technically is, I don’t really consider it overproof. The Basil Haydon is some really kick ass shit though. I have missed few bourbons still in existence and Basil Haydon is definitely my favorite. Of course I also realize that different folks have different characteristic preferences.

  40. Perky Skeptic’s favorite chana masala recipe:

    1 five-quart stew pot with lid
    1 large yellow onion, diced
    3 cans chickpeas, rinsed and drained in a colander
    ? Yukon Gold potatoes, cut into finger-joint-sized chunks– use as many as it takes to form an equivalent mass to your pile o’ chickpeas
    2 cans diced tomatoes (or whole peeled tomatoes, brutalized with a spatula)
    2 inches of ginger root, grated
    6 cloves garlic, minced
    1 bunch fresh cilantro: Separate the leaves from the stalks. Mince stalks for frying. Chop the leaves and set aside for later.
    Half a lemon
    2-3 tsp turmeric powder (takes longer cooking time than the other spices, so it goes in before the other powders)

    SPICE MIXTURE (which I like to gather all together in a nice little cup in advance so I don’t forget anything, because what I usually forget is THE SALT, omg!!! :P):
    1/4 tsp red cayenne powder
    1 level TBSP kosher salt (or to taste)
    1 tsp ground coriander seed
    1 TBSP cumin seed powder
    3 tsps Garam Masala

    1 level TBSP cumin seeds
    1 level TBSP mustard seeds
    A few TBSPS olive oil (just enough to fry the onions)

    Put olive oil in pot, turn heat on HIGH. (Note! My stove is electric. Make appropriate heat-level conversions for gas ranges.) When the oil is hot, toss in the cumin seeds and the mustard seeds and fry them for about 20 seconds– do not let them burn. Next, add the minced cilantro stalks and the diced onions. Fry until the onions are translucent, and then sprinkle on the turmeric powder, the garlic and the ginger. Stir it around while it all fries up together for about a minute. (SMELLS SO GOOD!!!) Then pour in the tomatoes (if you’re using whole, now’s the time to bash them into smaller bits in the pot). Stir it all up nicely and bring to a boil, then add potatoes. Stir in the spice mixture, bring it to a boil, then cover and simmer on MEDIUM heat for about 15 minutes.

    Stir, add a half-cup of water if necessary, add the chickpeas, and squeeze the juice from the half-lemon over the pot. Stir, increase heat and bring to a boil, then cover and simmer on MEDIUM heat for about 20 minutes. Then stir, turn stove off. Sprinkle about half the cilantro leaves into the pot, then re-cover and just let it sit there for at least 10 minutes, then stir again. Make basmati rice to go with it. Top your chana masala with the rest of the fresh cilantro leaves, and ENJOY!!! 🙂

  41. ...tom... Says:

    I am trying to figure out how this comment thread was set to alert for me. Fucking wordpress..!! It is all good though.

    @ JaneB: Don’t freak when it looks messy, it will all stir together if you are firm with it).

    Oooh, I like a little discipline with my cooking…


  42. pinus Says:

    I understand that fresh pasta could be tough (although it only takes the most minute amount of effort and is very inexpensive when you buy semolina flour in bulk).

    but fresh sauce…that is essential and cheap. Get a giant tin of tomato from your neighborhood warehouse store…I like the whole romas from italy…get an onion, and some garlic. sautee, (add vodka or wine), add tomato, cook a while…voila! delicious sauce. enough for a few meals, cheaper and better for you than that canned / jar crap!

  43. Oooh, I like a little discipline with my cooking…

    …tom…, you are such a perv! HA HA HA!

  44. JaneB Says:

    Pinus – yes, definitely agree that making a sauce with canned tomatos and other fresh ingredients is better than using a jar of ‘tomato sauce’. But to me a ‘fresh’ sauce either comes from the chiller cabinet in the supermarket (hence more pricey) or starts with the peeling of dozens and dozens of fresh tomatos (which is fine in season but, right now, ‘fresh’ tomatoes have enough air-miles attached that they’re pricey and often bland too. Good tins are well worth it – I like the huge tins of italian plum tomatoes with fresh basil added – mmm!

  45. jc Says:

    PP –
    Tell your boy Donovan NOT TO ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE DURING THE GAME!!!1!!1!!!WTF!!!!11!!

    anywho…w00ty w00ty w00ty w00t!!!

  46. […] at the increasingly-inebriated ScienceBlogs upgrade party at Comrade PhysioProf’s pad, there’s been a flurry of pasta recipes being added in the […]

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