PhysioWife’s Inaugural Shoe

January 19, 2009


Nine West shoes to wear with a formal ballgown at an inauguration party. w00t!!

14 Responses to “PhysioWife’s Inaugural Shoe”

  1. Physiogroupie IV Says:

    Those shoes rule. Have a great time!

  2. jc Says:

    PhysioWife, those are HAWT!

  3. PhysioProf, why must you post such obvious pornography. Can’t you see some of us are trying to work around here?

  4. Arlenna Says:


    Them are purty!

  5. JLK Says:

    Nice shoes! Looks like PhysioWife’s got some Sci-Curious quality legs to boot!

  6. scicurious Says:

    LOL. Physiowife has some DAMN fine shoes. Can we get a shot of the dress?

    I think I need to trademark my legs. These things could be moneymakers!

  7. leigh Says:

    now physioprof is posting shoes too?!

  8. bikemonkey Says:

    prolly part of losing the recipe war, leigh. whatever could he have to do next?

  9. sciencegeeka Says:

    Seriously, you too? Those of us who wear crocs to lab are feeling mighty low now.

    Go Steelers! I was kinda looking forward to intra-Pennsylvania shenanigans.

  10. eumenidis Says:

    You had *better* made sure physiowife has a dress worthy of those shoes.

  11. LostMarbles Says:

    Nine West shoes are the sexiest things ever (except for the few really, really super-tacky ones). And those are some sexy Nine Wests.

  12. Sooooooo cute! Nine West shoes tend to run a bit large, but they have uber cute selections. PhysioWife has great taste.

    However, CPP has failed to show us the heels he plans to wear to the ball. Which I hope he and his wife will enjoy. 🙂

  13. Jenn, PhD Says:

    Those are some smokin hot shoes. What are you sporting there CPP?

  14. Chris Says:

    The shoes are taking over the blogosphere.

    Isis may not even exist.

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