Open Letter To MSNBC

January 25, 2009


Chris Matthews is a fucking cancer on American society. It is the shame of the “journalism” industry that depraved sick fucks like him–who droolingly jerked themselves off on teevee over Stoopie McFuckwit’s flightsuit bulges and faceshot jism all over the motherfucking polity–still have a prominent venue for spewing their toxic waste. Scuzbuckets like Matthews have leeringly dragged this entire fucking country into the motherfucking gutter.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,

Comrade PhysioProf

5 Responses to “Open Letter To MSNBC”

  1. i *CANNOT STAND* chris mathews. i fart in his general direction.

  2. George Smiley Says:

    Physioprof: your above post is an affront to malignant tumors throughout the United States. I demand an apology.

  3. CPP,
    Don’t you mean to say “Future senator Chris Matthews(R-PA thetic) is a fucking cancer on American society”?
    Mutherfuckin Tweety dreams big, you know.

  4. sandy Says:

    Fucking right he is.

  5. vegofish Says:

    Fuck yes

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