Double Secret Reverse Political Jiujitsu? (UPDATED)

January 28, 2009

Many people have been wondering why Barack Obama is running around hat in hand trying to “reach across the aisle” to depraved sick-fuck America-hating Republican shitbags to seek support for his huge-ass eleventeen fucktillion dollar stimulus bill, when the Democrats have unstoppable majorities in both the House and Senate. He has even gone so far as to agree to remove any funding for state women’s health programs because baby jesus cries every time a dude shoots his load in a rubber.

Comrade PhysioProf doesn’t remember Stoopie McFuckwit going to Congress to reach across the aisle to try to seek Democratic support of anyfuckingthing, even when Democrats were in the motherfucking majority. As I recall, his strategy was to enlist his deranged scumbag minions in a systematic plan–with the enthusiastic support of our pathetic excuse for a “journalism” profession–to smear Democrats who failed to roll over for Stoopie as “America-hating traitors”.

Well, the idea has been floated that Obama’s behavior is really a brilliant double-reverse political jiujitsu that is not at all about Democrats caving–as they always do–to the screeching of the gutterswill wackaloon reality-impaired dregs of the ultra-far-right-wing of the Republican Party (who happen to be the only ones left in that pathetic ship of fools).

Rather, he’s setting them up under the glare of the mass media to be seen as the unreasonable party in contrast to what everybody watching him on TV is going to view as reasonable and respectful. In sum, he’s using them as props, and turning their weakness – their own frothing desire for “partisanship” – against them.

In the end, Obama’s “bipartisanship” is one of the most Machiavellian partisan maneuvers we’ve seen in Washington in a long while, and I use that description in its most admirable context. The Republicans fell right into the trap today. Progressives that urge Obama to be more “partisan” should pay close attention to how the GOP is getting pwned before falling into the same trap themselves.

h/t Questionable Authority, who agrees with this.

I guess this sounds nice and all, but I tend to be a little skeptical when Democratic caving to the caterwauling of the most depraved elements of the Republican Party, throwing important constituencies under the bus, and contributing to the destruction of our Nation–which happens all the fucking time and has been since infinity–is interpreted as some kind of brilliant Democratic political maneuvering, and not just weakness and fear.

I guess we’ll just have to see what the real deal is, but I am not very sanguine. One thing that makes this strategy nearly impossible for Dems is the fact that the press are such despicable hypocritical sacks of shit. When Bush was President, the press never ever considered it his responsibility to reach out to Democratic lawmakers, even when Democrats were in the fucking MAJORITY. Now that Obama is President, all the fucking asshole teeve “pundits” and “political analysts” are going on and on and on about how Obama “needs to convince Republicans blah, blah, blah”.

The dude has overfuckingwhelming majorities in both chambers and he “needs to convince Republicans blah, blah, blah”!?!? What he “needs to do” is tell those America-hating neo-feudal shitheels to sit down and shut the fuck up and take their goddam motherfucking medicine.

UPDATE: I guess this is part of the double-secret plan to bend the Republicans to his will (h/t Barefoot Bum):

House Democrats are likely to jettison family planning funds for the low-income from an $825 billion economic stimulus bill, officials said late Monday, following a personal appeal from President Barack Obama at a time the administration is courting Republican critics of the legislation.

13 Responses to “Double Secret Reverse Political Jiujitsu? (UPDATED)”

  1. There’s nothing Machiavellian about it—it’s bloody obvious. He’s giving them a chance to fall in line reasonably before bringing down the hammer. For a multitude of reasons he cannot appear unreasonable or totalitarian, CPP.
    I obviously agree with your statement “One thing that makes this strategy nearly impossible for Dems is the fact that the press are such despicable hypocritical sacks of shit”. Still, he has to try and make that fact evident to the many who still don’t see it. He’s also smart in building a other channels of communication (more transparent WH website, YouTube) so that after some time and building credibility he may be able to tell the press to go fuck themselves and take key messages directly to the people. Building those channels takes time but I think he’ll get it done.

  2. octogalore Says:

    Great analysis.

    I don’t think it’s either caving or double-secret strategy/channel-building. I think it’s just doing what he wants to do. It should be pretty clear by now that Obama’s a centrist on social policy — or center-left without having to compromise to get to the center. No need to strain to find other explanations.

  3. Beaker Says:

    Divide and conquer. There is a (small) handful of moderate thinking Republicans still in Congress. The Jiujitsu trick is to bring just a couple of them on board with the Dems. With two or more moderate Republicans crossing the aisle in the Senate, the wackaloon Repug herd becomes totally irrelevant-as they should be.

  4. bikemonkey Says:

    I am still optimistic that the Chicago way was for realz.

  5. darkblack Says:

    Hmmm…Yes, ‘trust but verify’, of course.
    Democrats are noted for their rubber spines in the face of Republican intransigence.

    One point – this strategy also may undercut another ‘winning’ Republican strategy, a big part of what reflects back to them in the looking glass also – Playing the victim.

    Obama can’t count on the mainstream press, busy a-spinning and a-balancing as they do – therefore, osmotic public perception that conservatives are whiny, sacless poltroons drenched in loser stink is imperative.
    By offering a ‘bipartisan’ fakeout and getting the crowd onside before the killshot, his agenda might advance.

  6. acmegirl Says:

    Okay, okay. Maybe it is a “fakeout”, who knows. But why is it always the family planning initiatives that get “jettisoned”? I know he’s on the record as being supportive of women’s rights to choose when to have children, but of all the stuff in the stimulus plan, THAT was the only thing that could be sacrificed?

  7. I’d also put out there that the very fact he has majorities in both House and Senate encourages him to tread lightly. We know the public is ambivalent about one-party government. Remember what happened to Clinton in 94? The pres, house, and senate were all Dem-controlled. Senate lost 8 seats and flipped GOP, and House lost something like 40 seats and either flipped or prepared to.

    Do you want that to happen in 2010? Do you think Obama does? Do you think he’s maybe thought about how to prevent a GOP wave based on “Guvmint’s all Demo-Craticks and they’s too big for they’s britches, passin’ them laws and handing out money to bankers and whatevernot”?

  8. darkblack Says:

    ‘But why is it always the family planning initiatives that get “jettisoned”?’

    Fundie bait, I suspect. They live to write letters and parade around on that topic.
    A co-option strategy for them was probably in the playbook, something to be done before the usual suspects could rabblerouse them up and hog the media window.

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  10. This is probably the best CPP I have read. That being said, I do not put it past Obama that this is a clever strategy to mkae the GOP look silly. At least I hope that it is.

  11. BB Says:

    I second Isis’ hope.

  12. JLK Says:

    So without internet access or regular TV, I was watching global satellite CNN all week out of Hong Kong.

    When I saw that not ONE fucking republican voted for the eleventy fucktilion bailout bill, I laughed. The newscasters were talking about how a lot of these republicans are from districts where Obama is hugely popular, demonstrating (to me) that they don’t give a fuck what their constituents actually want. Whether he wanted that to happen or not, I don’t know. But I felt it was a brilliant display of the childishness of the republicans.

    I get that having “bipartisan support” is beneficial if the bailout fails to produce positive changes, and that without that it can be viewed as a failure on the part of the democrats. But, if it works, the republicans are fucked.

    On another note, I was informed today of the “Prevention First” bill that is providing funding for affordable, available contraception and informative programs across the nation, being put forth as a bill that will “help to reduce the number of abortions through practical means while respecting a woman’s right to choose.” So it’s still alive and out there, it’s just been separated out as its own thing.

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